~*~osuCraft IV (1.7.9)~*~ [READ OPENING POST PLEASE]

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osu!Craft is back online with a new world to start from but with more things to explore and extra features!
This server uses Factions + Citizens (with dtltraders) + Vault + Jobs for the main features and more more plugins added.

Current server status: Offline/Down
Version: 1.7.9

NOTICE: Please do not use as the server address. Also, DO NOT pm osu! Staff members please. Only message whymeman, xRayne, or query3 for any issues.

Also please note that this server WILL NOT support non-premium accounts. This means mineshafter and such will not work on this server and no plans on doing so to make it that way. Sorry.

~*~ Credits ~*~

Many thanks to Corin for the help and preperation. Thanks to xRayne and query3 for helping out with testing and also Granger and omio for plugin assistance & testing.

Shinto Shrine design by jswizzy84

~*~ General Rules~*~

1.) Limit the use of offensive language. Harsh remarks of racism, sexism, attack on others' believes won't be tolerated.

2.) Don't ask mods for stuff. Especially if you get raided not protecting your items or get killed. If you actually lose an item from a bug [NOT lag], then compensation can be worked out only if I say its okay.

3.) PvP stays on in this server. Even if there's lack of such, if you die from a PvP, don't beg a mod for your stuff back. Also, that goes for the same if you die venturing with rare items.

4.) Don't try to cheat. I'm serious.

5.) If you get banned for major or stacked offenses, don't ask to come back.

6.) Do not spam the server chat.

7.) Do not try to absurdly destroy/grief the server. I will find and destroy you if you try to do so.

8.) We do check ban history so if we find something on you that can be a risk, we can deny your access to the server. We have a right to do so. No ifs and buts.



[SERVER/UPDATE] 2/19/15 - Server is now ready to play after a long painful delay and pile of fixes to do. To top that off, whitelisting was eliminated to allow a more free to play experience. Though hopefully, that doesn't have to change in the long future.

Server Staff

Owner/Admin: whymeman*
Server DB Admin: Corin
Admin: xRayne*, query3

[*] Active members
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~*~ FAQ~*~ (WIP)

Q: What is Factions?
A:Factions is similar to the Towny Plugin except that land control relies heavily on Power as the main factor, then money second.

I want to expand my faction some more, but it won't let me. How come?
A:There are 3 main reasons to usually run into this problem.
1.) Lack of funds - Make sure your faction has money by using this command: /f money d,deposit <amount> [faction=you]
2.) Lack of power - If your power level is too low, you'll be restricted from making more claims till you let time pass while online (without dying).
3.) Limited power - You can only claim a certain amount of land based on the maximum power your faction has. To increase this, either have more people join your faction, or earn bonus power to your faction.

-TBA soon-
Q: What is Omnom and how does it work?
A:Omnom is a plugin that adds 16 extra food & drink items that would have random special effect boosts (or penalties).

Q: Can I make them instead of buying it from the spawn shop?
A:Yes you can. Read more on the plugin here for more info.
Q: What is MythicDrops?
A: MythicDrops are a unique type of drops that can have custom attributes added and removed. These can be randomly found by mob drops when slaying them.

Q: How do I use the Mythic Items?
A:Think of Mythic Drop items as something you equip in a RPG like Final Fantasy 7. Your weapon or tool will have a variable amount of open slots called Sockets. It can range from 1 to 4 Sockets (or maybe more in the future) for adding in Socket Gems. Socket Gems, just like the Mythic Item drops, can be found from random drops on mob kills. If you want to, lets say.... add a Poison I Gem to your "Yellow Steel" sword that has a socket open for addon Gem. Just Select the Gem to add in, and it will tell you to drag it to [or click] the item you want to equip the Gem in. After that, you're done and now your "Yellow Steel" has an added effect of Poison I for 15 seconds per hit.

Q: Can the Mythic Items be repaired?
A: Yes. Depending on the amount and level of buffs the item has.
Q: What are "Jobs"?
A:"Jobs" are skill based tasks used to earn money in the server. Without them, you can't gain money easily.

Q: What "Jobs" are there to choose from?

Woodcutter - Earns money felling and planting trees. [$]

Miner - Earns money mining minerals and ores.

Builder - Earns money for building structures.

Farmer - Earns money farming crops. [$]

Hunter - Earns money killing animals and monsters. [$]

Fisherman - Earns money from fishing. [$]

Blacksmith - Earns money from crafting and repairing weapons, tools, and armor. [$]

Enchanter - Earns money enchanting weapons.[$]

Chef - Earns money by cooking and making food. [$]

Q: Will I get more money from the"Jobs"?
A:As you stay with and perform the job(s) you have, they gain skill xp when you do the appropriate tasks related to them (i.e. - Hunter killing zombies and creepers. Chef cooking beef, etc.). As jobs level up, your income rate also increases.

Q: What is the highest level a job can go to?
A: Currently, the maximum level is 100. I plan to keep it that way but can't say there won't be changes to it in the future.

Q: This job doesn't payout as much unlike the others... why is that?
A: Either you haven't been doing the correct task actions for the job, or the job's config has not been "tuned" properly (in rare cases). Although for the payout and xp gains from the jobs, I am working on them constantly and adding the missing data values to make the jobs more flexible to work with. For now recheck the lists for the main jobs with efficient payout configs that has "[$]" next to it.

Q: What is the maximum amount of jobs I can take at once and how many can be in it?
A:A single player can take up to 3 jobs at once and each job class has 40 openings for now.
Q: What are these items sold in shops with extra attributes in them? Can we craft the same kind of items?
A:No, you cannot recreate attributes on newly crafted items. These items are custom made from NPT editing that cannot be normally done ingame easily. They also cannon be fused with normal items like for repair (i.e. Diamond Armor =/= Rune Armor). You can however use socket gems that contain attributes to add on to them.

Q: A Skeleton with a nametag just cast fireballs at me and a Silverfish set me on fire and sent me flying with knockback. What kind of mobs are these?
A:"MythicMobs" are special mobs from the plug MythicMobs, that have special skills and attributes that normal mobs wouldn't have like a Witch can be a Dark Magician that uses black magic attacks from a far range or a Creeper that can shoot fireballs.
Q: What is MCMMO?
A:MCMMO is an RPG style plugin that uses factors like a level and skill system. Gaining higher levels will help you gain new abilities to use against mobs (or other players). To learn more about this plugin, please check on this link to learn more about the plugin.
Oh boy better call charles

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I'm not going to delay the opening anymore at this point. I'm just doing a full backup this one time and will limit backups strictly. I'll look into adding a backup plugin to cover this for me to make life easier in the future though.
Make sure not to keep dragon eggs in item frames
That's how heists happen
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Charles445 wrote:

Make sure not to keep dragon eggs in item frames
That's how heists happen
Lol, that would be interesting.

Also as i've stated before, there's 303 dungeons to loot to keep you busy. I've been also putting mythic mobs to better use now so you'll start seeing some interesting things that would screw with your head. MCMMO was added in as well. I was going for Heroes at first, but holy balls the amount of rage, yelling, and headache with the configs.

Edit: Server should be up within 1 hour. Now online and open. Have fun!
I should play. But let me finish my exams first
woop woop

Now to find where my spire ended up in this new world.
I managed to find a spot of interrest, right between a jungle, swamp, mesa and a mega taiga. Awesome.

Kinda funny that the temperature system allows such a combination, but hey i am not complaining, ill take it any time.

whymeman wrote:

5.) This server is white listed only.
Remove this rule, because there is no whitelist.
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Though I removed that line.... done.
you have got to be kidding me.
I found this while I was caving.

Kaetwo wrote:

you have got to be kidding me.
I found this while I was caving.
Pwhahahahaha Nice find! So, any rules for dragon slaying??? IE, make a group to kill it or anyone brave enough to solo it goes right ahead?
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Anyone can kill the Dragon honestly. I can replace it with something much more dangerous and challenging afterwards.
I might come and mess around if I'm bored.
happy (late) 1 year birthday to wmm's osu!craft :):P

LOL *pops confetti*
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Awesomeness :V

I do want to keep it running another year and longer. Hopefully we'll see some interesting progression down the road.
This shows quite nicely who plays how much.
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IT'S OVER 90- *shot*

Hopefully next week is more stable as I plan to jump into fixing more stuff and adding extra items.
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