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[ Shamwow ]

i've been wanting to improve my modding skills lately, however i also want others to mod my maps. so what better way to do that than making a M4M queue right

maps available for M4M:
Aivi Tran & Steven "Surasshu" Velema - I'm Still Here


(check my last post for more accurate status of my queue)

[b]+don't post here if youre looking for a high quality, in-depth mod, because i can't since i am new to modding so please don't be angry if my mod is short. but feel free to ask me questions if you're confused about anything in my mod.

+Please specify whether you are requesting a NM or a M4M

+I can only mod standard osu!, and i cannot mod any difficulties higher than hard. (I can sort of mod insane difficulties, but it's usually only a rare exception)

+I will mod any song genre in any language, but i especially like electronic, dubstep, and pop (this isn't a requirement, nor is it a high priority. i will mod everything fairly)

+1 map per post

+I would appreciate it if you only posted maps that don't have many mods/if you are a new mapper. If you are experienced in mapping/have a lot of mods on your map already, it will be really difficult for me to find anything to say about your map and it won't be beneficial to you.

+I will not mod anything longer than 5 minutes (im very impatient when it comes to marathons, and my pen starts to slip out of my hand when i play a super long map lol)

+I can only mod your map in English, I'm not nearly fluent enough in any other language

+I cannot check timing or offset
+M4M are high priority over NM, choose M4M if you are rushing to get mods for your map

+only 1 map per post

+please specify what difficulties you want modded if you want a mod in a specific difficulty

+I would prefer if the map you post is by you, and not someone else's map, but this isn't required

+all general rules apply to M4M
+All general rules apply to NM

+1 map per post

+specify which difficulties to mod

+this is a lower priority to M4M

+please don't be angry if i skip over your map/give you a short mod. the most likely reason for this is because I couldn't find any issues to mention to you,so i chose not to reply at all. I will very rarely skip a map because of the song, so dont worry about that

+If i can't find any issues in your map/cannot give you a good mod i will shoot a star at your map as an apology ;n;

+please read the last post i make, I will ignore your post if you request while NM is closed

thanks in advance!

NM please~

Genre: Electronic (Drum and Bass)
Time length: 2:11
Drain time 1:50

Please mod Beginner, Advanced and Hyper difficulty. :3
Hey there, M4M:

My mod: p/3704497#p3704497
My map:

Its a similar length to yours, and I think its pop...

hello, request normal mod for a vocaloid song here
drain time up to 200 secs each
maybe you should rename it in ''M4M Queue'' o3o gl btw

Lally wrote:

maybe you should rename it in ''M4M Queue'' o3o gl btw
didnt see that 'm4m' word in the OP :(
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[ Shamwow ]

theramdans wrote:

Lally wrote:

maybe you should rename it in ''M4M Queue'' o3o gl btw
didnt see that 'm4m' word in the OP :(
nah thats my fault for not putting it in the title where you can see, ill mod it anyway dw!!
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[ Shamwow ]
hi, forgot to state in the title of the topic that this is M4M only. ill mod all the normal mods i got because its my bad for not stating it more obviously, but from this post on, M4M requests only please ;w; sorry for the confusion!
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[ Shamwow ]
this is still open btw 8-)
open now,right?
NM plz~ :)
oh, only m4m
ok,i`ll mod your map now

yay finished
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[ Shamwow ]

[Ranger] wrote:

open now,right?
NM plz~ :)
oh, only m4m
ok,i`ll mod your map now
thanks! i'm in school right now so i'll mod your map when i get home!
My Mod: p/3744813#p3744813
My Map:

If you dont want to mod all, just mod 2-3 diffs :3
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[ Shamwow ]
still open~ i get out of school suuper early tomorrow (9:45 AM :3) so I'll be able to get some mods done if I get some here tonight!
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[ Shamwow ]
added NM requests! please read the rules before posting anything please!
Hello...NM standard please.. to all diffs
Beatmap : V6 - BREAK OUT
I would greatly appreciate it. :)
Adol Christin
Heiya! for NM
difficulty: Normal, Hard, Insane
hiyaa o/ for m4m
I'll mod you gumi map later :3
js in NM u say that we hav 2 give u a mod 2 weeks after but then that's not rlly NM is it that's just reverse m4m B^)

but yea that's not rlly NM lmao

wo w just edit OP and title if it's only M4M TT_TT

NM please, ty :)

If you want M4M, contact me
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