Renito Modding Queue Rawr! ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

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Hi, This is my modding Queue, Please read the rules:

- I'll mod only Osu! Standard difficulties.
- No timing checks.
- Always reply to my mods please or you get blacklisted.
- Always check my last post.
- If I don't like the song, I won't mod it.
- I'll mod, only finished difficulties, not work in progress.
- I won't mod difficulties that I can't pass.
- I shoot stars if i like the beatmap.
- Song by Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Nightwish, Nightcore, Teen Top, Tiara, Secret Have High Priority in this Queue.
- Write Renito or xChangJo in your post to make sure you read the rules.
- Solo Osu! Standard.
- No revisaré el timing y el offset.
- Siempre respondan a mis mod o quedaran en la lista negra.
- Siempre revisa mi ultimo post.
- Si no me gusta la cancion, no hare el mod.
- Solo hare mod, a las dificultades terminadas.
- No hare mod a las dificultades que no pueda pasar.
- Le dare una estrella a tu beatmap, si es que me gusta como esta mapeado.
- Canciones que pertenescan a Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Len, Nightwish, Nightcore, Teen Top, Tiara o Secret tienen una alta prioridad de ser modeadas.
- Escribe Renito o xChangJo en alguna parte de tu post para asegurarme de que as leido las reglas.

- If your map has a high star priority or you're a really experienced mapper, please don't post here.

- I can mod in spanish or english, but I prefer in spanish, If you don't say the language I will mod your beatmap in english.

- Only Normal Mods.

- batwoman3 (Beatmap: Hallowen Party)
- TimeGhost (Beatmap: Twinkle Twinkle)
- Squirrel (Beatmap: Frei Wie Der Wind)
- HabiHolic (Beatmap: Strangeatractor)
- Handsome (Beatmap: Courage)
- Urushi38 (Beatmap: Fake Promise)
- 12345g (Beatmap: Sakura No Ame)
- Hatsune Miku (Beatmap: Rolling Girl)
- Simotorre (Beatmap: Warriors)
- CyuaDD (Beatmap: Mizuki)
- TimeGhost (Beatmap: Twinkle Twinkle)
- Batwoman3 (Beatmap: Hallowen Party)
- Xinchii (Beatmap: Datte Datte Aamujou)
- Thedarkboco (Beatmap: Love Power)
- Rakuen (Beatmap: The Distance)
- Gray Veyron (Beatmap: Angel Eyes)
- NolanM (Beatmap: Remote Control)
- Zeffeng (Beatmap: Swordland)
- SnowNiNo (Beatmap: Pochiko No Shiawase Na Nichijou)

About Me:

Hi my nickname in osu is "xChangJo" and in "League of legends" is Renito, I have 18 years old and I want to improve my osu skills "Mapping/Modding", I always help you, if you say that with good words. I like storyboards and fast songs, I'm a little shy sometimes. I started the university this year and I don't have enough time, please be patient if I decide to mod your beatmap.

Hola mi nombre en osu es "xChangJo" y en "League of Legends" es Renito, tengo 18 años y quiero mejorar mis habilidades para "Mapear/Modear", Siempre tratare de ayudarte, si lo pides de la manera correcta. Me gustan los "storyboards" y las canciones rápidas, soy un poco tímido a veces. Empece la universidad este año por lo que no tengo tiempo suficiente para algunas cosas, por favor si decido hacer un "mod" a tu mapa se paciente.

- - 96 Neko & Len Kagamine / Kuro Len Romantic Night
- - Tiara / Sugar Free
- - Hatsune Miku / Talent Shredder
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1 Round: 2 Normal Mods! /o/
hi xChangJo! ^w^
looking for mods on this map:
hope you like the song >w<
Please and thank you!
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1 More Normal Mod!

Normal plz thanks!
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2 Round: 2 Normal Mod!

༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

I will choose the beatmap in the morning.
Remember to write xChangJo or Renito in the post, If you don't write this, you have less probability to get a mod from me.
Hi xChangJo

Thanks :3
Your Good Self


Thanks in advance xChangJo! :D

hmm certainly some newer gds at least.

seems like there are already several mod req here... give a try

I think you may like this song, goose house - Hikaru nara

Hi xChangJo
I hope you like this.
NM Req
Link : This

Renito. owo
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Hi, I choose the map for Handsome and Urushi38, be patients please.

Queue Closed ༼ つ◕_◕༽つ
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3 Round: 2 Normal Mod!

༼ つ◕_◕༽つ

After a long break, I re-open my Queue /o/ please read the rules and be patient, im not a pro modder and don't have a lot of time
Hi Renito,
If you could take a look at this that'd be great. Only 30 second song lol - diffs complete.

hi, xChangJo
hope you like it
yo hello xChangJo
i hope you like my map :D

p.s i love your Map !!
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