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I'm not sure if this kind of forum game already exists here. It's a game where a person makes a wish and then someone must make that wish come true but with a negative effect. A.K.A "corrupting" After a wish has been corrupted, the person responsible for corrupting must make a wish for the next person to corrupt.


User 1: I wish for an apple.
User 2: Granted, but that apple was poisoned.

I wish for a car.
User 3: Granted, but that car has an A.I and a mounted machine-gun. It's also programmed to shoot it's owner.

I wish for ... (And then this repeats)
I'll start the first wish.

I wish it started raining.
Granted, but it's literally cats and dogs.

I wish to be pro at mapping.
sure but u made a 2 min instrumental thats repetitive af so nobody will play it heh

i want food
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Granted, but that you got 10 day old chicken filled with maggots.

I wish for a gun.
fml maggots

yeah ok but u got a desu gun
/me runs

i still want food wwww
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Granted, but you a got a muffin with raisins! >:D

I wish I could find donkeys in space.
Granted but the donkey died at launch

I wish for school
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Granted, but. It was a school that forces everyone to cross-dress. (I might be drunk)

I wish for a portal in a portal.

Granted, but that portal made such a huge rip in space and time, that you might as well divide by zero. The universe just got ripped apart within 5 seconds.

I wish for all bullying to end.
Granted but Ebola becomes airborne

I wish to become immortal.
Granted, but you'll live forever with physical pain every time

I wish to be moe
Raisha Millenia
granted, but if you're moe you'll die

i wish i'm pro
your definition of pro is "SS Easy diffs" so it's literally noob lol

i wish for a star
Granted, but it's a starfish which is poisonous.

I wish for a FC on Star Stream maps >.<
Granted. But unfortunately, it's an offline/not submitted score.

I wish for a raep
Too bad you get raped by... hm i don't want to describe that goddammit why Harumi

I wish for a wish
ERA Puzzle
Granted, but the wish will be corrupted.
I wish to win the lottery for 40 million dollars..
Trash Boat
granted but those are blue dollars

i wish for my own place
granted, but your place happens to be somewhere you absolutely despise

i wish for this wish to be corrupted
Granted, but so are you.

I wish i knew japanese
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