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Queue Status : CLOSED

Maps left Until queue is open= 4


  1. Only post 1 map at a time, please wait till I mod your first map to post a new one so that everyone gets a chance
  2. I'm best at modding insanes, but will try to mod lower difficulties too (no extras please)
  3. The number of difficulties modded depends on the length 0:30-1:30 3 diffs 1:31-2:30 2 diffs 2:30+ 1 diff I'll mod how many difficulties I feel like modding
  4. No troll maps
  5. I will mod marathons but it'll take me a while
  6. If 3 or more days goes by without me modding your map then drop me a message on the website, but no spamming me I'll mod when I feel like it, cause I get busy, don't spam me please
  7. I can only mod Standard >.<
  8. No Wub maps please, I hate the way they look and play >.<
Keep In Mind:

  1. M4M Map, M4M is always open, you post your mod first and link it in your post on this queue t/237723
  2. If you do a M4M I'll mod as many difficulties based on length so the amount you modded is equal to what I mod
  3. I reserve the right to refuse to mod a map based on a multitude of things (the biggest being if your mapping style is vastly different than mine)
  4. I'll do my best to mod your map as best as I can
  5. Please no rushing me I usually mod in bursts~
  6. I'll basically leave this open at all times but will write messages sectioning off the requests so that I don't lose any.
  7. Tell your friends~ If you get someone to mention that you sent them to my queue then I'll put your maps at higher priority, and I'll let you post more than one map at a time
  8. If you ever don't understand something in my mod please send me a message in game or via the website :3
  9. Free modding ticket for Moo-Chan, just pm her and she'll mod your map (probably) <3
  10. If I ever miss modding your map cause it's graved and you revive it just poke me showing me when I missed it and I'll mod it :D

Let's get this started~

Maps Modded from queue:31

Currently Modding: Atoguru - Hana no Sadame
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death buddy, I already modded your map :c

Daughtry - I'll Fight

It's 2:36 drain, so you can just mod Hard.

Thank you :)
i know that's why i'm just saying hi stealing first post
your face is dumb

just kinda bumping, you owe me a mod but we'll sort that out later
nm plz..

my map: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/194567

wish you like my map and sb thx :)


hope you'll like it (: thanks!
- H i N a -
Hello, NM would be awesome!
thanks a lot :D

two siffs is ok, nm and hyper :)

Topic Starter
Section 1~
Ayu [done]
smallbeans [done]
hina[done ]
skinnyjimmy [passing this one >.< ]
rinsukir [done ]
stan [done ]

Still open, just setting a checklist so that people know where I am~
-[ Asuna ]-
Xellie Moie..
cho moe (/w\)
gimme your moe mod for my map : https://osu.ppy.sh/s/183132
thuangs owob
Haven't got mod for a while...
Help me T_T
Only a short TV size map with 3 diffs ^^
Just check it out :3
hello uwu/

would appreciate if you could throw some suggestions there https://osu.ppy.sh/s/180721
since its 2min its up to u which 2 diff u could look uwu~
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