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What do you prepare?

M4M But Have A Fast Mod
NM But Have A Slow Mod
NM & M4M But M4M Must Priorities
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Total Kodosu - 119
Accepting 1 Month Supporter Gift !
This queus is : Closed for a while i have to focus on my thesis
Status Game Play: InActive Gotta complete my Clearance :D


To all request just post your maps !! i will mod it if i have a free time so please wait!! :D *it just might take some time* All maps are accepted !! but my focus is on mania i want supporter gift someone give me please I'M NOT RICH HAHA, I just rent a computer from my favorite shop I hope you'll be patient to wait for my mod.. TWO MODS are already CLOSED because i cant handle it anymore, i can't mod all of it, maybe i should focus on mania and taiko..

Format Request

Request Mode : Mania( key)/Taiko/Timing/GD/HS/Image/Video Request/BPM request
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets:
Total Time:
Status :
M4M The Higher Priority !!

Beatmap URL :
M4M Link:
pick one of my pending beatmaps !!


C L O S E D ! ! !
July 2014
1.Minori Chihara - Mukaikaze ni Utare Nagara - M DONE
2.BABYMETAL - Akatsuki - M DONE
3.Perfume - MY COLOR - M DONE
4.SUPER BEAVER - Rashisa (TV Size) - M DONE
5.Mayday - Shang Xin De Ren Bie Ting Man Ge- M DONE
6.kamome sano - dawn (ginkiha hardcore remix)- M DONE
8.GuitarHeroPianoZero - eTeRNiTY - M DONE
9.Fiona Fung - Proud of you - M DONE
10.Haruna Luna - Startear (TV Size Ver.) - M DONE
11.IA - Falling Apart - M DONE
12.Ari Ozawa - Ura Omote Fortune ~TV SIZE~
13.Kitcaliber - HEY FUCKER- G DONE Ranked/Approved
14.Mofu@ - Soitogeta Android e
15.Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe (TV size)- G DONE Ranked/Approved
16.Daughtry - I'll Fight- G DONE Ranked/Approved
17.MitiS - Mejesty (short Ver.)G DONE
18.Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)G DONE
19.Girlish LoverG DONE Ranked/Approved
20.September - We Can Do it- G DONE Ranked/Approved
21.Saeka Uura - Kekkaishi OP Sha la la- G DONE
22.School Food Punishment - How to go ~TV size~- G DONE
23.Flower- G DONE
24.Higaimouzou Keitai Joshi (Emi)- G DONE
25.96Neko - Yoshiwara Lament- G DONE Ranked/Approved
26.SmileY inc. - Hanayuki (TVsize)- G DONE
27.Kagome-P - Wonderful Nippon ! (Short Ver.)- G DONE
28.Shizuku Aoisaki /Yuka/ Koko - Beware the Umbrella Left Here for Decades- G DONE
29.Mig - Miod Malina 2013- G DONE
30.Zetsubou Plantation- G DONE
31.:Wumpscut: - Boneshaker Baybee - Not Found
32.Katteni Shiyagare - Auvers Blue- G DONE
33.k2 sound - kiss the fire - Not Found
34.ClariS - Colorful (tamame's apostate remix)- G DONE
35.Matsunaga Maho (From StylipS) - Resonant World- G DONE
36.DJ Genericname - Dango Drum and Bass- G DONE Ranked/Approved
37.t+pazolite - Nous - G DONE
38.YURIA - YOU ~TV size~ - G DONE
39.FELT - Goldrop - G DONE
40.Kimberley - Ai Ni - G DONE
41.Taylor Swift - Shake It Off - G DONE
42.Ice - Entrance -G DONE
43.Michael Mind Project feat. Dante Thomas - Feeling So Blue (Nightcore) - G DONE
44.Noisysundae - Her name is Cindy - G DONE
45.Jun'ichi Shimizu - Bloom of Youth - G DONE
46.Josh Aker - Dark Knight - G DONE
47.DJ TOTTO feat. Sunao Yoshikawa - Arousing- G DONE Ranked/Approved
48.Kimi To Yakusoku Shita Yasashii Ano Basho Made- G DONE Ranked/Approved
49.Celldweller - Pulsar - G DONE
50.Demetori - Dawn of the Dead - G DONE
51.Printemps - Pure Girls Project - G DONE
52.Apple Tea no aji - G DONE
53.Bokura no LIVE kimi to no LIFE - G DONE
54.Kagamine Rin and Len - Remote Control - G DONE
55.ChouChouP feat. Hosoya Yoshimasa - Sakura to Tomo ni Kimi dake wo - G DONE
56.KANA-BOON - Silhouette (TV size) - G DONE
57.Feint - My Sunset - G DONE
58.Kurosaki Maon - Rakuen no Tsubasa- G DONE
59.Rigid Paradise ~ Dawn of the Dead - Demetori- G DONE
60.Jin ft. Yasagure Koneko - Mekakushi Code- G DONE
61.Envy - Shinto- G DONE
62.Ishida Yoko - COLORFUL BOX- G DONE Ranked/Approved
63.Otokaze - Karen feat.The 49ers- G DONE Ranked/Approved
64.Kirsten Price - We Will Be Heroes (Pokemon DP Opening) - G DONE
65.Blowin'- G DONE
66.Saaya Mizuno - My Secret (TV Size)- G DONE
67.Lovely ♥ Devil- G DONE
68.Revenge (Minecraft Creeper Song) - Not Found
69Cut The Kid- G DONE
70.Unknown Artist - Set Fire to Villages- G DONE
71.Kokoro no Inryoku by ClariS- G DONE

50% Prioritize
March 2015
1.Yonjuunana / 47 - M DONE
2.RYO - Shuffle Heaven- G DONE Ranked/Approved
3.LiSA - Rising Hope -TV ver.- -M DONE Ranked/Approved
4.Mitemite Kocchicchi -G DONE Ranked/Approved
5.Soleil - M DONE
6.Tatsh - reunion - M DONE
7.Jougen no Tsuki - M DONE
8.nano-Born to be - M DONE
9.Koigokoro - M DONE Ranked/Approved
10.Kradness - Senbonzakura - M DONE
11.Nakagawa Ken - Welcome to the Workshop! - M DONE
12.Kido Ibuki & Yamazaki Erii - Pupa - M DONE
13.Nanamori-chu * Goraku-bu - After School Days - M DONE
14.Taishi(compllege) - worldenddominator - M DONE
15.audiomachine - Above and Beyond - M DONE
16.nao - Towa naru Kizuna to Omoi no Kiseki- M DONE
17.Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas: Virtue and Vice - M DONE
18.u's - KiRa-KiRa Sensation! (TV Size)- M DONE
19.Caramel Momo jam 120% (TV Size)- M DONE
May 2015
20.t+pazolite - cheatreal- M DONE
21.u's - KiRa-KiRa Sensation! (TV Size)- M DONE
June 2015
22.Remi Gazel - Lurking in the Darkness
23.Joao Lucas & Marcelo - Joao Lucas e Marcelo - Tchu Tcha Tcha
25.adohara Kaori - Day to Story
26.bring me the horizon - Anthem
27.Yume miru mama ni Koi wo shite
28.Manabu Namiki - Horrible Heartbeat
29.Last Ride of the Day
30.BanYa remixed by DM Ashura - Ignis Fatuus
31.Saitohimea (CV : Takamoto Megumi) - Strawberry Eyes (TV Size)
32.Musica de Aves
33.Shiena Nishizawa - FUBUKI
34.Petrarca Ann Erudanto III - Watashi no Housekibako
35.Saiya - Remote Control
36.Gaku Sano - Rise Up Your Flag
37.LiSA - Best Day, Best Way
38.Riot of Color
39.m-flo loves CHEMISTRY - Astrosexy
40.The Silence
41.I MY ME MINE - Troublemaker
May 2017

C L O S E D ! ! !

100% Prioritize
May 2014
1.Sawano Hiroyuki - Blowin' [OsuMania] - M DONE Ranked/Approved
July 2014
2.KOTOKO - agony (TV Size) [OsuMania|Osu|Taiko] - M DONE
3.seleP - Remember me- M DONE
4.USAO - Miracle 5ympho X - M DONE Ranked/Approved
5.Ika - Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru (AgeMiku Trance Remix) - M DONE
6.Heart Invader - Kokan Win-Win mujoken - M DONE
7.XeoN - Thor ~ Deepin' Absonant Mix ~ - M DONE Ranked/Approved
8.Jakarta Funk Brothers - INSOMNIA - M DONE
9.Shizuka Kudou - Kimi Ga Kureta Mono(TV Size) - CORRUPT BEATMAP
10.Glen Check - French Virgin Party - M DONE
11.Ryu* Vs. Sota - Go Beyond!! - M DONE Ranked/Approved - Hoshizora Illumination -M DONE
13.Kayano Ai - Oracion (TV Size) -M DONE Ranked/Approved
14.xi - Ascension to Heaven
March 2015
15.u's - snow halation -M DONE
16.CooRie - Akatsuki ni saku uta -M DONE
17.Tatsh - IMAGE -MATERIAL- <Version 0>
18.Alex Goot, Kurt Schneider, and Chrissy Costanza - Counting Stars (Nightcore Mix) -M DONE Ranked/Approved
19.yanaginagi - Tokohana - M DONE
20.Purgatory Kozo - Part 1 Gasho material - M DONE Ranked/Approved
21.Rengoku Teien - Gasei Sozai sono 1 - M DONE Ranked/Approved
22.LiSA - Rising Hope -TV ver.- - M DONE Ranked/Approved
23.1000 Years- M DONE
24.robopositon!!- M DONE
25.Nico Nico Douga - Owens- M DONE
26.Agatha ~ 2012 Rework ~ (Radio Edit)- M DONE
27.Camellia feat. Nanahira - Conveyor Sokudo Max!? Shining*Kaiten Zushi "Sushi & Peace- M DONE
28.NU-KO - Pochiko no Shiawase na Nichijou- M DONE Ranked/Approved
29.Hanazawa Kana & Itou Shizuka & Toyosaki Aki / Minna no Namae wo Irete Kudasai TV Size ver- M DONE
30.Welcome to the Workshop!- M DONE
31.Neople - shallow keep b01 - M DONE
32.Suzuko Mimori - Yumemiru! Shinjiru! Mirai kanaete! - M DONE Ranked/Approved
33.7!! - Orange - M DONE
34.Celldweller - Pulsar - M DONE
35.Bouken Desho Desho (DJ Bouche Euro Mix) - M DONE
37.Ken Nakagawa - Go Novice Alchemist - M DONE Ranked/Approved
38.Nato - Yog-Sothoth - M DONE Ranked/Approved
39.Kodama Saori - Mikansei Stride - M DONE
40.C-SHOW - Invitation from Mr.C - M DONE Ranked/Approved
41.Delightness Brightness - M DONE
42.Trip -innocent of D- - M DONE
43.Natsume Chiaki - Hanairo Byori - M DONE
44.Yun*chi - Your song* (TV Size) - M DONE
45.Valedict - M DONE Ranked/Approved
46.Cranky - Danger & Danger - M DONE Ranked/Approved
47.Rotteen - Koan - M DONE
48.Coalamode. - Nanairo Symphony - M DONE Ranked/Approved
49.amiyasu Tomoe, Aoba Ringo - Crayon Tulip - LOCKED
50.Divinity - Not Found
51.Hypernite Industries - Speedcore 300 - M DONE Ranked/Approved
52.ARM (IOSYS) - Koisuru*Uchuu Sensou!! Abababa Mix - M DONE
53.tangent theta - M DONE
54.Blu (Nightcore Mix) - M DONE Ranked/Approved
55.Meaning - Shiena Nishizawa - M DONE
56.DJ Okawari - Canon [OsuMania] - M DONE Ranked/Approved
57.Tumba Ping Pong Song - M DONE
58.Maplestory - Adventurer ( Ellinia Remix ) - M DONE
59.Otaser*Revolution - M DONE
60.Kagamine Rin & Len - Your Adventur Log Has Vanished! - M DONE
61.LiSA - L.Miranic - M DONE Ranked/Approved
62.Katayoku No Tori - M DONE
63.Cash Cash - Party In Your Bedroom(Sound Artz Handz Up! Radio) -M DONE
64.Junk - Qualia -M DONE
May 2015
65.DJ NAGAI feat. Ayumi Nomiya - Mono Logic - M DONE
66.Go! Go! Novice Alchemist (Workshop) - M DONE Ranked/Approved
67.Trident - Blue Field - M DONE Ranked/Approved
68.Sun3 - ApolloN - M DONE
69.Musical Masterpiece - MANIERA - M DONE Ranked/Approved
70.Kimiiro Signal-TV size ver.- - M DONE Ranked/Approved
71.Otaser*Revolution - M DONE
72.Sound Voltex - Xepher Light and Darkness Dragon REMIX - M DONE
74.P*Light - Kick-ass Kung-fu Carnival (P*Light Remix) - M DONE
75.LiSA - Rally Go Round -TV ver.- - M DONE Ranked/Approved
76.kamome sano - eclair au chocolat - M DONE Ranked/Approved
77.Plasmagica - Seishun Wa Nonstop (TV Size) - M DONE Ranked/Approved
78.7!! - Orange (Anime Ver.) - M DONE
79.Kodama Saori - Mikansei Stride - M DONE
80.Yooh - Dynasty - M Done
June 2015
81.SOPHY - Hello world! - M DONE Ranked/Approved
82.Between August and December - Blow with the Fires - M DONE Ranked/Approved
83.C-Show - U.N. Owen was Her? (TO-HOlic mix) - M DONE
84.nora2r - B.B.K.K.B.K.K. (Extended Mix) - G Done Ranked/Approved
July 2015
85.Chata - Dango Daikazoku [OsuMania] - M DONE Ranked/Approved
September 2015
86.Trick Trap - Blue Planet [OsuMania] - M DONE
87.Hanatan - Raspberry*Monster
88.The Empress Ranked/Approved
89.Yooh - LegenD. Ranked/Approved
90.LiSA - No More Time Machine
91.Kawada Mami - Wings of Courage -Sora o Koete- Ranked/Approved
92.DJ Genericname - Dear You Ranked/Approved
93.Scream Hard as You Can
94.Saiya - Remote Control
95.Sanshuu Chuugaku Yuushabu
96.Brad Breeck - Gravity Falls Main Title Theme
98.Black + White
99.OcularNebula - Stay Inside Me
100.Shounen Radio - neu
May 2017
101.EYKHA (CV : Sawashiro Miyuki) LOU (CV : Uchida Maaya) MERYL (CV : Terui Haruka) - Delta Decision
102.nano - Rock on.
103.Ice - Entrance
104.Haruna Luna - Stella Breeze

Image Check And Request

Video Request And Check

Video Request And Check

Timing Check

Timing Check


Guest Difficult

1.u's - Mega Song Pack//START:DASH!! - rhalp10's 4K
2.CODE NAME : ZERO//rhalp10's 4K MX
3.Evening star - Land of Equestria (The Orchestral Anthem) // rhalp10's 7K Moderato Harmozein
4.シルエット (TV Size) //rhalp10's 4K MX
5.Yooh - Dynasty//rhalp10's 4k INF
6.xi - Aragami

My Maps Need MOD/GD/TIMING Check/BG Check/Rank/SB Load

C-YA MIX - Mother Ship[EXH] - PENDING ready to BUBLE and RANKING ! SP +80
Scandal - Satisfaction- Remapping SP +10
SOUND HOLIC feat. Nana Takahashi - Ha lle lu jah- PENDING waiting for RANKING ! SP +18
Koji Kondo - Super Mario Bros. -BGM Medley-- PENDING SP +15
BABYMETAL - Catch me if you can- PENDING SP +1
Yoko Ishida - ParaparaMAX I- PENDING SP +36
CelestOrion - Pokemon Tower [Music Box]- PENDING SP +17

OSU! Profile

Welcome To My User's Page

  1. Introduction
    I study at Cavite State University (CVSU) and I'm on my third year taking up Bachelor Of Science In Information Technology (BSIT). I've been playing Osu! since first year.
    Maybe you won't mind me telling a story... Whatever.
    A friend of mine told me that he wants to join the Otaku group on our university and he wanted me to accompany him. I ended up joining to anyaway... :v , Then sld jw odqwowd qwdn dhmsert. There.
    To make it short, I never noticed that the previous game (Bandmaster) I've been playing is nearing it's end of contract. DAYUM. JUST DAYUM. Since then I got bored in playing rhythm games, and it came to a point that I almost forgot about it and shifted my attention on playing Ran!Online.
    Then one of my Otaku friends asked me if I was playing Guitar Hero and Bandmaster. He asked me if I can join them and play Osu!mania.
    Of course I agreed. I got interested in it anyway since it's been a while since I played a rhythm game.
    My first game was horrible, I finished it but rank D. Until I never noticed myself getting addicted in it and then I made my own maps (which was all left pending for a couple of years... for goodness sake).
    To sum it all up, I got pretty interested in it that I spend most of my time playing, and helping others for a mod requests.

Computer Specs & Application

Software Specs
    1. Windows Edition: Windows 7 Ultimate
    2. System Type: 64-32 OS
    3. Audio Drive: Realtek HD Audio
    4. Antivirus: ESET NOD32 Antivirus™8
    5. ETC

Hardware Specs
    1. Processor: Inter(R) Pentium(R) CPU G2030 @ 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz
    2. BIOS: Dual BIOS
    3. RAM: 4.00GB
    4. ROM: 2.00GB
    5. Video Card: POWER COLOR R7 240 2GB DDR3 128BIT
    6. Disk Drive: ST500DM002-1BD142 ATA Device
    7. Motherboard: GIGABYTE ™ HG1M-DS2
    8. Monitor: AOC LED 16 Class (39.5cm)
    9. Mouse: NEO NWC-11
    10. Keyboard: NEO NWC-11 (Ghost Keys T.T)
    11. ETC

Softwares Installer
  • Multimedia

    1. Adobe Photoshop 7.0 32bit (license)
    2. Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 32bit (license)
    3. Adobe Photoshop CS5 2014 32bit (license)
    4. Corel Painter 12 32bit (license)
    5. Manga Studio 3 32bit (license)
    6. Paint Tool SAI (Crack)
    7. Bandicam 2015-20++ Still Working (Crack with License)
    8. Acoustica Mixcraft 6.1 Build 213 32bit (license)
    9. Any Video Converter Ultimate 32bit (license) Old Version
    10. Unreal Engine 4.6.1
    11. RPG Maker
    12. Pokemon GBA Rom Hack
      Programming Language
    13. C++
    14. HTML5
    15. CSS3
    16. Javascript
    17. PHP
    18. Boostrap
    19. SQL/Databases
    20. Assembly Language Near To Binary Machine Codes
    21. Visual Basic 6.0(updated to VB.NET 2015)
    22. NetBeans IDE 6.5.1 (JAVA)
    23. Sublime Text Editor For HTML
    24. Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 12.0 (Crack)
    25. SGL For Story Board
    26. ETC
    27. ESET NOD32 Antivirus™8 (Crack with License)
    28. AVAST Antivirus (Crack Not Totally Installed)
      Game Collection
    29. Frozen Throne
    30. OSU!
    31. Popcap
    32. O2Mania
    33. Skyrim
    34. Assassins Creed Brother Hood
    35. Call Of Duty 2
    36. Call Of Duty 3
    37. Call Of Duty 4
    38. Attack on Titan Tribute Game v01042015
    39. Left4Dead
    40. Left4Dead2
    41. God of War - Chain Of Olympus
    42. God of War
    43. God of War 2
    44. God of War 3
    45. Gundam Extreme Vs Full Boost (Win XP)
    46. Gundam Vs Gundam Next Plus
    47. Another Century Episode
    48. Bleach Heat The Soul 7
    49. TEKKEN 6
Freshmen BSIT

  • 1.Are You Sure With Your Course?
    1. Yes.
      2.Why Am I Taking IT?
    2. Because My Favorite Past Time Is Computer And Most Of My Interests are about Computer and Programming.
      3.What Is Your Problem In College Algebra?
    3. To heck with it. It's too confusing when it comes to the operations and signs. Whatever. But trust me, I can solve algebraic problems.
      4.What Is Your Attitude Towards Mathematics?
    4. Pretty much OK, I told you, I can do it but it's too confusing., Sure, I like Algebra, because when you're good at it, you're likely to be good also at different subjects... (I wonder what this got to do with other's grammar?)
      5.How Can I Perform Better In College Algebra?
    5. Listen carefully, and try to study more. You just learn it in one shot and inside a classroom. Ask your prof to elaborate things you cant understand... (Well, that is, if your prof isn't paid to write problem on the board and then stare at the window for the rest of the period.)
      Why am I posting this anyway? :P
Request Mode : Osu standard
Title : Orange Caramel - Catanella
Url :
Diffs Set : Easy/Normal/Hard Colab
Time: 3.08(drain)
BPM: 127
Status : Pending
Request Mode : Osu! Standard
Title: Minori Chihara - Mukaikaze ni Utare Nagara
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Railwarz
Total Time: 4:21
BPM : 123 - 198
Status : Completed mapset awaiting mods
Request Mode : Osu standart
Title:BABYMETAL - Akatsuki
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: extra
Total Time:5:21 (5:05 drain)
BPM : 170
Status : WiP (cant upload that to pending dunno why)
Request Mode : Osu standart
Title : MY COLOR
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets : Colorless / Colored / Colorful
Total Time : 3:15
BPM : 132
Status : Complete mapset,waiting for mod.

Thank you very much.
Request Mode : Osu!standard
Title: SUPER BEAVER - Rashisa (TV Size)
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: GD > Hard > Normal > Insane
Total Time: 1:28 (1:28 drain)
BPM : 168
Status : Pending
Request Mode : Osu! Standard
Title : Mayday - Shang Xin De Ren Bie Ting Man Ge
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Nomal/YuZuKi's Style/Insane
Total Time: 3:30 (3:02 drain)
BPM : 135
Status : Pending
Request Mode : osu!standard
Title: kamome sano - dawn (ginkiha hardcore remix)
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: E/N/H/I + 2 Taiko Diff (ignore Taiko diff)
Total Time: 2:50 (2:49 drain)
BPM : 181
Status : Pending
Request Mode : All if possible, otherwise Mania 4K/7K
Title: seleP - Remember me
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: 18 (5std/6Taiko/2CtB/5Mania)
Total Time: 3:18 (drain on most diffs is around 3:00)
BPM :150
Status : Pending, waiting for Icon's (Sp110|1 year old)
Request Mode : Osu!standard
Title: QuitarHeroPianoZero - eTeRNiTY
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Easy / Normal / Hard / Insane (FoReVeR)
Total Time: 3:06 / 2:34 drain
BPM : 140
Status : Pending
Request Mode : Osu!standard
Title: Fiona Fung - Proud of you
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Dream / Proud / Wings
Total Time: 2:01 (1:41 drain)
BPM : 82
Status : Pending

NM plz , thank you , I hope you like my map and SB. :)
- H i N a -
Request Mode : Osu standard
Title : Haruna Luna - Startear (TV Size Ver.)
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets : Easy / Normal / Hard
Total Time : 1:26 min.
BPM : 134
Status : Complete mapset,waiting for mod.

NM please~
Thanks :D
Request Mode : Mania(4 & 7 key)

Title: KOTOKO - agony (TV Size)
Beatmap URL : t/223269/
Difficult Map Sets: EZ > NM > HD > IN
Total Time: 01:40
BPM : 132
Status : pending

Request Mode : Osu! Standard
Title: IA - Falling Apart
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Marathon
Total Time: 7:26
BPM : 135
Status : Waiting for mods, Completed

I need your help >.<

Request Mode : Osu!Standart
Title: Ura Omote Fortune
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Easy Fortune / Normal Fortune / Hard Fortune
Total Time: 01:29
BPM :132.01
Status : Completed, waiting for mods.

Really appreciate it if you're willing to take a look :)
Request Mode : Mania(7k, 4k) also standard if you wanna mod that
Title: USAO - Miracle 5ympho X
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Normal, Another (both for 7k and 4k) and normal-insane for standard
Total Time: 2:00
BPM : 210
Status : done :V

dude nice
Request Mode : Mania( 4 and 7key)
Title: Ika - Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru (AgeMiku Trance Remix)
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: 4K EasyMix, 4K HappyNormal ,4K FunHard ,4K Happy Insane ,7K HappyHard ,7K FunInsane ,7K HappyExtreme
Total Time: 4:25
BPM : 145
Status : Pending
Request Mode : taikomod pls
Title: Yonjuunana / 47
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Teru's Muzukashii/Teru's Oni
Total Time: 4:41
BPM : 172
Status : complete, waiting for mods.
P o M u T a
Request Mode : Osu Standard
Title: Kitcaliber - HEY FUCKER
Beatmap URL :
Total Time: 2:26
BPM : 250
Status : Pending


Request Mode : Taiko
Title: RYO - Shuffle Heaven
Beatmap URL :
Difficult Map Sets: Kantan/Futsuu/Muzu/Oni/2 Inner Onis
Total Time: 1:52
BPM : 190
Status : Pending

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