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Okorin wrote:

because i don't want to be the one that dqs this for snapping again
(kill me)

i used my ears to come up with this

01:08:628 (1,2) - should probably be just 1/4 like 01:05:452 (4,5,1,2,3,4) -
01:08:981 (3) - if you listen closely that wub ands on the red tick and has some weird circle on 01:09:216 - so or would be better timelines to represent
01:32:396 (2) - should be on 01:32:407 -
01:35:703 (6) - should be on 01:35:680 -
01:34:953 (3,4) - should be extended the same way, settle for one type of extends to either 1/6 or 1/4 for this part (i recommend extending everything that is on 1/4s to 1/6 just to have the length of a slider and when you have to release your key predictable throughout the section unless there's sounds on these 1/4s)
01:37:032 (3) - should be on 01:37:044 -
01:44:669 (4) - should be on 01:44:680 -
01:45:862 (4) - should end in 01:45:953 -
01:47:498 (2) - this ending point looks arbitrary and weird, are you sure you didn't want it to end in 01:48:044 -
01:48:248 (1) - should start in 01:48:226 -
01:52:135 (4,5) - also may want to use a nc somewhere around that time
01:52:953 (7) - should end in 01:53:135 - I think ill keep it there because it ends on then high pitches note, unless im just delusional and it does indeed end later xd
01:53:907 (2) - should start in 01:53:953 - (loooool)
01:54:226 (3,4) - should just be simple like well i definitely changed it though to better fit
01:55:680 (1,2) - would extend to 1/6 and 01:56:226 (1,2) - would end on 1/3 that way you can capture all sounds that go on i think ill keep it as 1/4 because to me at least, the fade away sound is most noticeable on the 1/4
01:56:771 (1) - should end on 1/3 in 01:56:862 -
01:58:680 (4) - should end in 01:58:862 -
02:45:139 (1,2,3,4) - 02:51:316 (2) - i don't hear 1/6 doubles here so maybe 1/4 sliders fit better it is a similar pattern i did earlier in the song, it doesnt necessarily not fit so i think ill keep it o:
03:19:262 - that u don't have anything to click here is unexpected since you tend to map all weird sounds out. its just vocals, i thought it was a bit of nice effect to keep a pause here :D
03:21:535 (3) - should end in 03:21:808 -
03:22:353 (3,4) - should be 1/3
blablabla 03:22:626 (1,2) - if you have a mostly 1/3 part extend sliders to 1/6 or 1/3, these make more sense with the general tempo of the part
03:33:262 (5) - should end on 03:33:444 -
03:35:172 (3) - should end on 03:35:626 -
03:40:524 (7,8) - sounds more accurate like at least the circle does
03:43:976 (2) - the sound it should end on is 1/3 nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :)
03:48:754 (6) - the sound it should end on is 1/3
03:51:940 (2) - strangely enough this sounds correct i hate kikuo for this stuff
05:20:396 (2) - pretty sure the one who timed it timed it in a way that the sound ends up on the white tick in 05:20:432 -
05:21:325 (1) - sounds better if it was ending on 05:21:775 -
05:22:127 (2) - should start in 05:22:141 - , custom snap its end to 05:22:571 -
05:22:791 (3) - should start in 05:22:806 -
05:23:276 (1,2,3,4) - i changed it to something that seemed to work ok i hope
05:24:511 (1) - shouldnt this be 1/3 not sure myself it seemed ok but i extended it to end on the 1/6
05:40:217 (1,2) - shouldn't these be 1/4? i dont think i would be able to map those 2 noises if it were 1/4 :o
05:42:334 (1) - maybe end this in 05:42:599 - like all the others? apparently that was an error with an unsnapped inheriting point :?
06:04:936 (1) - not sure if this should be on 06:04:958 - the 1/6 sounds a bit too late i think

other stuff
02:10:253 (4,5) - i think these should be the other way around, first slider, then circle so u can click on 02:10:509 - i changed it so the slider was clickable on the noise instead, i hope its better i dunno!
02:41:610 (5) - 03:04:198 (5) - recommend 1/4 buffer time so that the gaps between objects are the same wutever this applies to everything ok. changed
02:52:904 (6) - recommending 1/6 buffertime so that gaps stay predictable its not 1/6 : - )
05:55:812 (1,1,1) - buffer plz these are essentially buffered, and super easy to hit each one so its all good : D

that's all i could find, recommending doublechecking with more ears
lov u dad
we did stuff #1

19:51 Squigly: ITS
19:51 Squigly: SHEELA
19:51 Squigly: BUT ITS FRIDAY
19:51 sheela: oh hEY
19:51 Squigly: OH
19:51 Squigly: HEY
19:51 sheela: friday is like a weekend
19:51 Squigly: well yeah
19:51 Squigly: lol
19:51 Squigly: xd
19:52 sheela: anyway
19:52 sheela: i can recheck your map now
19:52 Squigly: yay
19:52 sheela: pls tell me what you changed with pentori
19:52 Squigly: oh
19:52 Squigly: ok let me find
19:53 Squigly: essentially
19:53 Squigly: it is a singular thing that was changed for the many times they were found
19:56 Squigly: 01:42:589 (2) -
19:56 Squigly: parts like this
19:57 sheela: okok
19:58 sheela: they fit well
19:58 Squigly: yeah
19:58 Squigly: those parts were pretty fucked to map lol
19:58 Squigly: because its distorted to hell
19:58 Squigly: thanks kikuo xd
19:58 sheela: lol
19:58 Squigly: basically the hours we spent
19:58 Squigly: were on that
19:58 sheela: ohmy
19:59 Squigly: but ye thats it and a few minor things that dont change like anything
19:59 sheela: ok
20:00 Squigly: :D
20:00 Squigly: oh and oko helped with some stuff
20:00 Squigly: he was supposed to a long time ago
20:00 Squigly: but i dunno what happened
20:00 sheela: lol
20:00 Squigly: so that was good
20:00 sheela: 03:29:717 (1,1) - is the spacing intentional?
20:01 Squigly: yeah
20:01 Squigly: i think it looks awkward if it is connected tbh
20:02 sheela: i would try to ctrl+j and rotate a bit to make it look like this
20:02 sheela:
20:03 Squigly: i dont really like that though
20:03 Squigly: shoudlnt be anything wrong with the spacing yeah?
20:04 sheela: it would be consistent with the others
20:05 sheela: you also used a sv of 1x instead of 0.8x
20:05 sheela: but that's minor
20:06 Squigly: i connected it a bit more
20:06 Squigly: but i dont want to do it too much
20:06 Squigly: well ill connect it a bit more actually
20:07 Squigly: and yeah now it conflicts with what i wanted with the other slider lol
20:07 sheela: o
20:09 sheela: 05:23:393 (2,3) - i feel that this spacing is too sudden
20:09 Squigly: i changed it a bit
20:10 sheela: 05:22:141 (2) - the slider's end is apparently not snapped
20:10 sheela: with 05:22:571 -
20:10 sheela: you're going to have to edit it in the .osu file code
20:11 Squigly: what do u mean lol
20:11 sheela: i can try to give you the correct line
20:11 Squigly: i just fixed it
20:11 Squigly: or
20:11 Squigly: did i
20:11 sheela: the slider's end is a tiny off
20:11 Squigly: nah i didnt
20:11 sheela: lol
20:12 sheela: here's the code to replace at line 1422
20:13 sheela: actually the last number of that line
20:13 sheela: replace the 186 by 185
20:13 sheela: that should fix the snap
20:13 Squigly: how the fuck am i supposed to know what line is 1422
20:14 sheela: you're using notepad?
20:14 Squigly: yes
20:14 sheela: in that case
20:14 sheela: press ctrl+g
20:15 sheela: and enter 1422
20:16 Squigly: ok i did that
20:16 sheela: ok
20:16 Squigly: but i dont see 186 anywhere
20:16 Squigly: wait wtf
20:16 Squigly: why is it linking me
20:16 Squigly: to not the right
20:16 Squigly: line
20:16 Squigly: when i type the right line LOL
20:16 sheela: wtf
20:17 Squigly: ok yep
20:17 Squigly: i dont fucking know
20:18 Squigly: wait
20:18 sheela: search for the value 322141 instead
20:18 Squigly: ok
20:19 sheela: you should see this line
20:19 sheela: 64,344,322141,2,0,P|4:272|16:176,1,186.666666666667
20:20 Squigly: ok im thereeee
20:20 sheela: the last number, 186.6666blablabla
20:20 Squigly: but
20:20 Squigly: oh yeah
20:20 Squigly: cause i changed it
20:20 Squigly: it didnt have
20:20 Squigly: the same
20:20 Squigly: number
20:20 Squigly: ok but i see now
20:20 Squigly: holy shit
20:20 Squigly: im im dumb as fk
20:20 sheela: lol
20:21 sheela: then everything's good?
20:21 Squigly: ok fixed yeah
20:21 sheela: kk
20:21 sheela: ok i'll play the whole thing before i rebubu
20:22 sheela: can u update to the lastest version?
20:22 Squigly: i did! :D
20:22 sheela: ohohokoko
20:22 Squigly: oko
20:30 sheela: 00:50:981 (5) - i think you should move this out of the overlap, bc right now i really can't see the slider when i play
20:31 Squigly: there is more definitely enough time to see that i can guarantee :B
20:31 Squigly: the overlapping slider full disapears even
20:31 Squigly: the first point is also not on the slider end of the slider overlapping it
20:32 Squigly: which means it isnt as confusing!
20:33 sheela: i think it was because of the hitbursts
20:34 Squigly: idid just change a hitsound tho
20:34 Squigly: that hitsound after that slider was annoying :B
20:34 Squigly: oh
20:34 Squigly: is that an effect?
20:34 sheela: maybe with the default skin
20:34 Squigly: oo
20:34 sheela: but who plays with the default skin anyway
20:35 Squigly: YO
20:35 Squigly: I USED TO
20:35 Squigly: like
20:35 Squigly: i never used a skin until i was passed 10k maybe
20:35 Squigly: past
20:35 Squigly: passed past
20:35 Squigly: who needs english
20:35 sheela: the newcomers would of course use the default skin to play
20:36 Squigly: ye
20:36 Squigly: well
20:36 Squigly: mostly ye
20:36 Squigly: people usualy diverge quickly now it seem
20:36 Squigly: s
20:36 Squigly: with the WORSHIPPING that goes on
20:36 sheela: yeah
20:37 Squigly: my first skin was
20:37 Squigly: amai skin
20:37 Squigly: and i loved it!
20:37 Squigly: it was essentially a copy of a cookiezi skin little did i know
20:37 Squigly: but oh well it was sweet xd
20:37 sheela: mine was like those vocaloid/anime shit skins
20:37 Squigly: LOL
20:37 Squigly: i could never
20:37 Squigly: never use
20:37 Squigly: an innapropriate skin
20:37 sheela: hey, i was a weeb before
20:38 Squigly: especially what if my family members walked in
20:38 Squigly: like
20:38 Squigly: wtf do i say to them
20:38 Squigly: my life is over LOL
20:38 sheela: lool
20:39 sheela: umm
20:39 sheela: you know the code you changed earlier
20:39 Squigly: yeah
20:39 Squigly: is it wrong
20:39 Squigly: did i fuck up
20:39 sheela: you shouldn't have removed the decimals
20:39 Squigly: it didnt look like i did
20:39 Squigly: oh well the thing is
20:39 Squigly: i moved the slider
20:40 Squigly: link it back to meee
20:40 sheela: but the length is still intact right?
20:40 sheela: value 322141
20:41 Squigly: hold on
20:41 Squigly: i just changed it
20:41 Squigly: with the decimal
20:42 Squigly: let me know if gud
20:42 sheela: eyyy that gud
20:42 Squigly: yey
20:42 sheela: all right
20:43 sheela: everything else looks fine
20:43 Squigly: yeyyy
20:43 sheela: let me rebubububub
20:43 Squigly: yeyyyy
Nao Tomori
Let's give it another chance.

~ Approved (Qualified) ~
what the heck
Donphin's Inner Oni

OwO What's this?
grats on qualifying 10 shoes


Raiden wrote:

Donphin's Inner Oni

it has always been Donphin and not Donphin's
00:51:687 (1,2,3) -

00:57:334 (1,2,3) -

05:36:687 (1,1,2) -

please pick a rhythm and stick with it

I also don't know how any BN thought it was okay to rank a map where the mapper barely grasps the concept of what rhythm composition is and lets TONS of important beats and sounds fall onto sliderENDS
tfw you agree with Fizz but then you want awesome taiko to be ranked

00:51:996 (2) - not only what Fizz said but this is basically just wrongly snapped, beat starts after the slider.
dq mate

Xexxar wrote:

00:51:996 (2) - not only what Fizz said but this is basically just wrongly snapped, beat starts after the slider.
is snapped :^) put the divisor in 1/8
Well it really should be consistent actually. However, there's no reason to be that disrespectul towards the BNs and modders lol.

@Xexxar: I guess it's snapped to the wub, so it's not wrongly snapped.
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