HinagikuKatsura's Mania Modding Queue [BN/Rank req, NM, M4M]

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Current Status: BN Check, Rank req, Normal mod, M4M
Btw, if you're in need of a gd on your eroge mania maps, you can call me :)
"A girl who has not done Love.
A boy who isn't interested in Love.
If such two persons do Love,
the World will change how?"

For BN check/Bubble request:
  1. Make sure your storyboards and metadata are at least approved by another reliable BN
  2. Must be a mania map and pending.
  3. There must be at least 12+ mods on each diff. (else will suspend 'till this is req. is met)
  4. You can't make another request for 2 weeks prior to my check.
  5. No speedranks! (Unless your map is really good)

For Rank request:
  1. Again, must be a mania map and pending.
  2. It should be previously modded by me. Else, I'll implement a full mod before ranking it (depending on it's current quality).
  3. Should be bubbled by any of my fellow mania BNs.
  4. Make sure you at least have the basic stuffs fixed (metadata check from a fellow BN/QAT, timing, bpm, preview point, etc).
  5. You can't make another request for a month prior to my check.

For normal and M4M
  1. Just post it. :)
  2. Take note that I still have my studies, so I may or may not be available at all times.
About Guest Difficulties (GD)
1. Just pm me on the forum or in-game. :)
How to make a request?
Length of your chart:
Chart link:
Type: (NM, BN, M4M - indicate link of map if m4m)
1st Jeff Williams - This Will Be the Day (feat. Casey Lee Williams) by arcwinolivirus RANKED
Tanizawa Tomofumi - Soufuu (TV Size) by FGSky
Ogura Yui - Baby Sweet Berry Love (TV Size) by Betsuto
C.S.Port - Fuujin Raijin by Taiwan-NAK
Nomizu Iori - SAVE MY HEART (TV Size) by M o m o RANKED
Seiryu - Water Horizon by Spy RANKED
Ray - Nagi by mingmichael RANKED
remixed celas vs 44teru-k - CONNECT r by YunoFanatic
ALTIMA - Fight 4 Real (TV Size) by Yuutosan RANKED
Infinite Stratos Cast - SUPER STREAM (TV Size) by Luckman
Suzuki Konomi - DAYS of DASH (TV Size) by YunoFanatic RANKED
Suzuki Konomi - This Game (TV Size) by lostcool
Sporty-O - Let Me Hit It by DrawdeX RANKED
Team Nekokan feat. Amaoto Junca - Tsunagu Kizuna (TV Size) by Sora RANKED
Hatsune Miku - Baby Maniacs ( Short Ver. ) by xLoupGarou
ClariS - STEP (TV Size) by Soldsaga KunG
ChouCho - Yasashisa no Riyuu by Aii-
T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki - Preserved Roses (TV-Size) by Maou - sama RANKED
sweet ARMS - Trust in You (TV Size) by xLoupGarou
Hanazawa Kana & Itou Shizuka & Toyosaki Aki - Minna no Namee wo Irete Kudasai(TV Size) by hokin1995 RANKED
Junior Caldera - Light out (go crazy) by mike91lau
Ray - ebb and flow (TV Size) by Shana Lesus
Sasaki Sayaka - Koi Saku Mirai by hutunohito RANKED
Suzaku - Anisakis -Somatic Mutation Type 'Forza' by ShikiNoHollow
Neru - Lost One no Goukoku by puxtu RANKED
solfa feat. Chata - Colorful precious life (Short Ver.) by Yuutosan
Electronic Boutique - Miles by Ryu Sei
3L - Miracle Hinacle - DJ COMMAND Remix - by DE-CADE
nomico - Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi by richardfeder RANKED
Tokisawa Nao - Analyze by Heart of Bitch
Minamotoya - Ray by CrazyStar RANKED
ETIA. - Nippon Shiki Kata Kaku -OukaRanman- by bakabakemono
ICE - Entrance by Xleonq
Ikimono Gakari - Blue Bird by N i c o
Dj Hobo Feat. Fiona Fung - Proud of You (Dance Mix) by bilqiscutee
Qrispy Joybox - Snow Prism by LoveNoobPlayer RANKED
u's - Snow halation (TV Size) by Sakura
Memme - Plasma Gun by ichia7x
Paul Bazooka - SigNalize by Ryu Sei
senya - Utakata Ai no Mahoroba by Kyousuke-
NM feat.Heather Elmer - Closer to my Heart (jun remix) by Sky_Demon RANKED
Team "Hanayamata" - Hana wa Odore ya Irohaniho (TVsize) by raheta_adi
MY FIRST STORY - Fukagyaku Replace (TV Size) by Kruzon
fhana - divine intervention (TV SIZE) by Zan - RANKED
Aoi Eir - IGNITE (TV size ver.) by -Sh1n1-
STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION - Daisy (TV Size) by Meiko Senpai
supercell - Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari -TV Edit- by Maou - sama
Team "Hanayamata" - Hana wa Odore ya Irohaniho (TVsize) by ShikiNoHollow
50th Taneda Risa - Wareta Ringo (TV edit) by rew0825
BlackY - Black Rose by Marirose
xi - Garyou Tensei by LNP-
nao - Dimension tripper!!!! (PV Ver.) by Tohkazumi
KANA-BOON - Silhouette (TV Size) by B l a n k
Aso Natsuko - More-More LOVERS!! (TV Size) by BURGERKILL
u's - No Brand Girls by Reyzra
Starving Trancer - New Gravity by bilqiscutee
P*Light feat. mow*2 - OVERDRIVERS by ExUsagi
CooRie - Akatsuki ni saku uta by momo1101
Pile - Aishiteru Banzai! (Prepro Piano Mix) by Julie
Suzuno Ito, Takanashi Otoha (CV. Komatsu Mikako, Goto Saori) - ALIVE (Cut Ver) by ShiinoYuuki
Black Raison D'etre - Van!shment Th!s World ( TV Size ) by mkilla
sakuzyo - Neurotoxin by -Rinzler-
GReeeeN - Shinobi by ExUsagi
MiddleIsland - Achromat by iJinjin
Tamura Yukari - MERRY MERRY MERRY MENU... Ne! by redfire099
Suzuki Konomi - Cyber Thunder Cider by Heart of Bitch
LeaF - Arcanum Guardian by Sayaka-
Aimi - LIVE for LIFE~ohkamitachinoyoru~ (TV Size) by Frim4503
ke-ji - Last Concerto by LevPrism-
nano - Happy Ending Simulator by GAMI
AKINO with bless4 - EXTRA MAGIC HOUR by Adinata28
Horie Yui - Coloring by - Veritica -
SeeU - The Upper Register Test (Korean Cover) by Pharos21
Mashiro Ayano - ideal white (TV Size) by AJIekceu
Horie Yui - PRESENTER (TV Size) by shionelove
Garuru - Zero Gravity by Ryu Sei
KANA-BOON - Silhouette (TV size) by Brian_Ex
MikitoP feat.Matsushita - Kunoichi demo Koi ga Shitai by GraveChaos
Suzuki Konomi - Absolute Soul by Adinata28
Yamamoto Nozomi - BelievexBelieve by avalon_n
Dormir - Une mage blanche by Zan - RANKED
werk - 1000 Years by Muu-chan
BlackY vs. Yooh - XROSS INFECTION by Pharos21
Sound Horizon - Raijin no Hidariude by [ A v a l o n ]
Hypernite Industries - Speedcore 300 by nowsmart
Finished GDs:
Owl City - Shooting Star by NaxelCL (7K SC) RANKED
Tanizawa Tomofumi - Soufuu (TV Size) by FGSky (4K MX)
Kishida Kyoudan & The Akeboshi Rockets - STRIKE THE BLOOD by GraveChaos (7K MX) RANKED
marina - Towa yori Towa ni by Aphrodena (7K MX)
I'll be first then . . . :)

Hatsune Miku - Baby Maniacs ( Short Ver. )

wah... less than 2 min ... so sad ;w;
1. Title: Suzaku - Anisakis -Somatic Mutation Type 'Forza'
2. BPM: 185
3. Length of your chart: 2:10 ( just more 10 sec please please !! ) T^T
4. Chart link:
5. Genre: Video Game (Instrumental)

4k only = 3 diff only

Topic Starter
Alright~ Accepted 4 (Including PMs), Finished 1. :)
Soldsaga KunG
Hi ~ o/

Title : ClariS - STEP (TV Size)
Beatmaps URL :
Diff name : 4K ( NM , HD , MX ) 7K ( NM , HD , MX )
Total Time : 1:26
Bpm : 146

Thx ^^
- [ S o r a ] -
Hi~ Hinagi - san :3

Title: Team Nekokan feat. Amaoto Junca - Tsunagu Kizuna (TV Size)
BPM: 135 (too slow for me x_x)
Length of your chart: 1:26 (1:26 drain) :3
Chart link:
Genre: Anime (Japanese)

sorry about GD for this map ;w; maybe i'll make this all by myself.
Thank you :3

EDIT: maybe you are 1st mod. please ;w;
Topic Starter
Finished all requests~ :)
Something for you to do

Artist: Suzuki Konomi
Title: This Game (TV Size)
BPM: 147
Keys: 4k
Play Time: 01:28
Genre: Anime (Japanese)

Easy - 4Key (1.19 stars, 224 notes)
Insane - 4Key (3.49 stars, 159 notes) Still In Progress
Normal - 4Key (2.34 stars, 436 notes)
Piko&Sora's ExtrA - 4Key (4.8 stars, 899 notes)
Sakura's Hard - 4Key (3.45 stars, 640 notes)


Title : ChouCho - Yasashisa no Riyuu
Link :
Bpm : 177
Key : 7k
Lenght : 1:29

Hello @@/

Title: Hanazawa Kana & Itou Shizuka & Toyosaki Aki - Minna no Namee wo Irete Kudasai(TV Size)
Link :
Length : 1:24
Keys : 4K
Diffs : NM HD MX

Thanks :D:D

Artist: Renard
Tittle: TU4AR
Keys: 4
Difficulties: 4 Difficulties
Length: 2:14
1. Title: Jeff Williams - This Will Be the Day (James Landino Remix)
2. BPM: 130
3. Length of your chart: 2:59
4. Chart link:
5. Genre: Electro Pop

It's in WIP but I'm only waiting for one more GD (7K HD). Thanks again~
1. Title: AAA - Wake up!
2. BPM: 176
3. Length of your chart: 2:27
4. Chart link:
5. Genre: Not sure?

2 7k diffs and 1 4k

1. Title: Vospi - Roboposition!!
2. BPM: 138
3. Length of your chart: 2:35
4. Chart link:
5. Genre: Unspecific (Other) I don't even know

Can you accept 2:35 length and the drain is 2:20
Thanks! :)
Topic Starter
Alright~ Will start modding right away~! :)
Maou - sama
Only one diff finished right now, but I'm planning on adding more later (GDs are welcome). Please Nazi mod this diff if you can :P.

Title: Prime number ~Kimi to Deaeru Hi~ (TV Size)
Link: t/217569
Keys: 7k
Difficulties: Latest - 7Key (3.31 stars, 790 notes) Ignore the other diffs
State: WIP
Nyan-pasu~ Hinagi-chan :3

1. Title: sweet ARMS - Trust in You (TV Size)
2. BPM: 190
3. Length of your chart: 1:37
4. Chart link:
5. Genre: Anime(Japanese)
Beep Boop?

1. Title: a_hisa - Fairy Dance
2. BPM: 110 But there are BPM changes
3. Length of your chart: 3:07
4. Chart link:
5. Genre: Instrumental
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