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Welcome to BMT!
BMT is short for Ball Modding Team
Do you think it is too hard to find a mod? Are you crazy finding mods? Well we are too!

Team members
Gosh Why there are so many people?
How this queue works
The queue will be opened weekly(mostly on Sunday afternoon UTC+8) and automatically closed after 10 posts.
The member of the team will wander around and pick the map they like. They will post which map have been already picked.
After 1 week, rest requests will be thought of cancelled.
:idea: Your map possibly will have more than 1 mod :)
:idea: Your map also possibly will have no mod if no one like the song :(
Some Rules
  1. 1 map per post
  2. 10 maps per round
  3. In your post write down the order of your post(1,2,3...etc.)
  4. You can ask for GD in the post~ :)(but do not expect much)
  5. :!: Always check the last post to find whether open or not and sometimes some special rules
  6. :idea: We will take posts which order numbers are below 10, so please remember to write down the order in your post!
  7. :!: Please do NOT post if you have already posted in the previous round! Leave the chance to more people xD

Thx Yoshino-Sakura for the pic :P
  1. 14.5.19 BMT-Queue founded :)
  2. 14.5.26 Added new member: Melt
  3. 14.8.30 re-Open BMT-Queue,Added new member: 384059043
  4. 14.12.18 BMT-Queue has been revived from eternal slumber, tidy up queue members
Round 1: Finished
  1. 1. yanaginagi - Hifukiyama no Mahoutsukai (mapped by Kihhou)
  1. 2. ZAQ - VOICE (TV Size) (mapped by Akemi_Homura)
  1. 3. Motohiro Hata - Toumei Datta Sekai (TV Size) (mapped by ultrasengan)
  1. 4. xi - Akasha (mapped by Jemmmmy)
    :idea: 1 mod by [Twinkle]
  1. 5. senya - Tsuki ni Murakumo Hana ni Kaze (mapped by Vhy)
    :idea: 4 mods by Sellenite, kamisamaaa, hoshisorakiseki, examination
  1. 6. Hanatan - Romeo and Cinderella (mapped by Amamiya Yuko)
    :idea: 1 mod by hoshisorakiseki
  1. 7. Wakeshima Kanon - killy killy JOKER (TV size) (mapped by Urushi38)
    :idea: 1 mod by Tsukuyomi
  1. 8. Lain - Tian Ji Xiao Meng (mapped by Akabato)
    :idea: 3 mods by LZCSC, Sellenite, F D Flourite
  1. 9. Kurosaki Maon - fuss fuzz (mapped by thou bad)
  1. 10. ZUN - Stirring an Autumn Moon ~ Mooned Insect (mapped by Winek)
    :idea: 2 mods by hoshisorakiseki, sjoy

Round 2: Finished
  1. 1. Chata - Kokkei to Iu Nakare (mapped by 4anke)
    :idea: 1 mod by ZZHBOY
  1. 2. Lena Park - Inori~You Raise Me Up (TV Size) (mapped by samplefish)
    :idea: 1 mod by Sellenite
  1. 3. Ray Greene - My Best Friends (mapped by Lanturn)
    :idea: 1 mod by LZCSC
  1. 4. Sakuraba Motoi - The first unison (mapped by Hinsvar)
  1. 5. Nekomata Gekidan - Caral no Tsuki (mapped by Mako Sakata)
    :idea: 2 mods by Regou, sjoy
  1. 6. Ifukube Akira - Yokan (mapped by Streliteela)
    :idea: 1 mod by kamisamaaa
  1. 7. LiSA - Kawaranai Ao (mapped by xChippy)
    :idea: 1 mod by sammy711
  1. 8. Mahito Yokota - Waltz of the Boos (mapped by Nwolf)
    :idea: 1 mod by Mintong
  1. 9. Trident - Blue Field (mapped by CelsiusLK)
    :idea: 1 mod by LZCSC
  1. 10. Neru - World Domination How-To (mapped by Lolicore_Komari)
  1. 11. Tamura Yukari - MERRY MERRY MERRY MENU... Ne! (mapped by Akemi_Homura)
    :idea: 1 mod by OniJAM

Round 3: Finished

Round 4: Finished

Round 5: Finished
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Round 1 begin now!
1? c:

thanks ~ would also like an Easy diff GD if possible
F D Flourite
send one fen
It's nice~ o_o
Please mod this~! (Taiko Map)
Thank you~
Standard pls thank you <3 :*
big big door, ball mod mod.
standard or Taiko plz
Standard and CtB mapset hueeee

thanks in advance ~

EDIT: owait.. team members are all chinese? wow
Chinese* modding queue
/me runs

Anyway here's my map~

I'm 9!

Edit: Got ninja'ed, i'm 10!
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