Poll 21: Do you use a skin?

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What skin do you play osu! with?

The default skin, as-is
The default skin, with a few minor tweaks
A skin downloaded from the website or updater
A heavily customized, combined, or original skin
Total votes: 1888
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I like to modfify the main-background of my skin but since im there and im thinking about that why isnt there a main-background defiler we could use many back-ground and everytime we come back to the menu we get a new welcome ^-^ or it change everytimes you play a song. I could post this in suggestion forum if you huh help me a bit by supporting me I guess fine thats all. typed fast im just writing my mind bla yo I dont want to correct all the fault. (why am i even writing that)
I just mix whatever skin elements there is and use them
I would just try them and see how playing with them feels
I never bothered to make any of them since there will be better and better ideas
since there is barely any differences in the short run and I can't make up my mind.
I have a mix of classic fonts, custom Remmy comboburst/CtB char, and EBA hit/HP stuff. it works alright for me
Mine's basically a merge of multiple skins, with edits of my own.

I used the Nexus Slate skin as a base, and then removed some of the parts and added some from other skins.
I removed the skin's cursor and am using Osu's default one. For some reason, I like the default one the most.

Replaced the hitcircle image with a hitcircleoverlay from a different skin. Used a different hitcircleoverlay for the overlay as well.
Basically just merged two overlays to create a hitcircle.
This makes the hitcircle seem like it's made of glass. Although a bit dumb, it actually looks pretty cool.
It kinda reduces accuracy though.
Also merged the skin's spinner with Neosu's spinner. It looks better.

I replaced the big ranking icons with pictures of chibi anime characters, which I got from different beatmaps. Had to resize some.
Lately I've been editing original pictures myself and using them as ranking icons.

I'm often making edits here and there, so the skin's never really the same.
I can only use the Taiko skin else I fuck up, not sure why.
I think it's more to do with the bass from the hitsounds.
Mine's all transparent except the default approachcircles and cursor not sure which option to pick...

(no hitcircles/overlay, healthbar followpoints, hitbursts or ANYTHING, just purely approachcircles)
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loldcraft wrote:

Mine's all transparent except the default approachcircles and cursor not sure which option to pick...

(no hitcircles/overlay, healthbar followpoints, hitbursts or ANYTHING, just purely approachcircles)
That sounds "heavily modified" to me, if you made it yourself.

I'm still impressed/suprised/alarmed by how big a majority that choice got. Tempted to make a second poll breaking that option down to see how many people make skin elements vs. borrowing from other skins, but I probably won't right away.
Food for thought: server-side analytics say that 23.17% use default skin (3.2% using a User override).
Invisible cursor is the best cursor ._. Also explains why I am so shit at this game.
There are so many good skins out there so why not have the best of all worlds? Heavily modified skin ftw
I used the default skin for AGES and would still (mostly) be fine with it.

By now I use customized mixes I did and edited. I still use some default elements by the way, for example the cursor and hitcircle numbers.

I don't think this poll will really work though. The casual players that don't care a lot don't visit the forums and many of those probably use the default skin
I like cherry-picking the good parts from different skins. Customized skin FTW. :)
I only use my customized skin playing different skins makes my head hurt
I really can't be bothered to use another skin, so I use the default. c;
I heavily customize mine to the fullest (with an exception of being comfortable to my eyesight when playing that is) , and I try to mix other skins (about 8) with the current skin I have on, it makes it look really cool even though I don't have a specific theme to it .
Mine is technically a skin mix, with mainly Nightcore HD as the 'base'. I messed with the cursor, combo colors, follow lines, etc. until I got a skin that's both detailed and pretty while still putting emphasis on the important parts during gameplay and is mostly distraction-free.
My skin looks like kamui but it's burakku shipu
lol I use a skin that's 10 times more simpler then the default one (mainly a mix of Black 2014 and Apricot skin). Makes an easier game play for me :lol:
I use my combined skin with also some original parts.
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