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Thank you for coming to my Osu Challenge!

I, like many of you, am interested in the various tournaments hosted by the community, and would love to join one myself. However, due to work and other life commitments I cannot guarantee that I will have a specific weekend or specific dates off to participate in or host a tournament. So, I opted to start my own series of themed challenges meant to be held over the entire month as opposed to a single day or weekend, broken up into 2-day rounds and an end-of-month free period to fix previous scores or fill in ones you missed. If this is something you're interested in, or fits more neatly into your schedule than other tourneys, you're welcome to join in! It's open to all ranks from 3M+ to #1.

April is the year of the Master's tournament in golfing, one of it's most prestigious events annually held in Augusta, GA. Osu, obviously, is not in any way related to golfiing (that I'm aware of...), but I figured I could use the event to make this month's challenge be a fully open-sign-up event. While there will be an eventual cut-off date so people have time to try, I will be leaving this challenge completely open to anyone to join or leave at their leisure for basically the entirety of April! Furthermore, the number of maps will be increased to 15, and I will allow for single-player brackets to exist! However, as a trade-off I will be upping the number of more difficult maps included in each bracket's map pool, and increasing the number of maps to. Plus, even if you are the only one in your bracket (either from the start or due to drop-outs), you'll still have to prove you have the perserverance to play most of those maps to reap the rewards.

So, up to the challenge?

Other notable links:
Penalty mark sheet with descriptions (plus eventual link archive of previous challenges)
Artist's Spotlight polls: #5, #6
Beatmap suggestion thread:

Sign-up Rules and Brackets
- The ranges for each bracket of play (in rankings and SR) are as follows:
  1. 900K+ (1.3-1.8*)
  2. 899-700K (1.8-2.3*)
  3. 699-500K (2.3-2.8*)
  4. 499-300K (2.8-3.3*)
  5. 299-200K (3.3-3.8*)
  6. 199-150K (3.8-4.3*)
  7. 149K-100K (4.3-4.8*)
  8. 99K-50K (4.8-5.3*)
  9. 50K-10K (5.3-5.8*)
  10. <10K (5.8*+)

-The first phase of sign-ups is the "Joining" phase
- Joining is simple. Merely post "/in" or anything that looks like you want to join in. I would prefer /in to avoid ambiguity, though.
- The second phase of sign-ups is called the "lock-in" phase. At that point, even if you get enough pp to advance to a new bracket (eg. at 501K, you get enough to jump to 497K) you will still be locked into the bracket you originally were signed up for. However, advancements before that point will be accounted for and you will be moved to the proper bracket.
-Players who sign up during this lock-in phase will also be subject to said lock-in as well.
ignore this part for April only
-Any bracket that has one or zero participants will be removed.
--If a bracket has only one player, they will be given a one-time option to jump down to a lower bracket (eg. a single 499-300K player may jump to the 299-200K bracket). If this option is not taken, you will be removed alongside the bracket.
--If this option is taken, this will be waived if and ONLY if a lower-bracket single player decides to jump into your bracket to make it a 2-person (and thus viable) bracket. If nobody opts to take the advancement (or will otherwise be affected by it before you), your own advancement will take place.
Example 1: Player 1 is the only one in the 500-699K bracket and opts to take the advancement to the 300-499K bracket. Player 2 is also the only one in the 700-899K bracket but does not take the advancement. Player 2 will be removed with their bracket while Player 1 will advance.
Example 2: Player 1 is the only one in the 500-699K bracket and opts to take the advancement to the 300-499K bracket. Player 2 is also the only one in the 700-899K bracket and also takes the advancement. Player 3 is also the only one in the 900K+ bracket but does not take the advancement. Player 2 will advance as they were still in a single-person bracket, but Player 1 will not because Player 2 has moved up to join them.
Example 3: Same scenario as Example 2 except the 900K+ does take the advancement. Player 2 will remain in their bracket since Player 3 advanced, while Player 1 will be moved up to the 300-499K bracket
- The third and final phase will be the confirmation phase. All players who have signed up and will sign up later will be given a couple questions via DM to answer regarding various rules and such. These questions should be responded to via DM, and can be answered at any point until the start of the challenge. Players who do not answer all questions correctly WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE. However, you are free to correct wrong answers until the the challenge begins.

-The lock-in phase will begin at 00:00 on March 28th, 2024.
The challenge will officially begin on April 1st, 2024.
The last day to officially sign up for the challenge will be April 20th. After 23:59 on April 20th, sign-ups will no longer be accepted.

Competition Rules
-There will be 15 maps for each bracket.
--5 Maps will be within your designated SR spread for each bracket.
--4 maps will be .2-.3* harder than your spread.
--4 maps will be .5-.6* harder than your spread.
--1 map will be .2-.3* easier than your spread.
--1 map will be 1-1.5* easier than your spread.
ignore for April
-For each map, players will have two days to submit scores for the map. Once that two-day period is up, you will be unable to submit another score for that map until the final days of the challenge. However, as stated in the sign-in rules above, you may submit as many scores as you like within that two-day period for that map.
-After Round 10, the final days of the month will be a free submission period, where you may submit scores for all the maps in your bracket as a final chance to upgrade your scores. Once the final day of the challenge is over, no more submissions will be accepted.
-For this month only, players may submit a score for any song at any time until the challenge is over.
-You may use any mod except the following combinations:
--V2 (as this doesn't submit scores to the website meaning I can't trawl for them myself if I have to.)
--NFDT D-rank (to ensure that all players at least attempt to try for a score.)
--Any auto-play mod (Relax, auto, autopilot)
---While score-reducing mods like HT, EZ and NF are allowed, be aware that they will be a detriment if it comes down to score tiebreaks.
-IF YOU ARE PLAYING ON OSU!LAZER, YOUR SCORE MULTIPLIER FOR ANY MOD COMBINATION YOU USE MUST MATCH THE SCORE MULTIPLIER ON STABLE (to the hundredths place). I will give playing with Lazer and Stable a shot, but if Lazer scores prove to be incompatible with stable scores, I may very well make this stable-only.
- Scores must be submitted or dated from when the challenge is going on. That does mean you will need to re-do your score if you had one submitted previously.
--This dating is based on the website-side timestamps for your scores, as those are based either on UTC or are converted from UTC to my timezone (US Central) instead of each player's own local timezones.
- There is no limit to the number of scores you may submit, so long as it is submitted within the time-frame of the challenge. Submit one-and-dones, or replay your maps every day until you get the best score you can, whatever works for you.
- A link to your score page on the website is required in a companion thread that will be made on the day the challenge starts. Pictures are optional but encouraged, or required if you get scorev1'd. It is also on you to ensure your links work and are updated. I can and will trawl for scores if absolutely necessary or if something janky happens, and if I find a broken link I will try to point it out, but I will not be doing so regularly.
ignore for April
- Players must submit scores for at least three maps by the end of the first five rounds, and for at least seven maps before the open submission period. Players who fail to do so will be automatically DQ'd and may not re-enter. Repeat offenders will be barred from participating in future challenges. If you find out you can no longer participate or don't want to, please just let me know instead of ghosting. I have no problem with you requesting to leave at any time. If you wish to see if you are affected by this, please see the penalties sheet.
- Points will be distributed based on the number of players in each bracket minus one per 5 people. I.e. if there are less than 5, all participants will get points (1st gets 4, 2nd 3, etc.), while if there are 5 then four will get points while last place will get none (if there's 5 players, 1st will get 4, 2nd 3, and so on while 5th will get none. If there's 10 players, 1st will get 8, 2nd 7, 3rd 6, and so on while 9th and 10th get none.)
- If a player FC's a map (Full combo, no dropped slider-ends; your combo should be green on the scores page), they will be given a bonus point.
- If a player FCs a map with at least 98% accuracy, they will be given two bonus points.
- If a player SS's a map, they will be given three bonus points.
---Do note that these do not stack; you can only earn up to three bonus points for the SS.
- The winner of each round (and any potential tiebreaks) will be determined as follows, from top priority to lowest: Accuracy->score->timestamp.
Tiebreak examples
--Example 1: Player A has a play with 93% acc., while Player B has 95%. In this scenario, Player B would win the map.
--Example 2: Player A and Player B both have 97% acc, but Player A has 8.5M points while Player B has 7.8M points. In this scenario, Player A would win the map.
--Example 3: Player A and Player B both SS the map, but Player B has 1,100 more points due to a faster spinner. In this scenario Player B would win.
--Example 4: Player A and Player B both SS the map and either have the same spinner points or the map has no spinner. However, Player A submitted their play one day before Player B. In this scenario, Player A would win.
- The player from each bracket with the most points wins. If two or more players are tied, the player who has the most round wins will be the winner.
[b]If a bracket turns into a single-player bracket (either because there was only one player to begin with or everyone else drops out, they will still be permitted to play. However, they must have viable submissions for all 15 maps in order to receive their reward.

- The winner of each bracket will earn 1 month's Osu!Supporter from me.
- If a player FC's all maps in their bracket, I will give them an extra 1 month's supporter.
- If a player SS's all their songs in their bracket, I will give them an extra 2 months Supporter on top of the 1 month for winning.
- Others are more than welcome to offer their own rewards to players if they so choose. However, if you are participating you may not offer a reward of any kind for the challenge. If there is enough support for it I may allow for rewards on brackets outside your own, but that remains to be seen.

I should have caught every rule that is normal for the other months and fixed wording on the minor ones that don't need to be "hidden", so to speak, but if I didn't please let me know. Also, yay for extra sign-up time!

This is basically a pre-seeding sign-up, since I will allow others to join/leave at any time until after April 20th. And there's nothing to do with confirmations or anything like that, either.
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Spreadsheet link is in the OP, and all players have been added.
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Little over a day left for the pre-challenge sign-ups!
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The Open Master's Challenge has officially begun!

Just a few reminders:
1.) You are NOT constrained to playing one map per round. You may play any map, at any time, until the end of the challenge. Of course, said plays must be dated during the challenge.
2.)This will perhaps be the only challenge I will not issue penalties for not participating. I may or may not dq players who don't submit for at least one map by the 16th and issue penalties for them.
3.) Sign-ups will remain open until the end of the 20th! don't hesitate to tell others about it and have them join in, too!
4.) If a bracket drops to a single-player bracket due to drop-outs, the remaining player must have viable submissions for all maps to still receive the winning prize.

Scores thread is here.
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*remembers when you were over 400K*

*sheds tear* Just look at our boy...

*ahem* anyways, go make your scores post.

ALSO, I have the next polls up now! These will be the last poll for the 2024.2 nominations, so if you have any other picks you want to see (that aren't already chosen), now's your last chance!
Anaxii 3

Voidedosu wrote:

*remembers when you were over 400K*

*sheds tear* Just look at our boy...

*ahem* anyways, go make your scores post.

ALSO, I have the next polls up now! These will be the last poll for the 2024.2 nominations, so if you have any other picks you want to see (that aren't already chosen), now's your last chance!
*remembers when thetm was rivaling acroba (o7)*

damn... it's been a long time, and now im no longer 150k
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Alright, the first loop of submissions have been added. Points distribution will happen tomorrow (Monday). So far all but the two extremes (900K+ and <10K) have at least one person with at least one submission, so hopefully those participants will fill them in sometime soon.

I admittedly don't want to kick anyone this time around, but I may cut anyone who hasn't submitted anything once sign-ups end on the 20th. I will likely send out warnings on the 15 or 16th as well to those people.

For everyone else, you obviously have no rush to submit for all of them, as barely a third of the month has gone by. Just remember the more (and better) submissions you make the higher the chance you'll win even by default!

(oh, and another reminder to cast your votes for the artist polls. I could always just select an artist myself, but I feel like this is a great way for each of you to have some kind of input into what challenge happens next, so you should let your opinion be known through your vote!)
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The point totals have been added to all brackets. Be aware that point calculations have been done before I add in anyone else tonight, so in the next go-round I will edit them in the affected brackets to reflect the additional participant.

Current leaders:
900K+: None (no submissions yet)
899-700K: F0R9eT (by 19 points)
699-500K: Phenyaretard (by 30 points)
499-300K: Wimpy Cursed (by 4 points)
299-200K: Yomi Yori (by 8 points)
199-150K: [[[[[[ (by 18 points)
149-100K: Ferminick (by 78 points)
99-50K: [Ellie] by (20 points)
49-10K: Pristine (by 38 points)
<10K: None (no submissions yet)
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oh, can i get dq'd for clinbing up ranks too much?
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4 points lmao
why do I always troll an fc :(
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Reminder bump for everybody. Also a reminder that sign-ups are still ongoing until the 20th, and to vote in the polls if you haven't already!
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