Stray Kids - Social Path (feat. LiSA)

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on giovedì 28 marzo 2024 at 18:04:38

Artist: Stray Kids
Title: Social Path (feat. LiSA)
Tags: nevir nevlr freezinganimenz amats seuteulei kijeu japanese ver version pop jpop j-pop jp english featuring SKZ JYPE JYP entertainment 방찬 Bang Chan Bahng 리노 Lee Know 창빈 Changbin 현진 Hyunjin Hyun Jin 한 Han 필릭스 Felix 승민 Seungmin Seung Min 아이엔 I.N
BPM: 172
Filesize: 7826kb
Play Time: 03:11
Difficulties Available:
  1. Amats' Insane (4,37 stars, 541 notes)
  2. Hard (3,34 stars, 464 notes)
  3. NEVlR's Loneliness (5,52 stars, 768 notes)
  4. Normal feat. FreezingAnimenz (2,17 stars, 311 notes)
Download: Stray Kids - Social Path (feat. LiSA)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing


~ Social Path (feat. LiSA) ~
Composed by Stray Kids


1st Nathan ㅤㅤ2nd MianYa

BG Source
Also check the Korean ver. by Sani_

About Map

Normal diff mapped by me (odds) and FreezingAnimenz (evens)


Normal by me & FreezingAnimenz
Hard by me
Insane by Amats
Loneliness by NEVlR
HS by me
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