Danish tournament! - TimG is the first Danish Champion!

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Mayoi Hachikuji
Hey danish player! (And other skandis passing by)

I was wondering if anyone would be interrested in playing a danish tournament. Since we aren't the biggest community in Denmark the skill isn't really that different either.

I am not going to participate myself since i will be hosting. (More fair i guess).

If this is of any interest for anyone out there please go ahead and express yourselves!

(Danish players only ofc). :P

Have a nice day! ^_^

Edit: It seems like quite a few people are up for this. I will do my best to get a tournament standing.

Time will probably be a week after the scandinavian tour ends.
I also hope we can get prices in this. :3

Since people were interested, here it is!

Welcome to the 1st Osu!Denmark Tournament - 2014!
The official osu! Denmark Tournament thread.

Big thanks to Nickyeh for the banner!

Stealing what is already stolen because Duhuhu!!



Pre-Signups are CLOSED!

21st - 23rd of Febuary.
The reason for this is that i don't have time any earlier at all. (Sudden work attack)
Hopefully this will give people time enough to prepare.
Maps will be released next week.

1. How does it work?

[notice]This is the first Danish Tournament ever to be held. It is actually pretty simple.
We wíll begin by signing up teams as shown in paragraph 3. The teams will consist of 1 players each You're free to sign up if you are from Denmark.

2. General Information/Rules

  1. At the moment, the tournament is expected to be running just as the scandinavian tournament finishes. This means that we will most likely be running this in Febuary the week after scandi-tour has its victor crowned. Also, games will be played through weekend only.
  2. This is a 1v1 Tournament. Danish players only!
  3. New rules might be added on the go, so please check this thread frequently. Any changes will be notified.
    Be nice to each other. Remember that we're all doing this for the fun! Doesn't mean we don't do this for the prices either though.

3. How do I register?

To register your team, please post in this topic with the following format:
[notice][size=150][b]Player Name:[/b] *insert name*[/size]
[b]Player #1[/b] - [profile]*insert name*[/profile]
[i]*insert a short comment here.*[/i][/notice]
If done properly, you should have something like this:

Player Name: *insert name*
Player #1 - *insert name*
*insert a short comment here.*

4. Match Information/Rules

  1. Double elimination Brackets. In Double Elimination, there are two Brackets: The Main Bracket (aka Winners Bracket) and the Elimination Bracket (aka Losers Bracket). Everyone starts out in the Main Bracket. Anyone that loses a game in the Main Bracket will fall into the Elimination Bracket where they have a 2nd chance to advance. If a player wins a match in the Elimination Bracket, they are still alive in the tournament. If they lose a match anytime within the Elimination Bracket, they are eliminated and listed as out of the tournament. The tournament will go on until only one player remains in the Main bracket. He will the play against the victor of the losers bracket to determine whom the champion is. <--- Example of bracket
  2. Each player will select maps from a predetermined mappool to play during their match. You are not allowed to choose a map that your opponent have chosen. Ingame Rolling will decide which player has first map pick.
  3. Ro32 to Ro12 will be Bo5. Ro12 to Ro4 will be Bo7. Semis, finals + 3rd will be Bo9.
  4. Each players is only allowed to pick 1 map of each mod. Nomod is excluded from this, but you're not allowed to pick the same song twice either.
    In case of a tie, a predetermined tiebreaker map will be played.
    The mappool will consist of both easy and hard maps, to make the tournament fun for as many people as possible. The mappool will be changed every round. 32 - 12 - 4.
  5. Maximum amount of players allowed: 32
  6. If there is a disconnect or other disturbance during the match, a rematch is possible if both players agree. Do note that on the slightest notice of abuse, you will be instantly disqualified.
  7. Mayoi and Heibel will be the referees for this tournament (Hiring more refs) They will make sure that everything goes as planned.
    When a match is won. Either the winning or the losing player will report their score to an admin. The Admin will make sure to plot it into the Bracket and make sure you find your next oppoenent.
  8. Make sure to open the match history screen when you make a multiplayer lobby. Use this to prove your wins incase someone is cheating.

5. May I help?

Feel free to post in this thread if you want to help with one of the following points:

Prizes - Donations are 100% accepted!
Logo - Feel free to make make a logo for the tournament!
Streaming - As for now we are planning on doing some streaming. Stay tuned.

6. Prizes

#1. Currently - 8 months supporter.
#2. Currently - 6 months supporter.
#3. Currently - 4 months supoorter.
#4. Currently - 2 months supporter.
#5+6(If any 6). Currently - 1 months supporter.
The prizes will change as they grow so these are not 100% definite at the moment.

Make sure to let "Gupply" and "TimG" know how much you appreciate their donations! 14Months of supporter donated by Gupply. 8months donated by TimG! THANKS A LOT GUPPLY + TIMG! <3

7. Participating players.

Player Name: Gupply
Player #1 - Gupply
Tim is best player
Player Name:TimG
Player #1 - TimG
My name isn't even Tim.
Player Name: Jobbe
Player #1 - Jobbe
In for the lulz
Player Name: raww
Player #1 - raww
10hi f9z ;;)))))
Player Name: Otaku-kun123
Player #1 - Otaku-kun123
Looking forward to play :3
Player Name: Tenasow
Player #1 - tenasow
Hai c:
Player Name: Lethly
Player #1 - Lethly
*Did I do it right?*
Player Name: Nicklz3197
Player #1 - Nicklz3107
Tim is my pro 8-)
Player Name: winthermens
Player #1 - winthermens
pls be gentle :3
Player Name: Nickyeh
Player #1 - Nickyeh
Sounds cool.
Player Name: Kylling
Player #1 - Kylling
Sounds fun, i'm in!
Player Name: Amou Kanade
Player #1 - Amou Kanade
ser frem til dette ^^
Player Name: -Dustbunny-
Player #1 - -Dustbunny-
*Might as well give it a shot. ^^*
Player Name: Shoujo
Player #1 - Shoujo
Only because you asked.
Player Name: Nithirot
Player #1 - Nithirot
Hello, I'm in for some nice playing!:)
Player Name: jeross
Player #1 - jeross
Might as well give it a go :D
Player Name: arild159
Player #1 - arild159
*This is going to be awesome !*
Player Name: ZoDiaN1337
Player #1 - ZoDiaN1337
*Haha lets see how far i can make it (Lad os se hvor langt man kan nå :D.*
Player Name: powerupgm
Player #1 - powerupgm
Player Name: Deaxz
Player #1 - Deaxz
Betting on you, Jobbe!
Player Name: karrusel
Player #1 - karrusel
sounds gay, i'm in
Player Name: Broniel
Player #1 - Broniel
*Dette skal nok blive sjovt*
Player Name: Tropians
Player #1 - Tropians
*I need luck xD*
Player Name: Maltahl
Player #1 - Maltahl
Nice to Meet ya!
Player Name: Shiryuu
Player #1 - Shiryuu
Min pik er hoar jeg gal
Player Name: Tonarinototoro
Player #1 - Tonarinototoro
i hope senpai notices me!
Player Name: Mr Proncoz
Player #1 - Mr Proncoz
Player Name: nitram166
Player #1 - nitram166
Sheeet I am late to register, please still let me in! Min profil siger måske Romænien, men jeg er fra Danmark.
Player Name: Ximadi
Player #1 - Ximadi
Jobbe is master race
Player Name: PlasticSmoothie
Player #1 - PlasticSmoothie
Player Name:Kazutakee
Player #1 - Kazutakee
Im a Kouhai ✌
Player Name: Kozhler
Player #1 - Kozhler
"Cuz Baum!"


8. Tournament Staff

Organizer: Mayoi Hachikuji
Map Selectors: Mayoi Hachikuji, Heibel.
Referees: Mayoi Hachikuji, Heibel.
Other helpers: Vocalover, Kotayo, PlasticSmoothie

9. Other

Important: If you have any questions i am mostly ingame all the time. Please go ahead and ask away! I don't bite at all.


10. Special


Time schedule

Between the 21st - 23rd of Febuary

Times have been updated.
We begin on Friday at 16:00 and then we keep on going till around 21.
There will be a break between 18 - 19.
In the break time, people are still allowed to continue in case they want to. If their opponent wants a break, they will have to respect it though.

It will be on Saturday from 16:00 just like yesterday!

Map pool
Full mappool download. Thank you IAllias :)

Sounds like a nice turn of events :D
I would love to see a danish tournament. :D
Oh, that sounds awesome. Even though I wouldn't be able to compete in it, I'd love to see it happen. :3
where do i sign up C:
Sounds awesome! :3
i would be fresh but im not the best at all xD still got much to learn
Suddenly, dansker!
Holy kartoffel!
Topic Starter
Mayoi Hachikuji

CXu wrote:

Suddenly, dansker!

kriers wrote:

Holy kartoffel!
It's quite boring to be a dansker around here. I have been around for a year and "0" things have happened for danish peeps. Gotta do something about it!
Woah I never knew there were so many of you! Almost filling a whole page n shit :o

Good luck mayoi :*
Des mere man klapper katten, des hǿjere hun bærer rumpen.

Am I doing this right?

Oh, and good luck. \:>/
Sounds great

Can i join?
Topic Starter
Mayoi Hachikuji

Heibel wrote:


Can i join the host team?

Yes you can! <3

Mayoi Hachikuji wrote:

Heibel wrote:


Can i join the host team?

Yes you can! <3
Thought so xd
Wow, man! I've never been in a tournament before :3
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