momone - why did i enter the art course [Taiko]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2024年3月24日 at 11:08:45

Artist: momone
Title: why did i enter the art course
Tags: dtnt0r eriha roxy- kurokurokuro japanese dariacore dobicore 01 : afterthought momonesakai jade electronic instrumental hyperflip きんいろモザイク kinmoza kiniro golden mosaic Jumping!! Rhodanthe*
BPM: 219
Filesize: 3937kb
Play Time: 02:19
Difficulties Available:
  1. eriha's oni (5.05 stars, 860 notes)
  2. futsuu (2.97 stars, 516 notes)
  3. kantan (1.84 stars, 277 notes)
  4. muzukashii (4.23 stars, 736 notes)
  5. roxy's inner oni (5.87 stars, 987 notes)
  6. sketch (6.66 stars, 1144 notes)
Download: momone - why did i enter the art course
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
oni: Eriha
inner oni: Roxy-

bn: maxie/david Invisible O

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