(STD) Annaki's Cursed Tournament 2 | 50k - 200k | 2V2 TS2 | (STAFF REGS OPEN) (TEAM REGS CLOSED)

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•This tournament is 2v2, Team size 2.
•Rank range is 50k - 200k
•This tournament is double elimination and uses scorev2
•No rank buffer!!
•All players and staff must rename themselves their osu! username to avoid confusion (on the discord)
•There will be an extra category in the mappool called 'Cursed Maps' (CM for short). They are maps that will be mapped by Host (Annaki) or anyone else in the staff team. (They will probably be mapped by me mostly)

Qualifer Procedure
•You will be invited to your lobby 5 minutes before the scheduled time.
•You will only get 1 playthrough of the Qualifier Mappool and no more than 1.
•Scheduling for a Lobby is not that hard man. All you have to do is decide on a lobby with a comfortable time for you and your teammate, and Schedule using the format.
•There will be 10 Extra Lobbies. So after those lobbies are filled up, no more EX Lobbies will be accepted

Match Procedure
•Default times will be on the main sheet.
•If you are not able to play at that time, you can decide on a time with the enemy team.
•No async is allowed, so you are really gonna have to decide on a time for the match.
•You will get a ping from the discord server around 15 minutes before your match, and then invites will be sent out 5 minutes before.
•If you are late by 10 minutes, your bans will be gone. If you are late by 15 minutes, then automatic FF (Forfeit)
•Warmups are allowed, just 4 minutes maximum.
•When rolls are finished, the person who rolled higher will choose Pick or Ban order. (1st pick = 2nd ban, 2nd pick = 1st ban.)
•Ban order will be ABBA
•You will get at least 2 minutes to ban and pick maps. If you fail to pick on time, the other team will pick for you.
•You will also get 2 minutes to get ready for the chosen map.
•No double banning except for No Mod.
•No double picking except for No mod.
•We will not allow matches after Monday 23:59 UTC.
Tournament Schedule
•Staff Registrations: Feb 24 - Feb 27

•Player Registrations: Feb 27 - March 17

•Screening: March 18 - 19

•Qualifiers: March 25 - 26

•RO32: April 1 - 2

•RO16: April 8 - 9

•Quarterfinals: April 15 - 16

•Semifinals: April 22 - 23

•Finals: April 29 - 30

•Grand Finals: May 5 - 6

Qualifiers: 4NM, 2HD, 2HR, 2DT, 1CM | 5.6
RO32: 4NM, 2HD, 2HR, 2DT, 2FM, 1CM, 1TB | 5.2*, Best of 9, 1 ban
RO16: 5NM, 2HD, 2HR, 3DT, 2FM, 1CM, 1TB | 5.4*, Best of 9, 1 ban
QF: 6NM, 3HD, 3HR, 4DT, 2FM, 1CM, 1TB | 5.7*, Best of 11, 2 bans
SF: 6NM, 3HD, 3HR, 4DT, 2FM, 1CM, 1TB | 5.9*, Best of 11, 2 bans
F: 6NM, 3HD, 3HR, 4DT, 3FM, 1CM, 1TB | 6.0*, Best of 13, 2 bans
GF: 6NM, 3HD, 3HR, 4DT, 3FM, 1CM, 1TB | 6.1*, Best of 13, 2 bans

1ST PLACE: An awesome banner
2ND PLACE: An awesome banner
3RD PLACE: An awesome banner
4TH PLACE: An awesome banner

(sorry no supporter this time :tf:)
wowowowoowowowowqoowowowowowowo w
wow i can't wait for (insert deranker here) vs (insert deranker here) in the grand finals! Truely riveting stuff, you never know whats gonna happen next in the 5 digit scene! Very cool to see up and coming low 5 digits get a fair chance to compete against their own skill level!
anyone wanna play with me ? im trash :)
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(bump, i am in dire need of staff please!!!)
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team regs open
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bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump bump
Staff bump staff bump
A in annaki stands for Sanic.
gucci gang
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regs closed
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