Takamachi Walk - A Desire to Disappear [OsuMania]

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 11 мая 2023 г. at 19:51:38

Artist: Takamachi Walk
Title: A Desire to Disappear
Source: 東方妖々夢 ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom.
Tags: 天空の花の都 東方Project Team Shanghai Alice ZUN Tenkuu no Hana no Miyako Lily White リリーホワイト PCB Kieteiku Nozomi o Youyoumu Ghostly Dream The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky xandu kanachi metal metalcore english japanese jmetal j-metal touhou wither. randelman4ik katagiri k_a_t_a_g_i_r_i albionshallah
BPM: 200
Filesize: 9319kb
Play Time: 05:14
Difficulties Available:
  1. Pain - 4Key (4,24 stars, 3381 notes)
Download: Takamachi Walk - A Desire to Disappear
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Walk - A Desire to Disappear

Takamachi Walk is a Metalcore/Electronic Touhou arrangement circle with members all around the world.
Please check out the full album on Bandcamp if you like what you hear here!
Original song: 天空の花の都 / The Capital City of Flowers in the Sky
Published by Takamachi Walk
Arrange, lyrics, screams: Xandu
Clean vocals: KanaChi
【歌詞】 Lyrics
微かな記憶 残る 幸せなんて
今映った自分にも 嘘をついてる
全ての微笑みは ただの偽物
孤独憧れるが どうして辛いの?

Happiness isn't meant to be nostalgic
And longing for a purpose should bring meaning not feel tragic
Every helping hand reaching out is growing colder
This hell is one I made myself and mine alone to shoulder

静寂頭の中で響いて 永遠に
My heart and soul少しずつ衰えていってる
希望と夢両方壊れる 止まりたい、だけどどうやって?

In a flash my senses crash
My mind's connecting dots from present to past
As a storm it begins to form
The reason I've grazed those pearly gates before

No shape no cure
How much anguish can one endure?
So what the fuck am I supposed to do
When the one day comes where I can't pull through?

Faced with a choice do I run away and hide
or should I give into desire gut myself and rip out what's inside?

回り回る消えていく 望みを

逃げらないんだ 逃げらないんだ
My mind is my greatest enemy
生きたいよ 死にたくないよ

Even in my darkest hour
I won't let it overpower me
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