[Osu!] Make Auto pilot movements more natural

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Primula wrote:

I feel it's the opposite for me.. the autopilot cursor is too slow.
It's impossible for me to play using autopilot because I find myself tapping before the cursor gets to the note even though I tap on beat. >w<
..this may just be an issue with fps though T^T

Maybe just make the speed at which it travels to notes customizable?
somehow I think this is how I also feel like that. would need to try it again.

Stefan wrote:

somehow I think this is how I also feel like that. would need to try it again.
I just edited my post as I just tried autopilot again and it's actually faster than my tapping ratherthan slower >w<!!

Autopilot should allow you to tap at any time between the range of which will get you a 50x and hit the note, but currently it moves away too fast which requires you to tap near-perfectly on time.

Oinari-sama wrote:

Stefan wrote:

I think the Autopilot feels extremly weird and also looks bad in comparison to Auto. The Jumps Auto is doing are way smoother, unlike Autopilot. And it's not that enjoyable to play - I often try to play but getting annoying because the jump transition is bad.
I think (without evidence) that Autopilot feels weird because it has to get to the next circle early and leave late unless a hit is registered, ie it has stay at the circle during that window created by the OD. The cursor in Auto on the other hand only needs to be on top of the circle at offset=0 regardless of OD.
This makes a lot of sense as an explanation for why the AP cursor might be moving like this. If it moved like Auto, an early or late hit could miss as the cursor is outside the circle, while still being within the timing window.

I suppose a reasonable solution would be to make Autopilot work as it currently does, but look like Auto.
Ideally, the mode would completely disregard cursor position and judge hits by the timing, and then slap on the Auto cursor as a visual guide.

Also, I suggest adjusting the OP and/or topic title a little to make it very clear that this is about the difference between Auto and Autopilot.
I don't think it's a duplicate and Auto Pilot surely feels weird to play... I support the idea.
welp i have the same problem but it does it on AUTO and AUTOPILOT too its really annoying because i spent an hour trying to fix the settings plz halp ;-;
dancing pippi is the best imo
Dancing pippi is an April fools joke, there si nothing to be fixed here

MrSergio wrote:

Dancing pippi is an April fools joke, there is* nothing to be fixed here
Couldn't they have made a better dancing Pippi? This year's April Fool's was wasted. Honestly, I wouldn't mind giving my unborn child again for osu!coins. :I
Princess Jish
Auto-Pilot with the flow and the rhythm like not hovering over the beat too fast.
i actually enjoy auto the way it is
Good idea, but,

Most hacks are AutoPilot hacks, making it so that osu! doesn't detect that you are using AutoPilot. By implementing this feature, it would make it harder to detect cheaters. I still think it's a good idea, but it would need a lot of work to make sure that cheaters don't use this system.
I actually like auto how it is
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