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"You (likely): Mom, can we have NeOsu?"
"Mom: No, we have NeOsu at home."
NeOsu at Home:

Video Preview


Latest Version (Google Drive)

September 8, 2022 #2
~ Fixed pause-overlay and fail-background
  • - both had a few pixels on the left being blank
    - fail-background didn't have shadows like with pause-overlay

September 8, 2022 #1
~ Revised all ranking-smalls
  • - Mainly due to the fact that there is a slight fringe around the edges of them

~ Fixed pause-overlay from using the wrong color
~ Fixed pause-back; I was using the wrong file name
~ Fixed pause-overlay not having
+ Added version numbers (finally)
  • - Formatted in (v[date in MMDDYYYY][revision number if there is any in the same day, starting from 1]) at the end of the filename

September 1, 2022
~ Changed/revised the following elements for a consistent look:
  • - selection buttons (i.e selection-mode and selection-mode-hover)
    - mode-smalls
    - All 32 mod icons
    - All osu!mania stages (left and right, all 14 variants)
    + mode-fruits-med and mode-mania-small also had this change reflected
    + mode-left-2k changed from "osu!standard" to "TWO KEYS" because the joke doesn't hit
    - Spinner
    - ranking-panel
    - taiko-slider-(fail)
    - taiko-bar-right and taiko-bar-left-(glow)
    - spinner-rpm
    - input-overlay-background
    - menu-button-background
    - scorebar-bg
    - pause and ranking panel buttons

August 31, 2022
~ Changed file extension of menu-background from PNG to JPG.

August 26, 2022
+ Added gamemode indicator of the corner of the song selection menu to make the bottom-right look busy.
~ Changed positon of scorebar-colour so that it doesn't have a pulsating effect.
~ Changed ranking-title and ranking-x, xh, s, sh, a, b, c and d so the fade doesn't look as noticible.
~ Changed selection-mode and mouseovers for selection-random, selection-options and selection-mods to make it look less boring.
~ Fixed Mania 9K playfield so that it displays the correct colors.
~ Minor adjustments to ranking-panel.

August 22, 2022
+ Added play-unranked.
~ Minor fixes.
August 21, 2022
- Inital release.

Software used
- GIMP (Literally everything)
- Blender (Animations)
- Inkscape (Blender's text objects can't render non-Latin characters, so I have to import them as SVGs)


For those who remember me: Yes, I still exist; I managed to stumble into the news post in regards with the new "Chromatic Alteration" contest, and thought: "Eh, I might just take a stab at it." -- Around 96 hours later, spread over 20 days. I'm done, and will be likely dipping until I have another reason to make osu! skins again, or I messed up the skin.ini config for osu!mania again.

Also, don't ask how this skin is 83 MB, all HD elements add up to 63, and running through the default configuration of pingo/pinga drops it down to 20, I am confused as you are when reading that number.
Here is some feedback regarding your skin, both positive and negative things

Skin - ingame

  1. menu-background isnt skinned
  2. song selection: the buttons just feel out of place compared to the rest of the menu
  3. I feel like something more interesting could have been done with the bottom right corner rather than a big triangle
  4. I like the mode display in the top left corner
  5. ranking-panel: the top right gap could have been handled better than a one sides fadeout
  6. the scorebar-colour should have a bit og empty spice on the right end of its canvas to prevent it from pulsing.

I certainly can feel the NeOsu inspiration, especially during gameplay. Overall a nice skin tho it could take some more polishing imo. The fact that every slanted surface has a different angle is also killing me.
i really like this skin i might start to use it forever now haha
You should add some other cursor colors. I feel like a red cursor might look nice on this
And you could also make the HP bar a bit smaller!

I really like this skin, Good job!
Not a lot of contrast, the cursor blends in with the notes and is hard to see. Nice miss animation.
dang mania looking nice
Damn, this skin is lit 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Memberi Laiks
I like this skin, but I can't play osu properly with this skin, it makes the gameplay stutter. How can I use this skin and not make my pc stutter? please :D

Also, how can I download the SD version of it??
Taking some time to review your skins (last minute). Here's what I have to say in general:

Positive Review
- All modes are made really well played, apart from mania. :\
- Animation feels smooth.
- Unique design, especially with the mode-x-small you did there.

! Selection tab. :c
! Accuracy and percentage overlapped when reaching 100.00% in ranking panel.

~ None.

My eyes are burning. Still a great skin. c:
Congrats upon participating in a skinning contest! c:


Rhthym32 wrote:

I like this skin, but I can't play osu properly with this skin, it makes the gameplay stutter. How can I use this skin and not make my pc stutter? please :D

Also, how can I download the SD version of it??
You can type "@2x" in the search folder - inside the skin, and delete all of it.
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