-Lazuline Lutescent- [CTB/STD/Taiko]

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An entry for the Chromatic Alterations contest, this is my first skin, and I'm actually proud of it! The color scheme I used is protanopia. Due to normal problems, mania is not available.
-I did and have asked for permission from people if I can use their works in my skin. Its only 2 people, but credits are at the end of this forum-
Dedicated to osu!university !

Important stuffs

  1. Skin Download
  1. Screenshots
Skyeancity - creator of the Fail Sound (but edited)
Onegai- gave me their in-game hitsound samples
The whole skinship server, as without them my skin would be broken and would be soo unplayable.

I'll see you all again in future art contests! <3
Here is some feedback regarding your skin, both positive and negative things

Skin - ingame

  1. mod icons: i like the secondary colour swap for mod icons, surprisingly few contest submissions did this
  2. button-middle seems to not be matching
  3. song selection: accuracy cutout doesnt fit 100%
  4. song selection: lv box for lv 100 is tight
  5. ranking panel: just tiny floating in the middle of nowhere, really looks like it belongs over the mods box, maybe with some laurel wreath around it
  6. ranking panel: save replay and favourite are missing
  7. pause and fail screen are the same image, which is kinda lame
  8. song selection: osu logo pulse isnt mathicng the overlay
  9. gameplay: having basically no sliderball is weird, reversearrow a bit hard to see

Skin - folder

  1. useless file (delete): .psd files, hehe.png
Overall skin has some potential, but polishing is lacking.
This skin looks really nice with the aesthetics!
If you could maybe give the sliderfollowcircle some sort of glow or color on the edge that would look nice!
And also maybe make the hit 100 and 50s a little bit bigger.
Looks very nice
Taking some time to review your skins (last minute). Here's what I have to say in general:

Positive Review
- Sound effect sounds nice.
- Nice countdown.

! Selection tab.
! Web access looks ok, you can improve with it next time.

~ Would be nice to change the colour of the hyperdash in skin.ini:


That's all.
Congrats upon participating in a skinning contest! c:
ranking panel seems out of place, its just floating there

would suggest add something around it, overall good skin its just the ranking that's bothering me
Those are really nice hitsounds
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