- Yupi Colorful - [Standard-Taiko-Catch-Mania] [16:9] [HD/SD]

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Hi, i'm Mousewing and this is my first submission for the Skinning Contest: Chromatic Alteration.
I named the skin - Yupi Colorful - I made 4 Modes for this skin and the color I used is Tritanopia.

『 Information 』

  1. Name: - Yupi Colorful -
  2. Aspect ratio: 16:9
  3. Skin.ini Vesion: 2.5
  4. Supported Elements: HD and SD
  5. Animations: Just a followpoint
  6. Available Modes: Standard, Taiko, CTB, and Mania 4k-7k.
  7. Programs used: Gimp 2, IbisPaint X, Audacity, Kinemaster.
Song Selection




Gameplay:Catch the Beat


Section Pass/Fail

Ranking Panels

Paused/Fail Screen

『 Download Link 』

  • File size is 10,5MB
  1. MediaFire
  2. Google Drive

『 Credits 』

  1. American Captain
  2. Hitsound : My pencil case
  3. key press 1-4 : Snapping fingers
  4. pause-loop : Gloomy Grove - kinemaster
Thanks for download
I hope you enjoy the skin and have fun playing
If you find a problem with the skin, just tell me in the reply section

Here is some feedback regarding your skin, both positive and negative things

Skin - ingame

  1. menu background music is missing
  2. song selection: standard mode icon is using the old icon, while the mode selection is using the new lazer icon
  3. catch mode icon is rotated
  4. the skin speaks ID, would be nice to to have an english version as well.
  5. mode selection the text isnt aligned properly, all the = arent aligned vertically
  6. pause/fail screen: pause-arrow is blanked out
  7. pause/fail screen: pause icon has a shadow, but none of the buttons
  8. gameplay: combobursts arent blanked out
Honestly I love this skin, but I don't understand all the "Mantap" and stuff, and I can't understand when I made a 320 or 300 tap, this only thing want to make me change my actual skin...

PS : So I replaced them myself, but I hope for an update, so the skin would be in english
very good skin i like it a lot good job
adore how you did mania would've loved if 300g and 300 werent the same judgment though... still great skin!
i like the skin especially the hitsounds, the only think i didn't like is the transparent circles, overhall a very gud skin 9/10 :3
i really like the arcade design
desainnya bagus, minimalis tapi kayaknya ini gw mainin di taiko rada aneh sih karena hitscore-nya (thanks to color palette)

Terus di ranking panel

itu tulisan "hasil" di samping score keknya bagusan kalo pake kata "skor". Abisnya aneh rasanya tulisan skor-nya jadi 2
Memberi Laiks
in my humble opinion the thicc hitcircle borderline brings the precise feeling when you're playing, yet the cursor's big size does the opposite. i just need to decrease the cursor's proportions a lil' bit. Besides that, it's overall a good playable skin
deniz 360z
i like the colour scheme alot but when playing it can get a bit confusing
Taking some time to review your skins (last minute). Here's what I have to say in general:

Positive Review
- Nice colour choices.
- There's a list of shortcut keys, though it is in Indonesian language but it's informative.
- An alright fruits design.

! selection-tab might be confusing.
! pause-replay has a long canvas, might accidentally click on it.
! spinner-warning isn't skinned.
! Hold notes barely has a translucent strip line in between.

~ None here.

That's all.
Congrats upon participating in a skinning contest! c:
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