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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on den 21 april 2018 at 17:28:57

Artist: y0c1e
Title: heiju-do
Tags: HanzeR Kyshiro Shiirn The Beatles Hey Jude 豊崎愛生 Aki Toyosaki cover remix glitch hop
BPM: 160
Filesize: 4212kb
Play Time: 03:01
Difficulties Available:
  1. Hey Jude (5,53 stars, 677 notes)
  2. Ichi (1,78 stars, 243 notes)
  3. Ni (3,06 stars, 439 notes)
  4. San (4,22 stars, 620 notes)

Download: y0c1e - heiju-do
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Enable combo colors for sliderhax - red means fast, blue means slow

collab with Kyshiro
collab with americangangsterswag187 aka HanzeR - now with sliderhax
Pending FINISHED hitsounds by Shiirn + me
Will take time but it will get ranked one day~ It's time
(once saten becomes BAT!)

hey jude -> heiju-do -> hej då.
do more combos pls-
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Gyuunyu wrote:

do more combos pls- Ah thank you, I totally forgot lol! You really helped me dude!
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It's 3:30 am and I'm laughing hysterically fuck you
16:29 Nube: you mean
16:29 Nube: 01:16:570 (2,3,4,1) -
16:29 Nube: not like this
16:29 Axarious: discord :v
16:30 Axarious: and also 01:32:479 (2,3,1) -
16:30 Axarious: this only works on 1/2 imo
16:32 Axarious: also
16:32 Axarious: 02:19:661 (1,1,1) -
16:32 Axarious: why are these the only NC'd ones like this?
16:33 Nube: oh
16:33 Nube: good point lol
16:33 Axarious: and they're 1/6 short
16:33 Axarious: er, more like
16:33 Axarious: 3/12ths short
16:35 Nube: hanzer did all those transitions haha
16:35 Nube: must've missed that one
16:35 Axarious: lol
16:38 Nube: find any more weird doubles?
16:38 Axarious: o i stopped looking
16:38 Axarious: :v
16:38 Nube: :v
16:41 Nube: hey im actually planning on ranking so if you want, you can post something on the thread
16:41 Nube: and recieve a star :))
hi wut anime is this.
I feel like giving you Kudos for that, Hanz
Major suggestions
Aesthetic suggestions
Unrankable issues

Modding only top diff for efficiency's sake. also, 3 days too early for 2kd, oh well, ill make up for my lack of quantity by losing some quality.

  1. 00:01:978 - there is no beat here wtf soft set this or change to circle
  2. 00:23:479 (4) - spacing way too high lol pls stick it on top of 5
  3. 00:26:751 (2) - too burai
  4. 00:31:570 (6) - nc
  5. 00:44:661 (4) - spacing way too high lol pls stick it on the right of 5
  6. 01:02:751 (1,1,1) - unreadable speed change
  7. 01:05:479 (1,1) - blanket this better wehehehe
  8. 01:28:115 (4,5,1) - you are going to make some players very unhappy. i approve
  9. 01:50:751 (1,1) - nice blanket nerd
  10. 01:51:297 (1,1) - ^ triggernaut
  11. 02:13:024 (6) - is better stacked naer the 1 imo
  12. 02:15:024 (6,1) - you're worse at blankets than i am
  13. 02:41:933 (4,5) - this is easily the most unreadable pattern in the entire map holy shit. move that 4 somewhere else so it doesnt look like 234 is a triangular pattern
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Faust wrote:

hi wut anime is this.

Swe Art Online

Animated by A1-Kankerhomo

Licensed by Amuricahplex
The K on Sample.

Hi there. From either Modhelp or Modreq, whichever one.

Note that whatever I say is my own opinion so you do not have to follow everything I say.

San: Since it is a collab with Kyshiro, you could try Kiiraye's San (not that good with names)
I still notice it is not finished yet

1) 00:28:388 (1,2,3,4,1,2) - For a little bit of a challenge, perhaps you can make the distance between 3 and 4 a little bit larger, and the 2nd set of 1,2 a little bit larger than 3,4 in terms of distance.

2) 00:36:570 (7) - When she says 'Hey', she holds the word 'Hey', so to reflect that, wouldn't it make sense to have a slider here (perhaps 1/2 or 3/4)? You seem to do this everytime, and it feels weird considering that you do this for almost every other difficulty.

1) AI mod reports unsnapped notes.

2) 00:32:115 (5) - I would rather have the slider start at 00:32:206. It sounds a lot better.


Final thoughts/
1/3 - 1/6 mapping does throw me off admittedly, but I thought it was fine. I did not like the last diff, but since the song feels jumpy, the jumpy feeling in the last diff is justified.

I really could not find much fault with it.

Good luck.

Edit: I apologize for such a short mod. I have not modded in quite a while, so I am out of that modding mentality.
Gold stuff! c:
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