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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on January 28, 2008 at 8:17:36 PM

Artist: Tackle
Title: Grass Stains
BPM: 166.8
Filesize: 4862kb
Play Time: 02:44
Difficulties Available:
  1. Easy (3.85 stars, 188 notes)
  2. Hard (4.78 stars, 266 notes)
Download: Tackle - Grass Stains
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
Mmm, Cave Story. Wonderful game, wonderful music, and this here is a wonderful remix by Tackle as part of the Cave Story Remix Project.

This beatmap is a lot more standardized than my previous beatmaps in that I've actually used bookmarks to gauge the song in a sort of storyboard architecture. It's format is surprisingly a lot like EBA/Ouendan (something I have not chosen to do in the past) with evenly spread play/break areas. Maybe it's because I've been playing Ouendan again lately.

Or maybe it's because I've chosen a particularly good Ouendan-style song.

Either way, take a look - I'm sure you'll enjoy.

I'd also like to request the opinion of the pro mouse-players on whether the beat spacing gets a little too difficult nearer the end - on a tablet I can All300 it with a good enough play through, but that's with a tablet.
Update on the above concern: Actually it's fine, I was just being overprotective and I'm just pretty bad with the mouse.

Note: the song isn't all that long so the Drain rate can be a little vicious.

Easy mode is up. Hope it's not too fast for an Easy song.

Everyone who has not played Cave Story should do so at their earliest convenience

For those of you with PSPs (and custom firmware): - to load it in custom firmware, place the two data files in the PSP/GAME/Cave Story directory on your memory stick.

2D side-scrolling action-adventure game akin to Super Metroid/older CV games.

Available in English and Japanese. It is fantastic.
Nice song choice, I enjoyed the map very much. =D

I'm not really a pro, but I was able to clear the end sections after a few tries with the mouse, it didn't seem that hard to me. If I can clear it after 2-3 tries, a pro could probably do it in one.

This WOULD be awesome on a tablet though. xP
Very fun beatmap. :mrgreen: Took me about 8-9 tries to nail it, didn't notice any odd spacing either.
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(Bumping from work - ergo, no osu! client to bump for me)

Also wanted to thank the replies so far with regards to whether or not the beat-spacing becomes too vicious by the end for people on the mouse. So long as I stay below eyupspacing, I do not have to rename the difficulty to Insane. That's good to know.
Good spacing, bpm, etc. I found no flaws.

But the song itself.. dare I say.. bored me :|

Never played the game :(
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Cave Story is an amazing game akin to older Metroid games (think Super Metroid) and I would strongly recommend checking it out.

If the beatmap was flawless (in your opinion) why no bubble, dood? =(

EDIT: Wait I know why

I forgot, I haven't done Easy mode yet.
-cough- of course that is why :x

tbh, I just forgot :P I was trying to go hardcore mod earlier and get a few older songs done, and I forgot. I was planning on starring it.

Anyways, here is your overdue star. I see you're working on the easy version now in IRC. Look forward to playing it.

I'm also looking into cave story too, btw ;) but I have a few other things to do first.
Cave Story was a great game... short, but really well done. Easily superior to many retail games out there, and really reminiscent of old SNES games. =D Go play it now.
I've never play this game before. But this song sure does fit Ouendan/EBA style.

Also, it snaps perfectly. Therefore, pleasing to my ears.
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Love this song. I got it shortly after the remix project was done. I actually listened to this song earlier today.

Played Cave Story shortly after the translation was released, too(because I can't read Japanese, being terrible with non-Latin languages). Everything I like becomes popular/well-known about a year later, like Excel Saga. I should hire myself out to a market research company.

Why was I here again? Oh, yes,the beatmap. Terrific, in my opinion. It really hits what I consider to be the key parts of the song.
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