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As of 21st of February 2023, I have decided to give this skin a lift up. There is not enough changes for it to be it's own version, that's why it goes in here. Even since the release I thought it was lacking in quite a few places, mostly because I made it in like 3 days, right before the contest ended. But here we are, 1 year after it won the contest. Let's call it a discount "Anniversary Edition" :3c
Changes include anything from small stuff like adjusting kerning, through complete revamps, to completely new content like new modes.

Changelog and downloads

v09012022 - Initial Release - Download
v10012022 - Download Regular | Download Lite
  1. New Mods icons
  2. Tweaked Pause & Fail Screens
  3. New HP Bar
  4. Animated Back Button, Skip, HP Bar
  5. Refreshed Mode selection
  6. + Spinner-clear
  7. + Spinner-rpm
  8. + Countdown
  9. + Button-left/middle/right
  10. + Mode-{x}
  11. + Mode-{x}-small for other modes
  12. + Section-pass/fail
  13. + Ranking-title
v11012022 - Download Regular | Download Lite | Screenshots
  1. Refreshed Pause/Fail screens
v21022023 - Download Regular | Download Lite | Screenshots

  • General:
  1. ~ Reduced kerning in a few places
  2. ~ Added new gameplays to "mode-fruits-med"
  3. + Extra "Winterless" version (No snowy details)
  4. + More nice details
  5. + New pause and fail screen design
  6. + Mania gameplay
  7. + Taiko Gameplay
  8. ~ Adjusted fruit catcher
  9. ~ Adjusted section pass and fail
  10. + New hitbursts
  11. ~ Adjusted "spinner-rpm"
  12. ~ Adjusted "reversearrow"
    Ranking Panel:
  13. ~ Reduced glow
  14. ~ Adjusted padding on Combo and Accuracy boxes
  15. + User Profile icon bg
  16. + Mods icon
  17. + New Grades
  18. - Glow on grades bg
  19. + New Hitbursts
    Song Select:
  20. ~ Fixed "selection-random-over" overlapping the snow
Don't like the winter theme? Try Winterless
Just download the regular skin and replace the files with the ones from the zip[/centre]

Video Showcase

very nice
i love this skin
Holy shit Redo you knock it out of the park every time
this design its looks impressive
like modern style
instant download
too good
Redo skin collection keeps growin
this skin is very nice
how to vote this skin
its sooo good love this skin
download link?
This skin is really good! Everything about this screams winter wonderland at me.
This skin is sooo good! Was an instant download for me!

I will even use it outside of winter too because I am not sure if I will ever be able to change this now
Ds Reis
This could literately become my main skin but it depends on the taiko skin looking good...
top nice
it is a nice skin for my game
will this be available in 21:9?
Hi! I would like to vote for your skin but have no idea how to do that. I was searching around a bit but couldnt find any link or something. Could you please help? Thanks a lot ^^
thats a pretty good skin!!
Broken Daybreak
Now we have a winner
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