The Lost Winter [All modes] [HD/SD] [16:9]

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Name: The Lost Winter
Skin Vesion: 1.3
Skin.ini Vesion: 2.5
Supported Resolutions: SD/HD
Supported Modes: Standar, Taiko, Catch, Mania
Extra Folder: "Yes"
Animations: "Yes"
Programs used: Inkscape, Gimp, Song Maker And LMMS


Song Selection/Skip
sorry for cut menutop, PC limitations

Ranking Panel




Video Showcase


> Correction to fruit-catcher-fail.png, fruit-catcher-idle.png, fruit-catcher-kiai.png, (Thanks Kwms024)
> Correction to Menu-Brackground?
> Modification to menu Song Selection
> Correction to align buttons from Pause/Fail Menu
> Aligned Online results in ranking panel
(Thanks RockRoller)
> RIP Old Sounds, Remplaced with new sounds



>Created With Song Maker and LMMS Studio


> Grades and Text: Imprint MT Shadow and Sans-serif (Font From Inkscape)


> art from CTB and others, made by me
Increible skin!!
Tengo una sugerencia...

Podrias arreglar los elementos:
  1. fruit-catcher-fail.png
  2. fruit-catcher-idle.png
  3. fruit-catcher-kiai.png
Parecen tener un error cuando se ven en pantallas con resolución SD (ejemplo: 1280x720)
ya que deja un espacio como este:
El problema esta en que los primeros 16 píxeles en la parte superior deben ser transparentes y tu catcher tiene una separacion mayor a esta.
Puedes consultar el articulo de la Wiki relacionado al Skinning de los elementos para catch the beat aqui

Mucha Suerte en el concurso!! :D
Here is my feedback on this skin, some positive, some negative, some simply my opinion/preference. Please be aware that this is only for menus and standard as i don't play the other modes

  1. menu background is missing
  2. border between menu-back and the other buttons is uneccessary and just breaks the design
  3. nice integration of the theme into the classic 4 segment scorebar
  4. nice pause-arrow
  5. these 2 labels are not aligned with eachother
  6. neat voted explanation on the bottom of the ranking panel
nice skin~ I soon get hang of it.
i like the old-skin vibe
Nice skin i love it <3
Click the snowflake effects is very good-looking, I like it very much
I like it very much
I honestly thought this was a 2013 skin when I tried it..
i don`t post but i liked this skinning contest then i went to download everyone of them to see what i would like and this is my opinions about your skin
HitCircle is good
the spins circle is great
HitSound is great
cursor is great i liked the animation
the main menu`s icons are great
scorebar is good
rank panel is great
the key overlay looks neat
pause n fail menus are great
section passed/failed are neat
mania gameplay:it's great
taiko gameplay:it's great
catch gameplay:it's adorable
love this <3
Well, you immediately get huge kudos for making this skin for all modes. The snowy UI is very pretty. It's a good mix of thematic, unique, and functional.

I will say it's a little tricky to differentiate the tails of held notes in osu!mania from the background color, since the initial hit is so bright in comparison. I'm sure more time to get used to this skin would make that less of a problem, though.

Thank you for your hard work. <3
Bastante bien elaborado, me gusta mucho la verdad... A pesar de que no me gustan las barras en el manía este es una excepción, sin duda uno de mis favoritos.

Felicidades por el duro trabajo haciendo la skin, crack.
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