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Wished, but you can't return.

I want knowldege.
Granted, but you are chased by every government in the world for knowing too much about them. Knowledge is dangerous sometimes, you know.

I wish not to know anything at all.
- Marco -
Granted but you will not success irl...

I images i have in my wind can be printed

marcostudios wrote:

I images i have in my mind can be printed
fixed probably :P

Granted, but all of the images is blank when got printed

I wish I don't have to sleep right now
The Joker
Granted but you will have to sleep at a very important time

I wish I never needed sleep.
Granted but your dick will get stuck in a chicken forever.

I wish wash woosh wham.
wub woosh swoosh wham whish whup weeb wub wob.

I want knowledge again.
Granted but you already forgot it.

I wish I had a better knife :(
Wish granted, i'll invite you to a Knif Prty next time.

bwr caobeels

I wish that the genie who grants my wish will turn into stalks of weed.
However, this stalk of weed is unsmokable. In fact, there are no actions available for this stalk of weed.
Discard? > Yes. No.

I wish I was better at maintaining a proper appearance/demeanour in public.
hmm granted, but you will have unstoppable laughs when you need it less

I wish I could be special 4 u
You're already special <3

I wish to fall without any fractures or injuries
Granted but it's an eternal fall

I wish potato chips don't come with so much free air in the bag
- Marco -
granted but you will have to share half

I wish i will be famous
Granted but you'll be infamous for the wrong things.

I wish I can meet some people here IRL
Granted but it'll be tuxdude and battler and you'll be stuck in a small room with them for 40 days and 40 nights.

I wish I wasn't hungry :(

Falapalagas wrote:

Granted but it'll be tuxdude and battler and you'll be stuck in a small room with them for 40 days and 40 nights.

I wish I wasn't hungry :(
Granted, but the effect will vanish after five minutes and you'll be hungry again.

I wish a better world (?)
Granted. There is no more pollution, no wars and no more conflict, but the source of all these have been erased... Humans (including you)

I wish for all the gold in the world.
Granted but to retrieve it you must swim in a pool of sulfuric acid.

I wish I didn't mess up my sleep 'schedule'.
Granted, but now you can't sleep anymore and you'll be tired. You'll also start to hallucinate.

I wish all the Monogatari seasons on Blu-ray DVDs.
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