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Welcome, in this thread you should find everything you need to know about our Skinning Contest: Tides of Winter.

All the rules and details on how to submit your skin are collected below. We also have some neat prizes available for the best three skins!

If you are new to skinning but would like to participate anyway you may want to check out our skinning tutorial or join our Discord server to receive any help you may need.

Although we've tried to make all the information as clear as possible it is of course possible that we forgot about something. If anything is unclear or if you have other questions feel free to reply to this post with your question, a staff member will answer your question as soon as possible.


Please check out the wiki article for a full set of rules.


1st Place:
  1. 6 months of osu!supporter
  2. a profile badge, with a design based on the winning entry
2nd Place:
  1. 4 months of osu!supporter
  2. a profile badge, with a design based on the winning entry
3rd Place:
  1. 2 months of osu!supporter
  2. a profile badge, with a design based on the winning entry


Only the creator of a thread may submit their skin, it is not possible to submit someone elses skin. Every person can only submit a single entry.

To submit your thread to the contest please head over to the submission post and reply with the format specified there. You will be notified if there is a problem with your submission and you have time to fix it till the submission deadline closes, otherwise your entry will be disqualified. If you get notified after the submission deadline has been closed you will have 48 hours to fix your submission.
Please make sure that you attach a 16:9 image representing your skin, this will be used on the contest listing to show off your skin.


Q: I have never touched skinning before, do I even have a chance participating?

You do still have a chance, there have been plenty of occasions where someone never touched skinning before but made a great skin on their first try, but this may not be the case for everyone.
And even if you do not end up winning any prizes you have made your first step into skinning and may have better chances in future skinning contests, everyone needs to start learning at some point. If you are looking for resources to start learning with check out the skinship website, where we host plenty of guides, templates and our own skinning tutorial and our Discord server with many people willing to help.

Q: How do I properly credit my assets?

This depends on your assets. Fonts, textures, stock images and icon sets usually have some sort of license or usage guideline clearly linked. Follow those instructions and you should be good.
If you are working with artworks you usually need to ask the artist for permission, but there are some rare cases of artists having usage guidelines in their image descriptions.

Q: Am I allowed to modify my skin after posting it / submitting it under the submission post?

Yes! You can continue working on your skin, no matter if its already submitted or not. It is highly suggested to post your skin a bit before the deadline closes, so you can receive feedback from the community and potentially improve your skin before voting starts. Screenshots and video recordings of your skin will be generated by the contest staff to showcase your skin during voting, these screenshots will be taken when the submission deadline is over.

Q: Can I collab with someone else?
No. Any sort of teaming/collaborating is forbidden, however you are allowed to ask other people for their feedback / opinion on your skin.

Q: Can I join the contest with a mixed skin that has its elements properly credited?

No you cannot. If the majority of a skin is not created by you it does not count as a new creation. You are of course allowed to reuse your own elements.

Q: When exactly does the contest end?

The contest ends at 09-01-2022 12:00:00 UTC+0.
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