Sudden "Failed" status after finishing a map [confirmed]

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Explain the issue you are having:
This is the first time I've experienced this...
When I played on multiplayer for the first time ( once opened osu! ), I suddenly got the "Failed" status after the song ended.

At the beginning, I got a lag from the hitscores on the left. Of course some notes were missed there.
( I got this lag because I just started playing multiplayer at the current session. So the hitscores are still loaded from that time )

At the middle, I began raising my place to the 1st. Then after the last note, I suddenly got the "Failed" status unexpectedly...

Is it reproducible? If so, explain the steps to do so:
I've got no idea if it is reproducible or not.

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Include any relevant video or screenshots, and hardware information for hard crashes or lag issues:
As you can see on this screenshot of the results, I have the top score and the "Failed" status.
Its VERY impossible for that result to fail it. Specially I haven't used any mods. The proof should be also the performance graph..

* Added mockingod's thread (collecting similar threads for more info about this weird bug).

but since it only occurs after you revive i put it in low priority first
How is this confirmed? What triggers it?

MillhioreF wrote:

How is this confirmed? What triggers it?
met same case when i mp... several die -> revive in a game (app map) and after the last spinner a suddenly death occurs
If this was supposed to have been fixed by one of the more recent updates, it hasn't. I can confirm that it still happens.
I still can't replicate this personally, but I guess it does happen from time to time. Maybe I don't play enough multi.
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I can't also replicate it again when I'm at multiplayer. I think this occurs by chance.

I experienced this again but it suddenly returned from normal.
Unfortunately, I wasn't able to screenshot it because it changed less than a second. ._.
Rori Vidi Veni
There is a friend having this issue too in single player.
I can confirm having this issue in single player as well. Just now, it happened for me on this map after getting 91.55%. It may possibly have had to do with missing the very last note.
This happened to me in singleplayer about a month ago. I remember it because I experimented a little with it. After failing, if you watch the replay by doing F1, at the end of the song it still goes to the 'results' screen as if it hadn't failed, but the score doesn't get uploaded anyways.
I've now had this happen exactly once; it seems to have been caused by severe system lag. Going to be really hard to replicate reliably.
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I don't know if this is possible but it can be a lead.
While this lag occurs, notes/sliders might stack just like the on the 2B maps on IOSYS - Endless Tewi-ma Park.
Happens to me all the time and is very easy to replicate. All I have to do is to play osu for more than 2 hours and then suddenly on every map i play since then it says failed at the end even if i got SS on it. Of course score isn't saved.

When i restart computer I can play normally for another 2-3 hours and it happens again. It is visible that it is going to be this way after the score values for the hits don't appear at all While playing the map, even when I know i've hit all 300's.

I recently started to put my PC in and out of the sleep mode for five seconds and it seems to work.
I'm having the same problem. I was playing this beatmap. I was about to fc it, had around 93% accuracy, max combo and full hp. When i approached the last spinner, getting 11k on that. Then my hp suddenly drops from 100 to 0. The map was already over, there were no notes left. It counted as fail. This happens every time i play this map, regardless if it is a fc or not. Later, the same happened with this beatmap.
Those are the only 2 i've encountered so far. The other maps work as they should.

Video i recorded later. Not the initial play, but the result is the same

This also happens with NF turned on
Actually this one can be replicate rather easily by trying this map:
Try the Tewi 2B diff. Even if you reach the end with full HP, a sudden fail is sure to happen. With NoFail mod on, the game will get stuck at the empty screen, and all one can do is just return to main menu.

The cause is somewhat different from the severe system lag problem, but symptoms are the same. :? Hope this is not causing confusion.
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idk if anyone still cares but it still is happening for me(and I'm getting it on Qualified map(and all previous that I mentioned in my thread)- , got extra combo at the end(max is 512) )
I probably know a reason why, it just happened to me, and I say what happened:
Play a map
Get to the end, score doesn't matter
Hope that the game will lag in the final part, like last 1-2 sec
you should fail in this part, but after the lag is over, you still have full bar, and you can take on the last seconds, with nearly full hp.
Then after you hit the final object, you'll fail ;-;
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