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I'm sorry if this has been posted before.

As the name states, I'd like to suggest a selective kind of perfect mod. Much like the perfect mod, this mod should not give any score multipliers.
In the perfect mod, the map forcefully restarts if the player has strayed away from an SS. What I propose is that this "Selective" mod does the same, except with certain criteria that the player is allowed to set.

For example, the player wants to limit himself/herself to five 100s, zero 50s and zero misses. The player types in these details in the mod selection window. In game, when the player exceeds the criteria, the map forcefully restarts (like the perfect mod). I think this would be very helpful as not many players are able to SS everything.

I have no ideas on what to call this mod so I came up with a lame name for it. Thank you.

I believe it wouldn't be too hard to add as it will just require tweaking of the perfect and SD mods. The codes for the mods are already in there so just a little bit of changes to it would make this work out.

Dark Tux -
To add a preset limiting the rank to an S for that particular beatmap. Anything below that would force the player to restart the map.

BlackStat -

BlackStat wrote:

How about a mod that will auto-fail you if you are not able to score higher than your previous high-score.
The coding would just need to assume and give you the best possible score at the moment you are in the song.

current score + highest possible score obtainable in the remaining song = Best possible score
if Best possible score < Previous high-score = fail
spinners will be assumed 300 + spinner bonus of previous high-score (if that data is there, if not just regular 300)

Your Selective Perfect mod might be another way of this mod that I had in mind, but maybe you could mesh them together or something? I would love to see a mod that will help people gradually get better by setting the bar little bits higher and higher.
That bolded part of the sentence, yes.
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