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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Werewolves in space gogogogogo
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Some clarification of rules to supplement the game rules

1. Per night, the wolves will be able to tell if ONE person is "special" or otherwise, but nothing beyond that.
2. As this game is not big enough, the wolves can't tell if a Psychic psyched someone out. Ever.
No number on the wolves again? :/

19 people, I'm guessing 6 wolves.
Guess I'm the lucky boy who got to taste both sides of every game.
The game is delayed due to two reasons:

1) The non-response of the following players:

* neo@lex
* Two
* kuwarudo

Please respond within the next twelve hours. Failing to do so not only excludes you from THIS game, but also the NEXT.

2) Addition of a new rule.

I have recently received a PM over osu! by a concerned player who was worried about having to deal with impersonations of one player by another.

I am now leaving it to the floor to vote on one of two options:
1) That I implement a rule stating "No impersonation is allowed", and to follow it strictly.

Implementing such a rule means I will not hesitate to kick you off the game if an infraction is discovered. However, this takes up my time when it happens. And for starters, I'm not very pleased about adding in a rule that will potentially eat up more of my me-time than I had wanted.

I'm not a robot who doesn't know the meaning of real-life. Savvy?

2) That I only ADVISE on the possibility of impersonation.

This advisory does not in any way prevent anyone from impersonating, so you set your own counters when it happens. Honestly, even though it really sounds bad from me, I'd rather just advise than POLICE a rule. After all, think Phoenix Wright - if you as a player can overturn a suspect message/piece of information from another player, that guy's getting a LOT of heat.

Vote from now until the start of the game (projected start) in 12 hours' time.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
A big vote for the rule since various people have thought about doing it and it wouldn't be very fun.
I vote for the second option. Like you said in irc, Pasonia, people can watch their own backs, you shouldn't have to monitor everything. I always try to make sure the person I'm talking to from irc is the real deal, but you never know. This is why I prefer PMs/osu-PMs only :?
I also vote for the second option. :P Then again, I don't go on IRC much...
My vote goes for option 1. Impersonating a role and impersonating an actual person are two completely different monsters. I think it's a bit crazy to impersonate people seeing as you could really destroy their reputation by saying anything you want.
As of this point forward, Saturos-fangirl (aww fuck it's just SFG) replaces Rolled in WWG3-R.
Her Role ID will be PM'ed over to her shortly.

Nobody is allowed to ask Rolled what role he bore, either through IRC or here. Or you will... eheheh...
Die in a freak accident.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.

the whole point of me not joining this game was because Rolled would be in it

now that he's not in it, I request permission to throw a huge hissy fit.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Day 1
Middlenow Town
Middlenow Town Square Shopping Center

"The town's borders have been locked by the soldiers," grumbled Saturos-fangirl, "what the hell is going on?"

"My girl, that means you guys are in trouble," suggested a stranger she had never met before.
"Who... who are you?"

Pasonia turned around and face Saturos-fangirl coolly. "I'm here to help manage the situation."
"Manage the situation how?"

"Let's see... earlier in the morning, the GAMFORCE Pharmaceuticals blew up. While it's nothing like NecroTech in Malton, what I can tell for sure is that they've been working on a super-soldier serum."
"And your meaning is..."
"Of course, like everything that was never really meant to be, the place blew. Big time. Even the gun shop five klicks away was wiped out. Basically... you guys were lucky to have survived the explosion. I count nineteen of you.

"Why are you so damn sure GAMFORCE is making such a ridiculous serum?"
"Why wouldn't they be? Proof is in the mass media, remember the government sponsorship that was granted to GAMFORCE lately? And, now, look at the military forces outside. Why wouldn't they help you guys?"

The rest of the group made their way out from the shadows, surprising SFG. Some were still badly covered in soot, some were clearly hit by the debris and had a self first-aid applied all over themselves, which made them look a lot like mummies.

"To be quite honest, a lot of the food stuffs in the now-empty mall is contaminated. I checked; greenish stuff were coming out from the cans and most certainly all the food from the food outlets have been contaminated with the same thing. I'm asserting that it's due to the GAMFORCE explosion. Collectively speaking, we won't be able to survive four days given the number of heads we now have."

"So... what are you suggesting here?"

"I propose a temporal social hierarchy, built upon the death of people."
"Wh...what do you mean?"

"Look, like I said, GAMFORCE exploded into bits and pieces. But that doesn't mean their employees are all dead. In fact, I believe some of you right now are the most affected of the lot. These guys will turn into horrible, wolf-like monsters at night, and I am sure they're seeking their survival here, too. Survival built on killing off every single human."
"What?!" The commotion went on, stares and glares were traded everywhere.

"Quiet! I'm sure we don't have too many in this group, alright? I'm only here to facilitate the system."
"Then don't *you* need to eat, big guy?" neo@lex shouted. "You're one of us too; why not we kill you first?"
"Because you won't," growled Pasonia, before picking up neo@lex high up on his collar with one hand, veins popping out menacingly from his forearm.

neo@lex could only meekly whimper.

"Alright, here's a few rules I want you to take note.
1. Before dusk today I want everybody to submit a vote to me stating who you wish to lynch.
2. I am vehemently against impersonation, and if you dare trouble me with such an act, ever, I guarantee you will die somehow."

Everybody nodded their heads. After what happened to neo@lex, nobody is going to protest.

Day 1 has started. Free discussion and lynch voting starts now.

Due to delays from previously, I hereby announce that this is a short day of 36 hours only, and voting ends at 12:00AM Sunday 21/06/09 GMT+0800. So make your discussions count!

Vote: neo@lex for being one of the last to confirm and being featured in Pasonia's intro story
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