Werewolf Game 3 [Co-victory - neither side won]

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Welcome to Pasonia's Werewolf Game (WWG) #3!

Game Rules are found in the post below; click here to go directly to that post.

Timeline Status

Current Phase: After Victory

Click here to go directly to the start of Day 1
Click here to go directly to the start of Day 2
Click here to go directly to After-Victory

Deadline for Current Phase: Next Game in Planning. However, I want a final vote that lasts for one day, while I start up the next game, to determine the fate of the Host.

During This Phase: Free lynch voting and discussion

Player Status
Red Strikeout = Deceased

Make no mistake, this is not golf where the lower the number the better.

* 0_o
* supergarlic
* Agent Spin Here
* Larto
* nardi11011
* Todesengal
* Derekku Chan
* Olinad
* Echo
* thepianist
* Loginer
* YellowYoshi1
* adam2046
* foulcoon
* Rolled
* m980

Vote Count
The game has ended!

Vote Timeline (Day 1)
The game has ended!

Body Count as of Dusk 1
supergarlic was shot, maimed and killed by the Host on Day 1.
foulcoon was found fouled up by some foulness on Dusk 2.

Notes from the Host
The Game is Over

...and it wasn't my intended outcome due to the faultiness of this game. I will hereby exclude political activism from the next game, and all the players from before are invited back in.

Pertinent Information About the Host

The Host's time zone is GMT +0800, the Singaporean time zone; however, just in case, all time/date deadlines will be accompanied by a time limit designation (i.e., "1 day and 6 hours from the time of this post"). This should clear up most, if not all, confusion regarding deadlines.

Reminders from the Host

Regarding Discussion
* Freedom of Discussion: Although Werewolf Game conversations mainly take place in the game's thread, you may feel free to hold discussions regarding it anywhere you like; IM clients, e-mails, PMs, or over IRC (even in-game) are all fair play. Just make sure you don't talk here during Night phases (you can still talk anywhere else you want at Night, just not here).

* Stipulations Regarding Roles: The only absolute is that you can't show anyone your official Role ID; you can still otherwise claim to hold any role you like, and even provide information (whether true or false) you claim you know about because of the role you claim to hold.

* Alliances and Agreements: At your own risk, you are allowed to ally or forge agreements with any other player(s) you want; it could even be vital to your survival.

* PMing: I would very much prefer if, while PMing, you mark in bold what you want to draw my attention to. For the aux roles who would need to PM me, doing so allows me to process the information faster.

Regarding Lynch Voting
* Casting Your Vote: It is now mandatory to draw my attention to your lynch vote by casting it in bold text. This will help me spot a vote faster, and will reassure me that it is a discrete vote rather than a consideration.

* Discussion of Votes: You may openly discuss your considerations for who you might vote for if you want.

* Acceptance of Votes: The only place you can actually cast your vote is here in this thread. I will not accept votes over PM, e-mail, or IRC because votes must be public.

* Changing Your Vote: Yes, if the Day is not over yet, you can change your vote as many times as you want. Just remember that this will probably cause a lot of suspicion.

* Refusing to Vote: Yes, just as in Ace's Werewolf Games, you do have the right to outright refuse to cast a lynch vote, as long as you understand that it will earn you a Phantom Vote for the next Day. This can be used as a tactic, by trying to stay on people's good sides, insurance against angering certain players, as part of an agreement, or simply because you don't know who to vote for.

* Voting for Yourself: In my Werewolf Games, I do allow bold players the right to cast their lynch vote against themselves if they like. Similar to refusing to vote, this can also be used tactically for any number of reasons.

Regarding Alteration of Posts
* Editing Posts: Yes, you can edit your posts at your own risk. Just remember that this may cause suspicion if you get caught doing so.

Regarding Role Playing
* Roleplaying is permitted and encouraged, as it makes the game more interesting. However, I understand that some players cannot comprehend decisions made by roleplayers in their posts, and some just plain dislike it. The solution agreed upon for solving this problem in the first Werewolf Game is an underlined summary sentence beneath your roleplay dialog that spells out clearly any assertions or votes made in your post.

New! Popular Non-Thread Chat
* IRC/In Osu In-Game: Open up a new tab and head for #forumshit. Lots of WWG discussion goes on in there from time to time.

* Ventrilo: Not as often as on IRC, but the WWG is sometimes discussed on Vent. Information on how to get to Osu's Vent can be found here.

Like Ace has done so commendably for the first two WWGs, I'll make sure I'm on both of those from time to time so you can get in touch with me directly with any questions or issues. If I am not on or don't respond on osu!, send me a PM. You can even email me if you want to, but only for non-game purposes.
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Werewolf Game Rules

The Werewolf Game is one of the most popular message board games ever conceived. It is a team game involving Humans and Wolves. It is sometimes called Mafia (for obvious reasons - ganging up, that is!)

However, it is not a casual game; it's very involved and requires a commitment to play (like Monopoly). Players are required to sign up ahead of time to participate.

Table of Contents
Basic Premise
Basic How-It's-Played
In-Depth Explanation

Basic Premise

There are several werewolves, or mafia, or whatever you may consider to be vile and dangerous, among a group of ordinary humans. The objective of the game is for the humans to figure out who these wolves are and kill them off before the wolves kill all the humans by voting on a lynching (public execution) each day to take place at dusk.

Basic How-It's-Played

On the first Day, the Host announces the scenario, and introduces the players. After that, play, put as simply as possible, progresses as follows:

The Wolves kill a Human.

The Humans awake to find the body of the player the Wolves killed.

The Humans discuss who they think the Wolves are, and cast lynch votes against players they suspect are Wolves.

Dusk (aka Sundown)
The lynching takes place; the person with the most lynch votes against them is killed in a public execution. This is the humans' primary method for attempting to eliminate Wolves from the game.

This cycle repeats itself until the Humans are all dead (Wolf victory), or the Wolves are confirmed all dead by the remaining Humans waking up in the morning to find nobody died the previous night (Human victory).

In-Depth Explanation

A bit more interested? Here's everything you'll need to know. Sit down (or... keep looking, really), this explanation is going to take a while (but it's so worth it once you start playing).

First, there's a signup period. The Host announces their intention to hold a Werewolf Game and tells everyone when the signup deadline is.

All players interested in playing need only to post in the thread stating their desire to play, in bold text.

The more people that sign up:

* The more Wolves there will be
* The more Auxiliary Roles will be used

Role Confirmation
After signups close, the Host randomly selects each player's role (see "Roles," below) and sends a Role ID to each player via Private Message (PM) (this means you need to have knowledge as to how PM'ing works before you play!!). In order to confirm their place in the game, everyone must reply to their Role ID PM.

Your official Role ID is your only positive proof you have of your role, and you cannot forward it to other players - it will result in getting kicked out of the game!!

Once all players have confirmed their roles, the game proper begins.

The Host announces when each time phase begins, and at what real time the next phase will hit.

Here's the detailed explanation as to what happens during each time phase:

Dawn of Day 1 is the introduction of the scenario by the Host; all others proceed as seen below.

The Host informs the players who died. That person is out of the game (they can't talk anymore, but they're certainly welcome to watch and see how the rest of the match goes).

The Host announces when (in real time) Sundown is, and the players are free to say whatever they want until that time. ALL PLAYERS (Humans and Wolves!!) must submit a lynch vote before Sundown (if you don't, you get a "phantom vote" that counts against you the next day).

How Lynch Voting Works
During a Day phase, all players who are still alive must submit a vote for a player they suspect is a Wolf. (Wolves must submit votes also to remain unsuspicious; however, they're probably all going to vote for humans - all the more reason to make sure you submit your vote if you're Human!)

Voting Rules
* Your vote MUST be public and posted in the thread for all to see, so be sure of your decision.

* It helps the host a great deal if you cast your vote in bold text.

* If you feel you've made a mistake with your vote, you are allowed to change your vote before Sundown arrives. (Just remember that changing your vote, especially if you do it multiple times, can confuse the Host, and is also often considered by other players to be suspicious activity.)

* If you deem it tactically necessary, you are allowed to vote for yourself or refuse to vote with the understanding that it will earn you a Phantom vote for the next day.

How Phantom Votes Work
If you refuse or fail to vote before Sundown, you will receive an automatic Phantom Vote that will count against you the next Day phase in addition to any other votes that may be cast against you that Day.

What is Considered "Fair Play"
* The only thing you're not allowed to do is show other players your Role ID. Other than that, EVERYTHING is fair play - wolves claiming to be humans, humans claiming to have auxiliary roles (see "Roles" below), and deciding who to believe.

* As long as the above rule is followed, any player can publicly or privately claim to hold any role they want, including knowledge, be it true or false, they claim to have because of their role - in fact, it's part of the dynamics of playing this game.

* Players can form alliances if they like, through either public board or PM (although that's always risky, as you could be forming an alliance with a Wolf). Be careful what you say - keen observers will jump you if you say anything even remotely suspicious. (Even editing a post can result in suspicion.)

* You are allowed to edit your posts if you like (again remembering that this could be seen by other players to be suspicious activity).

Dusk (aka Sundown)
The Host tallies the votes, and whomever has the most votes against them is lynched. That player is out of the game. It is possible, under special circumstances, to get a lynching cancelled - see the "Roles" section for more on that.

ALL PLAYERS must remain SILENT on the board during a Night phase. (You can still get in kahoots with other players via other private methods like PM at Night if you want, but you cannot speak on the board.) The Wolves PM each other and discuss who the kill will be tonight. The pack's spokeswolf will PM the Host, informing them who the target is.

Dead Players

Dead players are not allowed to talk (here), and I'll remove all dead players' posts in my game when someone informs me with a message like this:

Dead men do not talk.
Additionally, as this is what I consider a severe breach, if I have the chance to host another game, dead players whom I have spotted posting in the "afterlife" will remain in the "afterlife". If that's a tad too cryptic, that means you will be automatically excluded from the next game. I DO have the intention to host more games, of course...

Like Ace, I will give a "VOTE'S OVER" post before announcing the day's lynch (which I always announce in a separate post immediately thereafter) so there is no chance of anyone accidentally posting after the official Night declaration post; thus there is NO EXCUSE for talking at Night: it will be punished by issuing a Phantom Vote.

Roles (marked in red are possible omissions, this will not be publicised at any point of time.)

You kill humans; it's in your nature. At night, you gather with the other wolves and kill one person each night. (In some larger games, the Pack Leader role may be used; the Pack Leader can choose to "sniff" a Human each night to see if that Human holds an Auxiliary Role. In really big games, he might even be told what it is.)

If the host so desires, you may be named Mafia (and the leader, of course, a Mafioso), or even Amoeba (and Master Amoebae? Err, better not.)

You're an ordinary human who does not hold an Auxiliary Role. Nothing you can do other than cast your lynch vote, really.

Anything other than "Civilian" is considered an Auxiliary ("Aux") Role, and is special and unique. The good thing is, having an Aux Role gives you an advantage. The bad thing is, sure, you could try to help the other Humans by telling them who you are (remember, you can't show them your Role ID), but they might not believe you, and the wolves might catch on and try to kill you.

You can sense danger. Each night, you must PM the Host and tell them whether you wish to exercise your ability (which is to know how many Wolves there are left). If so, in some large games, the Wolves may be informed it's happened (or even who you are).

You can see hidden talents in others (and the truth in Wolves). Each night, you must PM the Host and tell them whether you wish to exercise your ability (you'll be informed of that player's exact role). The Wolves might get informed if you do this, so look out!

You specialize in dead people. Via PM, each Dawn, you're told the exact role of the person the Wolves killed, and each Sundown, you're told the exact role of the player who got lynched. You can use the process of elimination to determine who's left.

You have trouble sleeping at night (who wouldn't with all this killing going on?). Each night, you must PM the Host and tell them whether you were able to sleep. If not, you will be informed of the NAME of one of the wolves!! The problem is, that very Wolf will also be told who YOU are, so be careful!! Depending on the size of the game, the Insomniac may also be given information on other Aux Role Humans who happen to also be up and about any Night they can't sleep. (In my games, it tends to be progressive in nature, starting at first with a vague sighting, increasing eventually to a full discovery.)

Unknown Celebrity
You're popular where you came from, but the other players don't know this. If you're killed by the Wolves, the players will find out in the newspaper the next day, and that day's lynching will be CANCELLED. This provides a valuable opportunity for the other players to say whatever they want without fear of getting lynched for it (and because of this, some Hosts may give additional time during that Day phase for discussion; I know I do). Remember, though, that getting the lynching cancelled effectively means the Wolves get a "free" kill that Night, so make the most of your extra discussion time!!

You were smart - you packed a GUN. Trouble is, you only have one bullet. Once you're sure you know who you want dead, during any Day phase, you can announce your role publicly, and shoot anyone you want (this MUST BE CONFIRMED BY THE HOST). That player is dead IMMEDIATELY (some Hosts might cancel the day's lynching for this, because now someone's already been killed, and/or extend the Sundown deadline for extended discussion). You may no longer have your gun, but at least now the other players know for sure you're human!! Note: In some games, if the Vigilante is killed before he can use his weapon, another human might find it, and the role of Vigilante is added to any other Aux Role that player might have. ALSO: Nobody can pretend to be the Vigilante. Why? If you try to declare a shot, and you're not the Vigilante, it backfires because a shot MUST be confirmed by the host.

You are a free agent ninja. At night, you must PM the Host to tell them if you're doing any stealthy assassinating tonight, and if so, who your target is. (No matter whether you kill a Wolf or a Human, the Wolves still get their kill that night.) You may be a ninja, but if you manage to kill enough Wolves, they're going to figure out who you are sooner or later, and if they choose you specifically to kill, there won't be anything your ninja skills can do about it. This role can work great against Wolves, but, as you can do it multiple times, if you don't know what the heck you're doing, you can end up wiping out the humans FOR them. Ninjas may be cool, but don't overdo it. Be careful!! (Also, if other Aux Roles that perform actions at night, such as the Insomniac or Guardian Angel, happen to be up and about the same night you are, you'll be told what you saw on the way to your target.)

Guardian Angel
You have the heavenly ability to guard the lives of those around you. Each night, you must PM the Host telling them who, if anyone, you're protecting tonight. You can't protect the same person more than one night in a row (unless the Wolves choose that person to kill - in which case, nobody dies that night, and you can protect the same player again the next night under the reasonable assumption that they will be attacked again). Sure, you can protect yourself, but why be greedy? Also, some games force you to blow your cover when a protection is successful. Be cautious.

Just as the Vigilante can bring death, you can bring life. Once, anytime Day or Night, publicly or privately, you can bring back to life any player who was previously dead. You can DEVESTATE the Wolf team if you bring back a well-informed Aux Role late in the game (such as the Coroner, the Psychic, or the Insomniac), but you could just as easily get the human team killed by unintentionally bringing back a Wolf. Be careful with this role.

Wizard Of Orz
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
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Larto, the ass as always >.>

Post is updated (or is going to be, anyway!)
Role Claim: Priest
Question: what if the Wolves don't get you the vote in one day (for Night)?

I mean, yeah it's a good thing you're making Nights short but just wondering what you would do about that.

Also sign me up biatch
The WW Game looks like a lot of fun. <3

Lemme in :D
I want in. :D Haahaa :)
Is the story related to the Ace Of Hearts series? If so, you should probably wait until the conclusion of the second game. If not, I suggest renaming the game to avoid confusion.

Also, I'm in.
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This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
Are you still allowed to talk after you're dead?

Also, I'd discourage anyone from playing more than 2 games at the same time, though it's not like I can stop you from doing so. I don't think you'll be able to keep track of everyone.
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Oh, yea, regarding that.

Dead players are not allowed to talk (here), and I'll employ my mod power privileges by removing editing all dead players' posts in my game when someone informs me.

That's a good call Echo, I'll make sure to post an updated ruleset.

You can't remove posts :/

edit: i know you're a mod. I meant by deleting posts you'd be screwing up the game.
Oh heck yes, I'm totally joining another game. This is too much fun.

Edit: Could we please have some different aux roles in this game tospice it up a bit?
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