North America osu!standard Tournament [SapphireGhost Wins!]

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With the great success USAT was, myself and dkun decided to run a tournament along similar grounds. This year we are allowing access to all North American countries. This means The United States, Canada, Mexico, United States Territories, and all other countries in the North America region. Here is a list of North American countries.

Starting Date: June 21st 2013.

Information regarding how the tournament will be set up:
  1. The tournament will consist of 1v1 matches.
  2. Due to the amount of players we have, for the sake of time and mental health this will be a Single Elimination Tournament.
  3. Each match, your multiplayer room will consist of one referee.
  4. You can choose any map pertaining to the round itself.
  5. The times of the matches will be decided between you and your opponent. Failure to show up at the agreed time results in disqualification.
  6. The tournament will hopefully span over a month. If possible, it will be shorter.
  7. Each match will consist of a minimum of 3 games and a maximum of 5 games (2 maps chosen by each participant with an additional tiebreaker map if it comes to that) meaning that it takes 3 wins overall to be victorious.
  8. Selection out of mod-specific brackets is limited. Each player can only select one map from each mod-restricted bracket during match. So each player can pick 1 HardRock, 1 Hidden and 1 DoubleTime map during match.

Referee's Role:
  1. Switch to the default skin.
  2. Creates the room with an appropriate Match title.
  3. Save the link to the multiplayer history.
  4. Set the match to Team Vs mode.
  5. Remain host during all maps and use the multiplayer chat to take each player's requests.
  6. Do not skip the intro and do not participate in the match.
  7. Screenshot (Shift+F12) the results of each match.
  8. Create a post containing the match title, history and screenshots afterwards.

  1. 1st Place: SapphireGhost
  2. 2nd Place: Kyou-Kun
  3. 3rd Place: pielak213-

Prizes: (Thanks to peppy)
  1. First Prize: 1 Year Supporter + A Profile Badge (Thanks to Loliflan)
  2. Second Prize: 6 Months Supporter
  3. Third Prize: 3 Months Supporter

Please post to sign up, with the following information. Signups end June 16th 2013.
  1. Country:
  2. Timezone:
  3. Availability:

Players: Current Count: 64/64.

Note: All maps will be at an Insane difficulty or higher.

  1. June 21st - 23rd: Round 1.
  2. June 28th - 30th: Round 2.
  3. July 5th - 7th: Round 3.
  4. July 12th - 14th: Quarterfinals.
  5. July 19th - 21st: Semifinals.
  6. July 26th - 28th: Finals and Bronze Match.

  1. Organizers: MMzz, dkun
  2. Referees: Organizers + Maeglwn, Pyrowarfare, YodaSnipe, anyone who volunteers at the time of matches.
  3. Map Selectors: Zexous, Mr Color, GladiOol, kriers
  4. Streamers: Nyquill, dkun
  5. Data Analyzer: Porsche, Asuna Yuu

Staff except for Map Selectors and Organizers can participate.

Bracket: (updates live!)
Count me in!
Country: USA
Timezone: GMT -6
Avaliability: It's summer, so I'm avaliable usually every day from about noon to 11 PM (That is, in my time).
map selector pls
ref so hard
Country: usa
Timezone: est
Availability: most of the summer time (may reschedule if something comes up, don't know)
Country: Canada
Time Zone: Pacific Time (US & Canada)
Availabilty: most of my summer time :)
Country: USA
Timezone: EST (east coast)
Availability: any time I'm not sleeping (noon to 2 AM)
Scarlet Devil
Country: United States of America
Timezone: Central Standard Time
Availability: Most of the summer
Sounds like fun.
Country: USA
Time Zone: CST
Availability: Pretty much any time over the summer
I kind of want to stream but I also want to play.

Tough times.
Country: USA
Timezone: Central
Availability: NEET status
Country: Canada
Timezone: GMT -5
Availability: Free most of the week except Mondays~
Country: Canada
Timezone: GMT -5
Availability: Whatever suits your fancy bby
Kyonko Hizara
I'd do, if I still played that is
Am I eligible for this? I live in Redmond, WA and go to school in Cambridge, MA.
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KRZY wrote:

Am I eligible for this? I live in Redmond, WA and go to school in Cambridge, MA.
Sure, why not.
Country: Finland (it's a state of the US that's just located in Europe)
Timezone: UTC+2
Availability: all the time

thelewa wrote:

Country: Finland (it's a state of the US that's just located in Europe)
inb4 90% of the readers of this post believe it
Country: United States
Timezone: PST
Availability: 21~24 everyday. Will update this when things change.
Country: USA
Timezone: EST
Availability: it will probably change by June 16

Also why the hell is KRZY joining a USA tournament
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