Citrus feat. Akiyama Mio - K-ON!! Non-Stop Mix (99% Mio ver.

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on 2018年6月20日 at 17:32:12

Artist: Citrus feat. Akiyama Mio
Title: K-ON!! Non-Stop Mix (99% Mio ver.)
Source: K-ON!!
Tags: Heart Goes Boom!! Seishun Vibration Tokimeki Sugar Fuwa Time Come With Me!! Our MAGIC Samidare 20 Love Listen!! Hello Little Girl NO, Thank you! Soukuu Monologue Let's Go! Sweet Bitter Beauty Song Pure Don't Say "Lazy" Girls In Wonderland Hikasa Yoko Long Song
BPM: 180
Filesize: 43652kb
Play Time: 25:09
Difficulties Available:
  1. Marathon (5.86 stars, 5926 notes)

Download: Citrus feat. Akiyama Mio - K-ON!! Non-Stop Mix (99% Mio ver.)
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing
~Moe Moe Kyun~


2018-06-19 - Redownload for SB changes.

Warning: The BPM reaches 235bpm towards the end, and is mapped accordingly.

01. Heart Goes Boom!! | 00:01
02. Seishun Vibration | 01:15
03. Tokimeki Sugar | 02:18
04. Fuwa Fuwa Time | 03:42
05. Come With Me!! (Mio Version) | 04:41
06. Our MAGIC | 05:47
07. Samidare 20 Love | 07:25
08. Listen!! | 08:27
09. Hello Little Girl | 10:41
10. NO, Thank You! | 12:04
11. Soukuu no Monologue | 14:54
12. Let's Go! (Mio Version) | 16:29
13. Sweet Bitter Beauty Song | 17:45
14. Pure Pure Heart | 18:54
15. Don't Say "Lazy" | 20:12
16. Girls In Wonderland | 22:54
17. Fuwa Fuwa Time | 24:18
I'm first.
Watched whole map.

At first I was pleased. Spacing was usual CXu style, mapping was correct. But then it just became more evident. It's so overmapped it's just bad. The whole map is filled with triplets and random streams and even the slow parts are overmapped. To be honest I think this needs a lot of work.

Still, very nice work.

Good luck.
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Do you have any examples of the overmapping? Would make life much easier.
Please either lower drain by 1 or nerf the shit out of the don't say lazy streams, failing right at the end of a 25 minute map is kinda depressing xD (happened to me twice now, wtb stamina)
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Yeah I probably should do that.
08:52 Metro: 05:04:986 (4) - delete
08:52 Metro: 05:07:819 (4) - delete
08:52 Metro: 05:10:486 (5) - delete
08:52 Metro: 05:13:153 (4) - delete
08:52 Metro: and that's just mild overmapping
08:52 Metro: not even close to later in the song
08:53 Metro: 06:11:652 (3) - delete
08:53 Metro: 06:14:319 (5) - delete
08:54 CXu: well except the first one (the one at 04:986) the drums all play 3 times htough
08:54 CXu: the first one is following the guitar, though I have no idea why I followed the guitar there and nowhere else
08:55 Metro: see this is why we disagree so much
08:55 CXu: no I mean
08:55 Metro: it's not about following the instruments perfectly
08:55 Metro: you can map how the fuck you want
08:55 Metro: this is a marathon
08:55 Metro: and it's completely filled by long streams, which I'm okay with
08:55 Metro: but filled with triplets
08:55 Metro: EVERYWHERE
08:55 Metro: it's like o triplet
08:55 Metro: and this part of the map is mild!
08:55 Metro: it will get much worse!
08:56 CXu: well yes I use a lot of triples depending on the song
08:56 CXu: also about the slow section you were talking about
08:56 CXu: 15:55:040 - was it this?
08:57 Metro: 23:10:279 (2) -
08:57 Metro: look around here
08:57 Metro: MARATHON
08:57 Metro: 235 BPM
08:57 Metro: 2 TRIPLETS
08:57 CXu: well yeah
08:58 Metro: u know how many ppl will fuck up there?
08:58 Metro: u can't make a marathon map
08:58 CXu: probably a lot
08:58 Metro: and aim for only good players
08:58 Metro: marathon maps are supposed to be enjoyable for everyone
08:58 CXu: well tbh
08:58 Metro: your style is already hard enough
08:58 CXu: I was thinking of, after finishing this
08:58 CXu: to start a collab
08:58 CXu: for an easier difficulty
08:58 CXu: because yeah it is fairly hard in general
08:59 Metro: if that's the case then the overmapping can stay
08:59 Metro: my comment was because not many will be happy playing this
08:59 CXu: oh well all right
08:59 Metro: still, don't say lazy is bad
08:59 Metro: and should be fixed
08:59 CXu: yes it is
08:59 CXu: I mapped the last part of this song like
08:59 CXu: uuuh
09:00 CXu: while I was sleepy and shit and just did whateve without testing it
09:00 CXu: I played it yesterday and was like ok nope
09:00 Metro: ohh
09:00 Metro: this
09:00 Metro: 24:15:002 (2) -
09:00 Metro: it doens't fit
09:00 Metro: anything
09:00 Metro: when I saw I was like wtf is this guy doing
09:00 CXu: moe moe~~
09:00 Metro: moe moe fuck you
09:00 Metro: it breaks the intensity
09:00 Metro: for a stupid heart
09:00 Metro: shove it up your ass
09:00 Metro: and map like a man
09:01 CXu: I'm totally keeping this and adding a storyboard a moe moe kyun here
09:01 CXu: just for the sake of doing it
09:01 Metro: ........
09:01 Metro: 24:29:811 (1,2,3,4,5) -
09:01 Metro: this spacing variation looks horrible
09:01 CXu: what do you mean? that it just looks durr?
09:01 Metro: yeah
09:01 Metro: looks like crap
09:02 Metro: and doesn't fit ur mapping
09:02 CXu: huh well okay I'll rearrange it later or something
09:02 Metro: the parts I really want
09:02 Metro: to be fixed
09:02 Metro: about overmapping
09:02 Metro: are the slow songs
09:03 CXu: well yeah I was wondering if it was this part in particular you were referring to 15:55:040 -
09:04 Metro: 10:39:250 (3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) -
09:04 Metro: this is so not 2013
09:04 Metro: 10:49:502 (1) -
09:04 Metro: this is the first part I'm mad at
09:04 Metro: 11:04:826 (2,3,4) -
09:04 Metro: WHY
09:05 Metro: 11:12:270 (9,10,11,12,1) -
09:05 Metro: no streams fit this son
09:05 Metro: g
09:05 Metro: none at all
09:05 Metro: u just ruin it
09:05 Metro: wow
09:05 Metro: just watching hurts
09:06 Metro: 10:50:014 (3,4,5) - maybe these are ok
09:06 Metro: but after them..
09:06 CXu: well uh
09:07 CXu: 11:04:826 (2,3,4) - I dont really have any reason other than I found it cool to play
09:07 Metro: it doesn't matter!
09:07 Metro: it's a slow song!
09:07 CXu: while 11:12:270 (9,10,11,12) - is in the song
09:07 Metro: let it play peacefully
09:07 CXu: wlel yeah it's a slow song
09:07 Metro: in the vocals
09:07 Metro: she says
09:07 Metro: A-A-A
09:07 Metro: not A-A-A-A-A
09:07 Metro: follow the vocals
09:07 CXu: but my mapping still makes you pump out a constant 1/2 thouhg
09:08 Metro: yeah that's something that can be fixed too
09:09 Metro:
09:09 Metro: stuff like these
09:09 Metro: are not hard to play at all
09:09 Metro: and they fit the song
09:10 Metro: u can add pauses
09:10 Metro: and the ones I showed you
09:10 CXu: why did you put the snapping 1/3 when you screenshoted that xd
09:10 Metro: testing out shit
09:10 Metro: I'm not a mapper
09:10 Metro: I can make it work but it takes me time
09:10 Metro: it's 1/8
09:11 Metro: in your mind this song
09:11 Metro: should be a resting song
09:11 Metro: in the marathon
09:11 Metro: like in lucky star one
09:11 Metro: the daangard gabi
09:11 Metro: there were songs that were just to rest
09:11 Metro: this is one of those
09:11 Metro: 11:43:988 (1,1) -
09:11 Metro: I would delete these
09:12 Metro: too much 1/2 mania let the song rest when it rests
09:13 CXu: well yes it is a song for "resting"
09:13 Metro: so make players rest
09:14 Metro: not do triplets and 5's all the tiem
09:14 Metro: remove them all
09:14 CXu: but compared to the general difficulty of all the other songs, the difficulty here feels about right atleast for me
09:14 Metro: forget
09:14 Metro: difficulty
09:14 Metro: god dammit
09:14 Metro: it's a rest song
09:14 Metro: you abuse triplets
09:14 Metro: ALL throughout your map
09:14 Metro: give them a rest here
09:14 CXu: and I only 5's when there are drums in this song
09:14 CXu: I'll look into thetriples
09:15 Metro: 14:50:729 (3,4) -
09:15 Metro: instant 100
09:15 Metro: convert to slider
09:15 Metro: and I'd remove all circles here
09:15 Metro: ppl just gonna rage
09:16 CXu: you mean the whole slowdown of no, thank you?
09:16 Metro: y
09:16 Metro: gonna be 100 hell
09:16 Metro: 15:54:861 (5) -
09:17 Metro: this is where shit starts in an even slower song
09:17 Metro: again with the triplets
09:17 Metro: stop it
09:17 Metro: 16:11:208 (7,8) -
09:17 Metro: how do these fit
09:17 Metro: ...
09:17 Metro: 16:13:903 (1,2,3,4,5,6) -
09:17 Metro: or these
09:17 CXu: 14:50:729 (3,4) - I'll convert this to a slider, the other 4 notes are on lyrics that are kind of chopped, so sliders dont feel good imo
09:17 CXu: 14:50:729 (3,4) - I'll convert this to a slider, the other 4 notes are on lyrics that are kind of chopped, so sliders dont feel good imo
09:18 Metro: yeah others are hard to convert
09:18 Metro: might just want to not map them or leave as it is
09:18 CXu: I'll leave them, cutting out the map before that part feels too awkward
09:18 Metro: k
09:19 CXu: yeah Soukuu no Monologue has the let's go drums in the background, which is what I'm mapping
09:19 Metro: fuck them
09:19 Metro: leave them mapped right in the transition
09:20 Metro: but not before
09:20 Metro: 17:11:387 (1) -
09:20 Metro: triplet and stream spacing here
09:20 Metro: is HELL
09:20 Metro: people are going to miss so badly here
09:20 Metro: I would quit if I missed on a spaced triplet
09:20 Metro: spaced triplets are the worse thing that happened to osu
09:20 CXu: haha yes
09:20 CXu: I'll reduce spacing on that section
09:20 Metro: I don't mind the "jumps"
09:20 CXu: idk I was a bit ambitious while mapping that part
09:21 Metro: they're a bit over the top
09:21 Metro: but the streams need to be toned down
09:21 CXu: well reducing the streams would need reduction in the jumps as well I guess
09:21 CXu: since the streams determine cursorspeed
09:21 Metro: your choice
09:22 Metro: looking at
09:22 Metro: 18:08:692 (1) -
09:22 Metro: this song
09:22 Metro: still really overmapped
09:22 Metro: with the triplets
09:23 Metro: for example
09:23 Metro: 18:45:698 (1,2,3) -
09:23 Metro: this is horrible
09:23 CXu: anyhow back to that slow song, my thoughts when mapping the drums instead of the chorus, it was mostly to kind of make the chorus stand out/feel more difficult than before (yes difficult, because the chorus is more of a climax to a song)
09:23 CXu: anyhow back to that slow song, my thoughts when mapping the drums instead of the chorus, it was mostly to kind of make the chorus stand out/feel more difficult than before (yes difficult, because the chorus is more of a climax to a song)
09:23 CXu: anyhow back to that slow song, my thoughts when mapping the drums instead of the chorus, it was mostly to kind of make the chorus stand out/feel more difficult than before (yes difficult, because the chorus is more of a climax to a song)
09:23 CXu: idk if it's a good approach or not mapping the background drums though
09:23 CXu: but I'd like more input on it anyway
09:23 Metro: you don't need
09:23 Metro: to make the chorus feel more difficult
09:23 Metro: this is my point
09:23 Metro: that song
09:23 Metro: is just supposed to make you feel nice
09:23 Metro: not agitated
09:23 Metro: not challenged
09:24 Metro: you're supposed to feel nice and relaxed
09:24 Metro: that's it
09:24 CXu: that depends on the individual though
09:24 Metro: that depends on the whole mapset
09:24 Metro: you overmap a lot
09:24 Metro: give it a rest there
09:24 CXu: also 16:18:034 - this is the logical place to start mapping the drums if I do change the chorus btw
09:25 CXu: also per definition, I don't really overmap "a lot"
09:25 Metro: yes
09:25 Metro: when she says
09:25 Metro: let's go
09:25 Metro: you can already map to that
09:25 Metro: per definition you don't
09:25 Metro: but this is overmapped as fuck
09:25 Metro: you overmap with spacing mostly
09:25 Metro: always
09:26 Metro: but here it's not the spacing but the constant abuse of triplets and 5's and streams
09:26 CXu: I don't know why you call it abuse of triples
09:26 Metro: because you keep abusing them
09:26 Metro: instead of doing creative 1/2 paterns
09:26 Metro: or something else
09:26 Metro: anyone can map abusing triplets
09:28 CXu: well, if you don't like triples, then that's that, but it's still not abusing triples unless they're placed completely randomly, which, atleast for the most part (I can't say for 100%of the map because I dont remember) they aren't
09:28 CXu: well, if you don't like triples, then that's that, but it's still not abusing triples unless they're placed completely randomly, which, atleast for the most part (I can't say for 100%of the map because I dont remember) they aren't
09:28 Metro: it's not about my personal opinion on triplets
09:28 Metro: or wether you're placing them to something in the music or not
09:28 Metro: if some music has triplets all over it
09:28 Metro: that doesn't mean you need to put triplets all over it
09:28 Metro: you're not copying the music
09:28 Metro: but making your own map, an interpretation of the music
09:28 Metro: if you interpretation
09:29 Metro: is to copy every single thing you hear
09:29 Metro: then you're not creating but copying
09:29 CXu: uhm well, that's how I've mapped since whenever so okay
09:30 CXu: I mean I don't map everything I hear all the time or whatever, but for the most part
09:30 CXu: yes I map listening to the music
09:30 Metro: that's good
09:30 Metro: and maybe some musics have helped you
09:30 Metro: but now you've mapped a 25 minute song
09:30 Metro: and when all you see is triplets
09:30 Metro: it gets tedious and boring
09:30 Metro: triplets and streams
09:32 CXu: I've tried to map every song with a different quirk without breaking the overall style of the map though
Non-stop CXu~ gogo ! /o/☆
The objectively best song in osu!.

Good luck with getting this approved CXu.
I wish I could help you out, really, I do, especially as you have worked quite a while with it.
But my computer can't handle a song this long, can you cut out the parts I should time? Adjusting the offset should not really be that hard if you just cut it at, for example 20 minutes to 23 minutes.
Sorry but well, it takes about 2-3 minutes for everything I do, which means it takes a bit too long time. Sorry :(
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Well, I would, but I already have like 2938 red lines there (well not that many but you get the point) and it's kinda lots of work to cut it out and stuff xD
Well yeah I'm just lazy, but it's fine, thanks for trying at least!

CXu wrote:

I'm just lazy
Don't be lazy

god I love myself
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Oh okay editing desc. doesnt reset grave timer. Noted.
With the storyboard add the name song please
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I need to wait until I've gotten the timing right before I can start working on the SB, or else I'd need to fix a lot of stuff afterwards :p
it is so long the song time!
Random timing check.

20:43:062 - unneeded, works with the previous one and with this the end comes a bit late.
22:19:137 -
22:21:390 - This and the previous one is deletable and you need to use 213 from 22:16:943
22:23:632 - delete this one too.
22:35:354 - Not necessary.
22:43:040 - ^

I will check it once again later on if you applied these.
Fenek Alfa
IMHO the biggest challenge is that a lot of songs have changed(or even fluctuating during the song itself) BPM to make a smooth transition, which screws me up as I know all of the songs and I instinctively think about them in their original BPMs.
Rip. Never forget.
Dude I love you so much thanks for this masterpiece <3
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