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Hello My name is Yukimura/GreenFriskHD

I'm pretty new in OSU skinning scene so I might not know much about skin. I started skinning around October of last year but started to get used to it on December.

I heard a lot about mixed skin and I know what it is but I do not know what are the criteria or signs that my work is a mixed skin. For Example, If I saw an element of an already existing skin and I try to replicate it to my own liking, does that counts as a mixed skin?

I really want to share my work in this Forum but I don't know if my work is considered as original or not so i if you know something please tell me.

Thank you
If you take an element directly from another skin, either with or without editing, it counts as mixed. (just using some element as a template doesnt count as mixing, since in the end you will be tracing over it anyways and are only using it for its dimensions and not its design.)
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