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Due to a largely negative response to the "unified ranking" change I made, I have since made further adjustments by separating the ranking types into a new dropdown. As of this release, country ranking is also available! Keep in mind that even though these features are only available to supporters, there is a chance they will still take a while to display due to the amount of processing necessary.

The ranking display also shows 8 instead of 7 scores without scrolling. I'm also experimenting with removing the load delay for supporters, which should make rankings feel a lot snappier at the song select screen (this may be reverted depending on load).

Lots of bug fixes too.
Seems like a much improved solution so far! I like being able to see my country ranking easily now too, awesome!

Edit: On second look, the country rankings are definitely not working correctly, as I am seeing many people who are not in my country on the list. For instance:

I am in USA, and Karuta is most certainly not. If this is part of the "take a while to load" issue, then that makes sense, otherwise figured i'd point this out.
Wow, this is a much better update. Thanks peppy.
is this feature would be available to all users in the next future?
Nice! Thanks Peppy, very interesting
Really interesting.

But doesnt work at all for me. Top Scores and Country show the exact same thing.

For instance :

And none of these 7 are french.
Thanks peppy! Loving all these updates you streaming into osu! lately.

My country filter is also showing the top scores, but friends filter work perfectly now.
Raging Bull
Country as in the country were currently in or where we registered?
Country rankings doesn't show any difference to the Top Scores on mine either.
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Country rankings should display properly again.

Avner wrote:

is this feature would be available to all users in the next future?
Probably not in the near future, due to how much it takes to do these lookups. I am always working on optimising stuff though, so it may happen at some point.
Much nicer display than before, I like it.
Lots of updates lately, keep up the good work!
Don Omar
peppy, it's AWESOME, really AWESOME!
To end this work with ranking, I advice you to make top 100 shown while playing and return top 400 back to song select ranking panel. Also, making country rank in profile would be interesting, too.
This space optimization looks pretty good I must say.

Don't forget to add those new supporter-only features here:
I liked unified ranking much more... I enjoyed being able to compete against both friends and top50 in-game, now I can only see one list at the time while playing and I have to switch tabs each time I want to see how my friends did, because I'd rather have top50. It would be great if it was added back as an option... Unified ranking was perfect for me except for local scores, which make no sense there imo and just spam it.

EDIT: I can't be the only one who liked it, right?...
Raging Bull
Country ranking useless to me. Not a lot from guam play.(´;ω;`)

Raging Bull wrote:

Country ranking useless to me. Not a lot from guam play.(´;ω;`)
Other's like it though, so as long as it doesn't harm you, no need to complain...

Raging Bull
Not like Im asking it to be removed or anything like some people.

Raging Bull wrote:

Country ranking useless to me. Not a lot from guam play.(´;ω;`)
T-T but is nice i hope more people in my country start play this game too :3
This version of ranking look pretty nice. Good work. =)
[Maid] NekoRyo
Yes PPY this is much better!!~ :D thank you for the Superb Improvement!!~ *Thumb Up*
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