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  • ~ Recruits ~

    The number of osu!mania beatmaps has been growing from time to time, but unfortunately we are running short of experienced modders. :(
    If you are interesting to help people making more awesome osu!mania maps, don't hesitate to participate to the team. :)
    And please vote which key modes do you often play. ;)
  • ~ Members ~

    This is a queue to help you find some modders who can mod osu!mania maps. So you should PM/tell them if you want some mods.
    If your map has at least 12 SP, ask BATs or woc for getting it ranked.

    -iCo- - patterns, misplaced notes, a bit of sounds
    - R u m i a - - patterns, rhythm, timings, note density
    Agka - patterns, proper note density, currently training in the art of SV changes 8D
    Bites - patterns, timings, sounds, art of slider velocities
    bumperpower64 - timings, flows, sounds
    chonicle - misplaced notes, sounds
    DJNightmare - patterns, misplaced notes, sounds, difficulty spread
    DJPop - patterns, misplaced notes, sounds, timings
    Entozer - misplaced notes, timings, a little bit of patterns
    ExPew - patterns , rhythm , volumes , long note check (a bit ok at English)
    Frans Niko - rhythm, sounds, misplaced notes, general stuffs
    _Gezo_ - see an overview and point out stupid patterns (4K only)
    Hanyuu - want to be a better mapper and learn things and also helping other maps
    ishimaru94 - review the patterns
    Irreversible - patterns, misplaced notes (trainee - not a mania BAT)
    ljqandylee - patterns, misplaced notes
    luyuja - misplaced notes, rhythm, uncomfortable note patterns (a bit ok at English)
    OniJAM - misplaced notes, timings, rhythm
    Pagno - placements, sounds, timings
    PROGUY - patterns, sounds, timings
    rickyboi - patterns, sounds, timings
    Roxas - volumes, patterns (mostly pattern that follow notes of the song), sounds
    RubyTheSpammer - patterns, timings
    Sp3ct3r - timings, misplaced notes, very small bit on patterns
    [Shi-ra] - rhythms, patterns, jackhammers, sounds
    Seyren Windsor - patterns, misplaced notes, sounds
    TOKI - rhythm, sounds, general stuffs
    ThoomyyxD - patterns, timings
    wanwan159 - how the maps play or a bit of note adjustments
    woc2006 - stuffs
    xxbidiao - patterns
  • ~ Requests ~

    • Often check the topic for further updates about rules, new members, etc.
    • Posted your own map with any mania diffs OR posted other person's map with your mania diffs included.
    • Write your post in this format
    Map's title : artist - title
    Link : xttp://
    Keys : what keys do this map have? example: 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K, 8K
    State : WIP or Pending, mostly advices for WIP, deep mod for Pending
Wotamin - Gigantic O.T.N
C-Show - Workaholic
Dj Mashiro - Prismatic Lollipops
M2U - mozart
FELT - Flower Flag
Inoue Nana - Snow snow
East New Sound - Hiiro Gekka Kyousai no Zetsu
Aimee B - Fallen Angel (TV Size)
TAG underground - POSSESSION
Yak_Won - Crisp
Ci Mei Gui - 舞·絢爛
TAG meets "eimy" - Kino aozora no shita de
SHK - Holic
ALTIMA - Burst The Gravity
fripSide - late in autumn
Toyama Nao - Natsuiro Surprise
Erik McClure - The Last Dead Angel
Chopin - (ANB feat)Etude 25-12
TAK - Black Swan
Dr. Flowershirts - zl
Yuzu Soft - Mecha Koi Ranman
YMCK - Family Dondon
TeamGrimoire+Amaneko - croiX
Nico Nico Douga - Election Angel, Uh!
Luo Baiji and Baby - Sound Of My Dream
Imperishable Night 2006
ZUN - Tsukimade Todoke, Fushi no Kemuri
96neko - Ib -again-
Zone - Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ (10 years after Ver)
Linked Horizon - Guren no Yumiya
SYNC.ART'S - Hesitate
Dormir - Sayonara Trip
ClariS - Connect -Game Installation-
Shiraishi - Natalie
Sana - Yakimochi no Kotae
masaki - Rhythmical Planet
M2U - Second Choice
Zircon - Baroque Virus
xi - Akasha
ねこみみ魔法使い - ★LittlE HearTs★
Bond - Wintersun (Bobby D'Ambrosio Mix)
East Clubbers - Walk Alone
SHIKI - Pure Ruby
篠螺悠那 feat. 鯛の小骨 - Imperishable Night 2006
kors k - Flip Flap
Nico Nico Douga - Election Angel, Uh!
TAK - SINister Evolution
Laura Shigihara - Brainiac Maniac
Matthew Taranto - If It Takes A Lifetime
D.J.Nero - Joker
Igorrr - Unpleasant Sonata
Nogizaka46 - Yubi Bouenkyou (TV Size)
katakiri rekka - setsuna Trip
KOTOKO - agony (TV Size)
fether - happycore chocobo
ALI PROJECT - Kyoumu Densen (TV Size)
Tsukasa - Over the Rainbow
siromaru + cranky - Conflict (Vocaloid Ver.)
Tamura Yukari ft motsu - You & Me
D.J.Amuro - ZZ
Fiona Fung - Proud of You
ねこみみ魔法使い - ★LittlE HearTs★

Latest posted :
that title too long :o
Do think of a better thread title...
It needs to be seen! :D!

Gabe wrote:

It needs to be seen! :D!
Using "▂▃▅▆" is eyecatching enough, nonstandard letters is just overdoing it.
Not a bad idea! An osu!mania Modding Team! :D
I'm here to help :D
But what I can do is only the hitsound part or find some misplaced notes. Can't mod for the pattern sorry x_x.

I can't even play normal diffs x_x
aha...maybe i can do some help :D
only for rhyme, sound and other general things for i cant play diff beyond hard x_x
Topic Starter
Updated member list. Welcome chonicle and TOKI :D
Hello~ I want to join \o/

I can check for misplaced notes, timing, and a little bit of patterns~
Hi,Maybe i can do some help .
I can check some misplaced notes, error rhythm,and uncomfortable note patterns.
My english is poor..
I want to join too :D

I want to be a better mapper and learn things and also by that helping other maps

EDIT: I can help with sounds, fixing patterns
I'm here to help.

Specialty is timing, hitsounds and pattern placement.
Topic Starter
Added new members, welcome guys ♪
you can add me too then :3

i can have a look at the misplaced notes, and maybe the patterns (if i have some ideas :3) but i'm still a nweb, hope i can help :D
I wish I could help in patterns, misplaced notes or something else xD
ready to join the team~
Map's title : Peter Lambert - osu! tutorial
Link :
Keys : 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K, 8K
State : Pending
( ゚∀゚)
I would also like to join \o/
(BIG note : i'm a bit inactive nowadays so don't expect so much from me.)
I'm more to modding timings, misplaced notes, and also a very small bit on patterns (usually fixing patterns to look better and also to make it feel fun).
I'm also here to join :D

I can look for misplaced notes, pattern, and a bit of hitsounds XD
Just wanna say I can only mod on weekends because of my job.
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