P4koo - 8th:Planet ~Re:search~

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This beatmap was submitted using in-game submission on Minggu, 17 Januari 2021 at 13.42.31

Artist: P4koo
Title: 8th:Planet ~Re:search~
Source: MUSYNX
Tags: osu! featured artist fa mappers' guild mpg electronic instrumental 8thplanet research [re-search] bms ノンジャンル2 nongenre2 non-genre unlimited fighters space techno melodic trance musync
BPM: 155
Filesize: 4224kb
Play Time: 01:57
Difficulties Available:
  1. Chapter 1 : We Are Beyond Human (4,47 stars, 503 notes)
  2. Easy (1,92 stars, 152 notes)
  3. Hard (3,55 stars, 365 notes)
  4. Normal (2,22 stars, 236 notes)

Download: P4koo - 8th:Planet ~Re:search~
Information: Scores/Beatmap Listing

top diff is a custom map made for osu! Indonesia Tournament 2021 (dt2 qf)

partially inspired by ~2011-2012 stream maps and mappers (Natteke, Glass, yeahyeahyeahhh, etc.) that had grew into me and shaped my mapping by a lot from my early osu! days even until today. have fun! 🪐


P4koo : Twitter | Soundcloud | Featured Artist Listing

The background image for this beatmap was derived from an artwork courtesy of kollsd on Pixabay which was released under the Pixabay license.
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