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The dev is paused for the next time - i have not more time because i have to learn a lot and working on an other, earlier required software project.

Hey Guys,

I´m a german software developer in trainee.

At the moment i´m developing an osu! skin creator application for windows.


Skins for osu! are composed of graphics and sounds.
This graphics and sounds could be found on beatmaps (in the beatmap folder) and on skins.

osu! skin creator loads this graphics and sounds automatically and categorize the files automatically for all osu! menus and views (such as the main menu, ingame view, etc).
The user select an overview from osu (e.g. the song selection, main menu, ingame view) and select for all elements the desired graphic / sound.
osu! skin creator automatically creates a folder with the required files and creates an ini file.

Planned features for release:

  1. Create easy skins for osu
  2. Lazy skin preview for each osu! overview
  3. Sound preview, some tools for testing sounds (play, pause, stop, repeat)
  4. Categorized file overview
  5. Start graphic editing programm directly from osu! skin creator to edit specific files for skins (graphic software changable)
  6. The programm byself is skinnable
  7. Add default skin files, this will added in each skin you will create!

Planned features for later releases (updates, i want to deploy this application longer time to make it nearly perfect):

  1. live preview
  2. automatically load currently selected skin from osu
  3. import files and manage this
  4. graphic editing in osu! skin creator byself (don´t start thid party software)
  5. some other...

Current Project State:

Kagurame wrote:

New ideas - New technic
The third technic at this time, i know.
But i remarked that Ruby is simply to slow for this type of application.
The last few weeks i testet a lot and now i will try out a new way.

It will be a Visual Basic application again.
This application download the current API version from a web server. Graphics will be drawn with HTML / CSS.

The layout will be the same - but new functions will be available:
Because the api is stored on a server, the software always runs with the newest version. If there are required local files, it could be simply downloaded at runtime.
Visual Basic could simply interact with the servers - so it will give a login (optionally) to store some settings global for you (you can work on more computers with same settings without transporting more than the small app). Also you can share your skins directly with the app or look for other skins from other users.
A support system will be integratet - With the application you can report bugs or take future requests - Notifications about this will be shown at startup for you (if you are an user) and some other peoples (if you want to see future requests they will be shown in the application).
Change log entries will be shown one time at startup if you´re registrated.

The app could be runned offline, shure. But one time it has to be runned with internet to catch the latest API files.

You could download the louncher here: LINK.
At best the application has a own directiory.

Greetings, Kagu-chan.
I hope you post ideas and wishes, maybe i can realize it.

System requirements:

Windows XP or higher (on windows 8 .Net Framework 3.5, but it will automatically installed if you want to use this software, because its developed on .Net Framework 2.0)
osu! (not really required, but good for loading and finding some files to create skins)

Closing Words
I hope you find this idea interesting and support me with ideas and / or wishes for osu! skin creator.
Its a lot of work, so be patient while i´m developing.

At the moment i need someone who can create / edit graphics for including better graphics in osu! skin creator, my graphics are crap... ._.

Thanks for reading ^-^


PS: Sorry for my bad english ._.


Last Update:

Mavis Marvell
It´s a great idea!
I hope your try the best :D
I've always thought about it, goddamn should have remembered sooner!
What language will you be developing this in? C#?
I'm quite interested, even though I barely have much knowledge in developing.I'll help in any way possible :P
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Thanks ^-^

It´s developed in Visual Basic.
Are you able to develop VB? Are you, its good, maybe we can work together. When not, normally i can use c# dll´s i think, some parts could be hard for me or i could need help, i contact you if i need help.
oh I play alot with VB.NET, I know the basic stuff :D
Still a noob though :I
might be interesting to sticky this when its complete :)
I could help, if it would be in c# ;_;
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I cant develop with c#... I can read it (mostly), but not more ._.
And vb I had learned it since 2 years... ^-^

But if I really need help, i´ll ask here or in an vb forum ^-^

Any wishes for the software?
If you want you can register your project on github, to make it public and open for discussion.
Also I can help you out in designing the UI and graphical skinning ;)
this is cool :) can't wait

Kagurame wrote:

I cant develop with c#... I can read it (mostly), but not more ._.
And vb I had learned it since 2 years... ^-^

But if I really need help, i´ll ask here or in an vb forum ^-^

Any wishes for the software?
Are you going to be using System.Drawing for graphics?

If you ever need a hand with anything just hit me up with a PM.
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Yes, actually i´m using system.drawing.
This is the reason why i dont implement live preview and some others at the moment - xna doesnt work on my computer, first i need a new computer to develope with it.

Status Report
Nearly each day i´m developing on osu! skin creator. I´ll update you permanently about the progress state.
Following Points has been programmed today:

  1. Clean up some code elements for more performance.
  2. osu! skin creator is now using a skinned mouse cursor - now it shows the osu cursor, you can change this cursor while creating skins.
  3. Creates a base and controlling class for previews.
  4. Designed welcome screen (unfinnished), thanks here to Lolicore Flandre and start programming functionalities.
  5. Translated some overview elements into the english language.
  6. While you´re not skinning at the moment (e.g. the welcome screen or options screen) all skinning elements are disabled.

Thanks for your feedback.
I need more ideas for osu! skin creator - help me ;)

Multi-language support? Like Japanese, Chinese, English, German, and such. Well I’m currently learning C++ (still sort of a beginner) if that would be of and if you need some help I might be of some service (ha I sound like I’m form Tolkien’s books... not too shabby)(currently reading) anyway I'm also learning German (3-4 student). The only thing I'm still in school and looking for a job (all that fun stuff that makes you want to rage quit). VB now that I only looked at a little bit and that was only the basics... so good job great idea "I tip my hat to you, good sir".
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Multi-Language Support is planned and very easy on VB. I only need some translators, please PN me if you want to translate the textes in your language.

Two News today (not more because i was been not at home at weekhand, short holydays ^-^):

  1. osu! skin creator gets portable, it does not needs a installation on your system. Also all settings get saves on the path where osu! skin creator runs.
  2. osu! skin creator will update automatically and gets a small console to downgrade, if a update is not that what i want (e.g. if i implement bugs -.-)
I need this ASAP. Develop faster.
In my opinion, I would like the option to add a section where we can see a betmap with skin created, to see if the skin looks good while you're playing or not

XinCrin wrote:

In my opinion, I would like the option to add a section where we can see a betmap with skin created, to see if the skin looks good while you're playing or not
Why not just preview in osu! then?
VB.NET and C# are more or less similar. I have been using the C#-VB.NET online converter since I wanted to develop ASP.NET website for my college project.

This looks promising. I might help when I'm available.
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@peppy: In osu! it doens not show sliders in skin preview. And one of the sense for osu! skin creator is not to start osu! extra for testing or viewing skin.
@XinCrin: In live-Preview, this will be implementet. But not at the moment. For a live-Preview with beatmaps i have to ancode the beatmaps, this is too much for the beginning. But later (:
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Hello and sorry for this long time without response by me.

The last days i created an auto updateter.
  1. Automatically checking are updates available
  2. Update automatically the application
  3. Restart automatically the application
  4. If the application directory contains a file named "NoUpdate", than acutally the update will be not pressed. Later this will be an option in settings.

At you can download the current alpha test version.
This version will not runs correctly, if the developing version and for real creating skins it is senseless!

You can test after every update here this version and test the new additions and reporting bugs and your opinion about the futures and graphical design.
So you can help while developing osu skin creator.

To start osu! Skin creator only open "OsuSkinCreator.Forms.exe". This name will be changed in an seperate (and i hope automatic) update.

Please note:
osu! Skin Creator Updater will delete for the application senseless files, so always run the application located in a seperate directory on your computer.
The updater autmatically cancel if this directory is not "OsuSkinCreator" and opens a message box with instruction:
osu! Skin Creator has to be located in an seperate directory named ""OsuSkinCreator"".Please be sure that no other files are located in this folder.This update routine will delete all files which not from osu skin creatorin the current application directory!Update will be cancelled. Please restart osu! skin creator manueally!

Have fun while testing (is really sparsely to test at the current time) and give feedback, thanks.


Known bugs and errors:
  1. Restarting osu! Skin Creator failes actually. Only restart after update manually.
  2. Reverting failed updates doesnt work. Its not implemented actually.

Reupped all files, there was bugs with the directory tests.
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