Is it allowed to use elements of a skin as a "base" for my skin?

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So, I had this doubt since I started making skins and wanted to upload it here.
I'll explain it better.

Basically, when I started making skins, I've been using elements from other skins to edit them myself, and then add more stuff to them.
Just in case, I haven't recolored at all. I just been using them as a base. (Some things were created by myself, it was just sometimes that I used other elements.)
And obviously I will not claim it as mine, not entirely, and I really would give credit to the original author.

My first skin was 80% edited elements, and that skin was only for entertainment. (It was a personal skin for my couple)
But, now that I am making a more serious skin, I would like to upload it, (It's on WIP) but the problem is that, some elements are edited too... and I would like to know if it's okay to upload it on this forum.
I'll wait for the answer, and Sorry for my bad english.

A skin needs to be made fully out of original elements in order to be shared on the forums.
Editing an element (hue shifting, adding onto it, resizing, similar actions) doesn't make it yours. It is fine to use an element to get the basic dimensions, aka as a template or as an inspiration, however anything beyond that is pretty much a no go.

You can always just remove all elements that aren't made by yourself for a WIP release.
If you are ever unsure if a specific element is fine as it is feel free to PM me.
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