osu! Beatmapping World Championship 2020

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Contest organised by Chaos, Imakuri, Nozhomi, Pachiru and Regraz.
with the precious help of Milan- along with Electoz, juankristal, ScubDomino, Smokeman and Yauxo.

Welcome to the 2020 edition of the osu! Beatmapping World Championship!
(previously known as osu! Mapping World Cup)

This post is the official post for the contest, any updates, changes or informations will be posted here along with Discord, Twitter, QQ group at 483684060 and our website!

Current stage: The contest is now over! Thanks for all the participations!
You can also visit the Pick’em page made by hallowatcher where you can do your predictions about the contest!

Please read closely everything below to familiarize yourself with the format of the tournament.

Please note: these are the rules and shall not be broken under any circumstances, and the osu! Ranking Criteria and General Ranking Criteria are in effect for this contest.

3-7 members per team required - The main concept of the contest is to show off each country's mapping capabilities. This means that a collaboration of at least 2 members on each song will be required from the team members. How you organize the map parts is completely up to you.

Each mapper must contribute at least once during the contest - We want each team to be fairly rewarded for their hard work, which means we don’t want any winning teams to have one or more members that do not contribute during the contest.
Copying others’ work is strictly prohibited - The whole point of the contest is to test each country's ability as a whole, therefore by copying other peoples work you’re not truthfully showing off what your country is capable of. If we, or the judges, find out work has been copied, your entire team will be disqualified.

Sharing or asking for external help for your beatmapset before the set deadline is strictly prohibited - Doing so will automatically disqualify your team.

Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline - Everybody will have the same time to map for each round so extending a deadline for any particular team would be unfair for other teams. Therefore any entries submitted after the deadline will be disqualified. The website will automatically close submissions once the deadline has passed.

Entries can only be submitted through the website - This process is made to ease the management of the difficulties between the judges and the contestants. No entries will be accepted through any means but the website. If you encounter any issue with the website, please let us know as soon as it occurs.
Custom hitsounds are allowed, but none will be provided - You are allowed, and even encouraged, to use custom hitsounds. How you organize them is up to you.

Do not include storyboards or beatmap backgrounds - They will not be considered in the judging process and removed prior to entries being passed onto the judges.

Restricted mappers can’t take part in the contest - For the legitimacy of this contest; we can not accept restricted users. If we find out that a restricted user took the place of someone’s account for this contest, the entire team will be disqualified.

Teams must consist of users from a single country only - Merging or combining countries doesn’t allow people to represent their individual country to the fullest. To help issues with any countries having only a few mappers that will participate, we have reduced the minimum amount of people needed to allow more countries to participate in this contest. You can only join the country's team that is displayed on your osu profile.

Only one team per country will be allowed - While some countries are more active than others on osu! and in mapping, to keep everything fair between all of the participants of this contest, only one team will be made per country.

Keep the organizers in touch with team updates past the preparation phase - If a contestant has to drop from the contest for any reasons, please let us know about it as soon as possible. No replacements will be allowed and no rewards will be attributed to the user if the team gets into the top 3.
Q: What is this contest?
A: The osu! Beatmapping World Championship is a standard mode contest where several countries compete against each other to show off their country’s best mapping ability. Each team member will be handpicked by a Team Captain, composed of 3 to 7 members, including the Team Captain.

Q: How does this contest work?
A: The contest will have 2 stages with a total of 5 rounds. The first round is a qualifier round where all eligible country teams will compete against each other in a typical mapping contest with one song to map. The top 16 placing teams will move onto the next stage of the contest. After the qualifier round, the remaining stages will follow a head to head bracket format, also called “Clash Rounds”. For each matchup between a pair of two teams, each team will be allowed to ban one genre among the three available which will lead them to map the remaining song. Once the mapping phase is over, the judges will be tasked to vote for the best entries out of the two teams, and so until the final.

Q: What will be the songs?
A: The song genres will be revealed for all phases prior the qualifiers, while the song names for each stage will be announced as soon as the stage starts.

Q : What is a “Team Captain”?
A: The Team Captains, also called Captains are chosen by the mappers of their country through a vote on the website. They will be the ones in charge to communicate with the organizers and their team in order to let us know about team-related things. The requirements to become Team Captain is to have at least one ranked guest difficulty, in order to show your mapping experience.

Q: What if my country doesn’t have a Team Captain?
A: You’re free to apply as one through the website if you meet the criterias! Mappers of your country will vote for the people they want to have as their country’s Team Captain. If nobody applied to be a Team Captain for your country once the deadline is over, you won’t be able to participate in the contest. Make sure to let mappers in your country know of this beforehand!
The country you will be allowed to participate with will be based on your profile's flag. No country merge will be allowed to avoid management complications.

Q: How do we know who will face each other? Will it be randomized?
A: No, it won’t be randomized. During the Qualifier round, only the best 16 teams will move to the clash rounds. The first team will face the sixteenth, the second will face the fifteenth, the third will face the fourteenth, etc… So make sure to give all your energy during the Qualifiers stage!

Q: “At least 2 mappers will have to collaborate on each song” - Are we able to work with my full team on each map?
A: Yes! We set this rule to make sure the main spirit of the contest about collaborations remains, while not restricting people with their team management. If you want to work on a full team on each stage, you’re encouraged to do so!

Q: I want to vote, but I don’t have any mapping experience, am I allowed to do so?
A: Sadly, no you can’t. You must have at least one ranked guest difficulty in osu!standard. If you meet these criterias, you’ll be able to vote for the potential Team Captains based on your country flag, which means you can’t vote for Russian Team Captain if you’re from the United Kingdom.

Q: Are we allowed to change our votes?
A: Votes can be changed as much as you want before the deadline. Once the deadline is over, every vote will be locked and there will be no opportunity to change your vote.

Q : Can I have my own team for my country even if it already has one?
A: No. Each country will only have one Team Captain to represent it.

Q : Do I have to join the Discord server to participate?
A : Only the Team Captain is required to join the Discord server. The team members however are free to join or not. All important information will be shared on Discord and on our website, so you won’t miss anything if you don’t join the Discord server!

Q : Can I join the Discord server even if I don’t want to participate in the contest?
A : Yes. There is a public link at the top of the forum post. Upon joining, you’ll be in the #arrival channel, where you will have to post your osu! profile link, and then a member of the staff or a moderator will accept you.

Q : Can I make an osu!mania, osu!taiko or osu!catch beatmap?
A: No. This instance of the contest is only for the osu!standard mode.

Q : Will this event be broadcasted on Twitch?
A : Yes, the finals and grand finals of the contest will be broadcasted on Twitch at this channel. During this stream, there will be a summary of all important moments of the contest.

If you have more questions to ask, feel free to message us!
Hello there!

First of all, thank you for your interest toward the contest. This contest is the second edition of the previous Mapping World Cup, we renamed our contest to avoid confusion with the osu! Mania World Cup, which initials were MWC aswell.

After the last edition, we felt that the format of this mapping contest wasn’t feeling really unique enough for a country-wide contest, so after few months of work, we come back with a brand new contest format! We sincerely hope you’ll like it!

Contest format
Considering the format of this contest is something new in the mapping scene, here’s a summary of how the contest will work.

Registration phases

  1. First of all, if you wish to apply as Team Captain, you’ll be asked to register on the website and apply as so. During the voting phase, people from each country will vote for the person they would like to see as Team Captain. Only people with at least one ranked mapset or guest difficulty will be able to vote. If you don’t have any ranked mapsets but a ranked guest difficulty, you’ll be asked to send one of them to confirm your vote. Please note that you can only vote for applicants that share the same flag as you!
  2. Once the voting phase is over, you can apply as Contestant on the website. Please note that you can only apply for the country based on your profile flag!
  3. Then, Team Captains will compose their teams by picking them among the list of applicants as Contestants. Once the preparation phase is over, Team Captains picks will be locked and cannot be edited anymore.

Mapping phases

  1. The first mapping phase of this contest will be Qualifier Round. During this mapping phase, every team will face each other and will be mapping the same song. Only the top 16 teams will be able to go to the Clash Rounds and will be seeded based on their performances during the Qualifier Round, implying the first team will face the sixteenth, the second team will face the fifteenth, etc...
  2. The Clash Rounds are head-to-head matches, where the two teams will have to ban two songs among three where the remaining one will be the one to map. Each other mapping phases from Round of 16 until Finals will follow this format. The winning team will be able to proceed to the next stage, and so, until the Finals.
  3. The two losing teams of the Semifinals will face each other in the Finals for the third place, while the two winning teams of the Semifinals will join the Grand Finals for the first and second place. The finalists will not be able to ban songs on the Finals!

Please note that every .osz submission should be made by Team Captains onto the website!

  1. 1st Place - 8 months of supporters for each team member, profile badge.
  2. 2nd Place - 6 months of supporter for each team member, profile badge.
  3. 3rd Place - 4 months of supporter for each team member, profile badge.

  1. If you wish to register as Team Captain, please follow this link: here
  2. If you wish to register as Contestant, please follow this link: here
  3. If you wish to vote for the Captain you want to represent your country, please follow this link: here

    Before applying, please do not forget to verify your account on the website!

    Please note that if you want to spectate the contest, you don’t need to register with your osu! profile on the website. Every important updates and information regarding the contest will be given on Discord, QQ group, Twitter and the website you can visit without being a mapper. All links to join them are available at the top of this forum post.

Judges which have been chosen for this contest are:

- Ryuusei Aika || - Electoz || - yaspo || - Myxo || - Seto Kousuke

Here is the reserve Judges list:

- Stack || - Sonnyc

Reserve Judges are here to step in, in case one (or more) of the current judges can’t be available during a judging phase. Each of the Judges have been chosen by the staff according to their mapping and modding abilities, along with their involvement in the mapping scene.

Preparation phase

05/02/2020 to 05/15/2020: Announcements and Registration phase (Team Captains and Contestants)
05/16/2020 to 05/22/2020: Voting phase for each country's Team Captain
05/23/2020 to 05/29/2020: Team Building phase

Qualifier Round

05/30/2020 to 06/12/2020: Qualifier Round - Mapping Phase
06/14/2020 to 06/27/2020: Qualifier Round - Judging Phase

Clash Rounds

06/30/2020 to 07/12/2020: Round of 16 - Mapping Phase
07/14/2020 to 07/21/2020: Round of 16 - Judging Phase
07/24/2020 to 08/07/2020: Quarterfinals - Mapping Phase
08/09/2020 to 08/16/2020: Quarterfinals - Judging Phase
08/19/2020 to 09/02/2020: Semifinals - Mapping Phase
09/04/2020 to 09/12/2020: Semifinals - Judging Phase


09/15/2020 to 09/29/2020: Finals and Grand Finals - Mapping Phase
10/01/2020 to 10/08/2020: Finals and Grand Finals - Judging
10/17/2020 (20:00 GMT+0): Finals Livestream

Please note that each phase starts at 00:00 (GMT+0) and ends at 23:59 (GMT+0)

You can read the full documentation of this contest here, explaining each details about the contest. Please let us know if the link is not working or if you’re not able to visit the link!

If you have any questions regarding this contest, please do not hesitate to ask any of the organisers on the Discord server, or in DMs. We're always online on discord and always happy to help.
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<insert fancy placeholder message regarding the results of the contest>
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The contest is now open!
I am poggers right now
Caput Mortuum
no mania :(
Choices of Judges is good, but yaspo and Myxo together skews the panel in favor of movement mappers/flat earthers/etc... Put one of them in reserve and Sonnyc as a main judge instead thanks.
Canada mappers best mappers

I am the exception
Btw congratulation to team UK for winning the contest!

1st: United Kingdom
2nd: Argentina
3rd: Brazil
4th: Russian Federation

You can find their maps here:
- United Kingdom: beatmapsets/1280467#osu/2659837
- Argentina: beatmapsets/1280480#osu/2659858
- Brazil: beatmapsets/1280436#osu/2659781
- Russian Federation: beatmapsets/1281199#osu/2661154
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