Mapping With Rewards: 2017

Submit your entries for this year's Mapping With Rewards contest here!

The songs for this cycle are:

Fractal Dreamers - Fortuna Redux

The opening track from Fractal Dreamer's debut album Kingdom of Silence. Incredibly varied, high tempo EDM track with strong central melodies and thumping percussion. Well suited for mappers who enjoy intense tracks.

*namirin - closing eyes

From *namirin's latest album, 5colors. Bright vocals without excessive sweetness, set to a backing track that builds on victorious overtones. Likely familiar to anyone who is fond of anime.

Loki - A New King Is Born

The cinematic climax of Loki/Thaehan's The Fall of a Hero. High BPM symphonic metal with prominent electric guitar melodies and leads, set to muted but varied percussion.


  • The bounty is only awarded to maps that use the versions of the song announced in this post. Other versions, cuts, or remixes do not count.
  • You must submit your beatmap through this page AS A .OSZ FILE for it to qualify for the Mapping With Rewards system. The beatmap sets may also be submitted via the Beatmap Submission System, modded on the page and even reach Ranked status while this contest is running, as long as they are entered into the contest via the contest system.
  • You can submit multiple osz files (up to 16 total) via this page if you wish to enter the running for more than one song, or more than one gamemode per song, and vice versa.
  • Entries may be submitted until 31. December 2017.
  • Submissions must adhere to the Ranking Criteria or be in a state close to satisfying this condition through minor changes.
  • Custom hitsound samples cannot be used.
  • Collaborations are not allowed because we aim for coherent sets.
  • If not enough people of a gamemode map a song, no contest will be held for that particular song and mode.
  • We reserve the right to change the map's background after it has been ranked.
  • If a short version of a song is offered, mapping the full version will lead to a slight bonus in judging.
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