Welcome to osu!, a free-to-win rhythm game developed by peppy with four game modes: osu!standard, a circle clicking simulator; osu!taiko, a drumming emulator; osu!catch, a fruit salad catcher; osu!mania, a key smashing mania.

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See also: Ranking Criteria.

Ranking Criteria is a set of rules and guidelines set by the QAT to ensure that every player can expect similar game play throughout every beatmap.


See also: Beatmapping.

Beatmapping is the process of a creator creating a beatmap. This process includes: selecting music, timing and mapping the beatmap, and testing the beatmap. It might also include: adding a video, adding a storyboard, and/or adding a custom skin. All of those can be done by the creator alone or with other users, sometimes referred to as storyboarders, skinners, and/or guest creators, depending on what they do.


See also: Modding.

Modding is the process of users reviewing (or commonly called "modding") a creator's beatmap in the pending (or work in progress/help) stage. Modding plays a big role in quality control because this allows creators to fix issues with their beatmap.

osu!wiki - How you can help!

Since 26. August 2016, the osu!wiki has moved to a GitHub repository. After this change, the workflow has drastically changed. All contributions now go through the osu-wiki GitHub repository and are reviewed before being approved and merged to the osu!wiki.

To get started, see the osu!wiki Contribution Guide.