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Skinning is one of the fundamentals of all osu! game modes. It enables users to derive from the "original" skin elements and to create their own!



Over the years here at osu!, skins have changed dramatically in style. There are various different ways that you can skin, with a few guides on the forums to start you off on how!

Skins vary from "for-fun" skins with some central theme (i.e some anime) that are nigh impossible to play with (such as this) to more serious "pro" skins that maximize play field visibility, minimize visual obtrusions (e.g replacing hitbursts with blank images or star2.png with blank images).

The Basic of Skinning

Skin Versions

Version Changes
1 1.0 2007~2013 initial release.
2 2.0 2013 global redesign, featuring new spinners, ranking screen alignment changes and overall improvements.
2.1 Same as 2.0, but includes Taiko @2x support as well as Taiko alignment changes to match.
2.2 Introduction of new beatmap panel layout. Includes rotating and scaled stars (rather than "half" stars), thumbnails and improved alignment of all elements.
2.3 Same as 2.2, but includes the new CtB mascot Yuzu, changes in CtB catcher behaviour as well as new CtB-exclusive combobursts.

Skin Sets

If your beatmap has any of the elements included in here, all elements of the set must be included even if you need to use default skin elements to complete it. If all sets are included, then you may alternatively just force default skin.

  • Hitcircle set
    • hitcircle.png
    • hitcircleoverlay.png
    • approachcircle.png
    • reversearrow.png
  • Slider set
    • sliderb.png (also may be found as sliderb0.png up until sliderb9.png)
    • sliderfollowcircle.png
  • Spinner set
    • spinner-background.png
    • spinner-circle.png
    • spinner-approachcircle.png
    • spinner-metre.png
  • Spinner Hints set
    • spinner-clear.png
    • spinner-spin.png
    • spinner-osu.png
  • Countdown set
    • ready.png
    • count3.png
    • count2.png
    • count1.png
    • go.png
  • Cursor set
    • cursor.png
    • cursortrail.png
  • Scorebar set
    • scorebar-bg.png
    • scorebar-colour.png
  • Hitbursts Set
    • hit0.png
    • hit50.png
    • hit100.png
    • hit100k.png
    • hit300.png
    • hit300k.png
    • hit300g.png
  • Scorebar Ki set
    • scorebar-ki.png
    • scorebar-kidanger.png
    • scorebar-kidanger2.png
  • Slider Scores set
    • sliderpoint10.png
    • sliderpoint30.png
  • Hitcircle Numbers set
    • default-0.png
    • default-1.png
    • ...
    • default-9.png
  • Score Numbers set
    • score-0.png
    • score-1.png
    • ...
    • score-9.png
    • score-comma.png
    • score-dot.png
    • score-percent.png
    • score-x.png
  • Section Markers set
    • section-pass.png
    • section-fail.png
  • Taiko mode specific
    • pippidonclear0.png
    • ...
    • pippidonfail0.png
    • ...
    • pippidonidle0.png
    • ...
    • pippidonkiai0.png
    • ...
    • spinner-warning.png
    • taiko-bar-left.png
    • taiko-bar-right-glow.png

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