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Logo.pngWelcome to the osu! wiki, a collaborative compendium of all osu! things!
We have 741 articles and counting! Today is Friday, January 30, 2015.
General Description
The osu! wiki is a project based on the contributions of people from osu!. The end goal is that it replaces the old FAQ section, and allows it to become a much more exhaustive resource. However, to make this possible, we need help from everyone willing to contribute! You can use your osu! account to start contributing!
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Getting Started osu! Game Styles
Registration Installation Newbie's guide osu! Rules Hit Objects Game Interface Options Glossary List of Guides Shortcut Key Reference osu! Program Files BBCode osu! File Formats Basic explanation osu! Standard Taiko Catch The Beat osu!mania Multi-play

External ports: osu!stream osu!droid T-Aiko! osu!wp

Beatmap Editor Online Editing and Ranking
Compose / Design / Timing / Song Setup

Beatmapping Beat Snap Divisor / Distance Snap Custom Sample Overrides Kiai Time Mapping Techniques Skinning (Skin.ini) Storyboarding Storyboard Scripting

Difficulties: Easy Normal Hard Insane

Beatmap Approval Getting Your Map Modded How to Get Your Map Ranked Kudosu Modding Star Priority Submission WIP Music Theory Audio Editing

Ranking Criteria: Standard Taiko Catch the Beat osu!mania

World of osu! People
Beatmaps Game Modifiers Achievements History of osu! Performance Points Play Styles Score Accuracy Chat Console BanchoBot Live streaming osu! Internet Relay Chat Tournaments/Showcases osu!academy osu!supporter Mascots The Team Administrators/Global Moderation Team Quality Assurance Team Beatmap Appreciation Team Language Moderators Mappers osu! Alumni Support Team Community Contributors List of notable people
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For a TODO list, visit Osu!:Current_events.
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