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Here's just the topic with some information on the large-scale, (for the most part) individual projects that I have been working to carry out, and will continue to carry out.

OKAMI OST PROJECT (status: ongoing)
Name says it all: I'm mapping pieces from the Okami original soundtrack. You are more than free to make requests to what you want to see mapped; suggestions will be considered and will likely influence the order of things to be done on my to-do list.

Rei Kondoh - The Sun Rises
Hiroshi Yamaguchi, Masami Ueda - Ushiwaka's Dance ~Playing with Ushiwaka~
Masami Ueda - Shinshuu Plains II

Other ranked maps:
Ayaka Hirahara - Reset by Zekira

Hiroshi Yamaguchi - Okikurmi the Hero

In Progress:
Ryoshima Plains II
Masami Ueda - Sparrow's Inn
The Emperor of Eternal Darkness

Considerations list: (will be constantly updated as I pick out/am suggested particular pieces)
Tokyo Game Show 2005 Promotion
Northern Country Kamui II
The Journey Continues

BLACK JACK OP/ED PROJECT (status: on hold)
I have also been moving to this project here, which is to map the opening and ending themes of the Black Jack anime and its sequels. The only downturn is that it's difficult obtaining the clean edit versions of these songs, and for most of them, the full versions are quite long. Plus, the edits really capture the best of the songs without having to span the whole thing. Luckily, I don't expect this to be too rushed a project, so I feel I'll have the time to gather all the edit versions at my leisure (though anyone who finds themselves in the possession of them could definitely lend me their assistance in the gathering portion of my work).

All the maps which I am able to will have lyrics subtitled and make use of elements of my Black Jack skin.

Below is a list of the themes and what I have done so far.

Gekkouka - Janne Da Arc (1st OP) [Ranked]
Here I am - globe (2nd OP)
Fantastic - Ami Suzuki (3rd OP) [Complete]
Kuroge Wagyuu Kamishio Tanyaki 680 yen - Ai Ootsuka (1st ED)
clover - hiro (2nd ED)
Careless breath - EXILE (3rd ED)

Destiny -Taiyou no Hana- - Hitomi Shimatani (1st BJ21 OP)
Careless breath - EXILE (1st BJ21 ED)
Silence whispers - TRF (2nd ED)

The Theme of B.J. - Tak Matsumoto (BJ21 4 Miracles OP)
Roots - B'z (BJ21 4 Miracles ED)
(Do note that I probably won't do the 4 Miracles of Life pieces.)

I will soon be starting a project to map suitable music from Phantom Brave: We Meet Again. A playlist of most or all of the music can be found here.
I'm willing to collaborate with anyone who desires to help.

In Progress:
R & R Junkie (An64fan)
Game Breaker (Mogsworth?)
here's a mp3folder for sparrow's inn:
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Many thanks, Nactra! :) Now Sparrow's Inn gets to sit in a cozy and secure spot in my waiting list.
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Gonna start a Phantom Brave project with the awesome battle musics and whatever else flows well. :)
Anyone wanting to help is more than welcome to.
I'd be more than willing to help on at least one map of the Phantom Brave project.
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That's more than fine, of course. Just let me know what you decide to do so I can take note of it. :)
At the moment, all I have planned is Game Braker. But I'll be investigating my collection and seeing which other ones are mappable for my style.
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