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Becoming a Beatmap Nominator

Users interested in joining the Beatmap Nominators need to go through an application process overseen by the Nomination Assessment Team (NAT).

Applications are conducted via the BN website.

Applicants are required to meet a minimum kudosu threshold, submit at least two beatmaps they have recently modded, and complete a Beatmap Nominator Test on the ranking criteria in order to submit their application. A message from the NAT will be sent once a verdict has been decided. More information on applying can be found on the website.

Basic criteria

Modders aiming to apply to the Beatmap Nominators must fulfil the following criteria:

  • They have accumulated at least 150 kudosu.
  • They provide 3 of their mods which they think qualify them to be a part of the Beatmap Nominators.
    • Previous members of BN/NAT are allowed to submit a minimum of 2 mods for their application.

Modding expectations

See also: Common modding mistakes and osu!mania modding guide

Submitted mods should show that a user is capable of analysing and improving beatmaps to a standard fit for the Beatmap Nominators.

The following are modding traits expected of Beatmap Nominators. Failure to display any of these traits may result in a rejected application.

  • Coverage of all common difficulty levels.
    • Most beatmaps will have a spread of difficulties ranging from easy up to expert, and so Beatmap Nominators must be proficient in modding such difficulties. Proficiency in modding extremely high level difficulties is not required.
  • Identification of unrankable issues, including ones tools cannot detect, such as incorrect timing or metadata.
  • Comparison between parts of a beatmap to support issues or suggestions.
    • Referencing other parts of the beatmap is useful for keeping suggestions in line with the original styles and ideas the mapper has in their map.
  • Commentary about a wide variety of beatmap elements, such as rhythm, spacing, movement, intensity, contrast, and consistency.
    • While Beatmap Nominators are encouraged to ask for help when needed, they should be able to judge almost all aspects of mapping independently to a decent level.
  • Identification of both isolated issues and general map-wide issues
  • Consideration of mappers' intentions when identifying issues and giving suggestions.
    • Avoid suggesting your own mapping styles or preferences if they contradict the mapper's intended style. If there is an issue related to the mapper's style, try to frame your suggestions around what they originally intended.
  • Ability to make useful suggestions and spot mistakes for mappers of varying experience levels.
    • Beatmap Nominators will often deal with very experienced mappers or high-quality maps which may not require much feedback. It is important therefore to still be able to spot mistakes and suggest improvements for even the most seasoned of mappers.
    • For the application, it is not recommended to submit mods on maps from beginner mappers which lack the fundamentals. Instead, submitted mods should be on maps that are ready for a BN to look at.
  • Clear communication with the mapper.
    • Mod posts should explain the issue and the solution as clearly and concisely as possible to avoid confusing the mapper, or even having their suggestion applied incorrectly. Specialised terminology should also generally be avoided.

Application process

Application flowchartFlowchart outlining the Beatmap Nominator application process

Every application submitted to the BN website that passes the Beatmap Nominator Test will be reviewed by evaluators to determine whether or not the applicant can enter the Beatmap Nominator group.

When a user applies to become a BN, the NAT will be notified via the "bnsite" Discord bot in their respective Discord channel. The notification will include the applicant's name and test score, as well as which evaluators have been assigned to the application.

Evaluators can then review the full application on the BN website, which includes any information the applicant submitted, their test results, as well as a historical record of past evaluations if the user has applied to or has been a BN previously.

Evaluation is broken into two stages: individual and group.

Individual stage

During the individual stage, lasting at most 7 days, 2–3 evaluators are randomly assigned to the application. Sometimes, BNs are invited to act as evaluators, but there will always be at least one NAT assigned.

The evaluators will look over the application and evaluate the applicant's modding performance and behaviour. They will typically note down any positive and negative posts in the mods. Each evaluator will then vote "pass", "neutral", or "fail" for the application.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Modding: Knowledge of the general ranking criteria and specific criteria of each game mode. Adherence to the modding expectations. Additional abilities relating to metadata, timing, and some others will also be taken into consideration.
  • General attitude: Tone of delivery of the mods and other behavioural expectations from the Code of Conduct, as well as general behaviour in chat/forums.

Any comments and votes from evaluators at this stage are hidden from other evaluators.

Group stage

The group stage lasts at most until 14 days after the applicant sent in their application, which progresses to this stage when either:

  • All assigned evaluators have submitted their individual evaluation.
  • The majority of the evaluators have submitted their individual evaluation, where they have unanimously failed the applicant.

At this stage, the comments and votes from each evaluator are revealed to the other evaluators, and in the case of an ambiguous verdict, they will discuss until a consensus is reached.

Feedback is then written based on the comments of the evaluators and the application result is sent back to the applicant by the Nomination Assessment Team bot as an announcement message, after which the evaluation will be archived for future reference. Successful applicants are added as a probationary BN immediately after the result is sent.

In the case of failed applications, the NAT will also determine the length of the user's cooldown before they may apply again. In case it is reduced from the standard cooldown duration, the conditions will be indicated in the feedback sent to the applicant.


Depending on your status, the cooldown before you can apply again may vary.

Failed applications

If you failed a Beatmap Nominator application, you will be subjected to one of the following cooldowns before you can apply again:

Type Cooldown Usage
Reduced 30 days Applications with relatively few issues, or Beatmap Nominator Test fails
Standard 60 days Normal fails
Extended 120 days Applicants with major behaviour concerns

Rejoining after being removed from the Beatmap Nominators

Users who have recently left the Beatmap Nominators may have different requirements to rejoin compared to when they first joined. For users who have performed well prior to leaving, they may be able to rejoin with no requirements at all for a period of time. The NAT will inform the user if they have the opportunity to fast-track their way back into the Beatmap Nominators.

If you were a Beatmap Nominator before, the following requirements apply unless you have failed an application since last time you were a Beatmap Nominator:

Type Cooldown Application process
Good None None1
Standard 60 days Normal
Activity None Normal2


  1. A Beatmap Nominator who resigned on good terms will be treated with standard terms after 1 year. 

  2. Applicants will have to provide 3 mods in applications, instead of at least 2.