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Ranking (alternatively called "leaderboards") is a list that sorts members of the osu! community according to certain criteria.

All but the individual beatmap rankings can be navigated to by hovering over the rankings menu on the website header. For the individual beatmap ranking, they can be found on their beatmap info page.

Performance points ranking

See also: Performance points

The performance points ranking describes a player's skill-level in comparison to other players. This leaderboard is determined by the total number of performance points an individual player has, and can be seen on a player's profile and on the performance leaderboards.

Score ranking

The score ranking compares players' total score and lists them accordingly. Ranking highly on this leaderboard requires a large time commitment, but requires relatively less mechanical skill than the performance points ranking.

Kudosu ranking

The Kudosu ranking compares users' accumulated Kudosu and lists them accordingly. This ranking requires no playing skills, as Kudosu is gained as a part of the modding process.

Spotlights ranking

The Spotlights rankings are time-limited leaderboards that compare players' skill on a specific set of beatmaps each Spotlights season. Players who rank highly on Spotlights rankings will receive specific awards as a result of their hard work.

Beatmap ranking

The beatmap rankings compare players' scores against each other on individual beatmaps. They appear once a beatmap has been Qualified, Ranked, Approved, or Loved. The top eight are shown without having to scroll, and if the player has a top 50 score, it will automatically scroll to their score. First place ranks can be seen on a user's profile page.

Country ranking

The country rankings are based on performance points of players from a country.