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Total score

For other uses, see Score (disambiguation).

The total score is the total sum of all scores on all beatmaps, including failed attempts.

If a player sets a record on a ranked beatmap for the first time, both their ranked score and total score increase by that amount. Afterwards, total score grows with every new result submission, while ranked score only increases if the player has improved their record.


The level of a player is based solely on the player's total score. The score requirement for a level is given by the following function:

score(n) = 5,000 / 3 * (4n^3 - 3n^2 - n) + 1.25 * 1.8^(n - 60) if n <= 100
score(n) = 26,931,190,827 + 99,999,999,999 * (n - 100)         if n > 100

Note that due to a rounding technique used by the game, the values for levels up to 100 do not precisely match the formula. This is because the game keeps a pre-calculated list of differences in score between levels, and each item in the list is rounded to the nearest integer. For example, the eightieth item in the list is score(81) - score(80) = 128,927,482.36216, rounded to 128,927,482. By level 100, the total error is +1.629 score, which is why score(100) = 26,931,190,828.629 does not match the 26,931,190,827 in the second part of the function.

The progress to the next level is displayed using a bar next to the player's level.