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Single-note stream

A stream is a constant set of notes with the same snap interval. There are many different types of streams that impose different levels of strain on the player. Single-note streams are the most basic stream type and are comprised of exclusively consecutive single notes.

This image shows a specific type of stream known as a roll.

A roll is a common variation of a stream consisting of notes that go across all columns in sequence.

Streams with notes appearing in intervals faster than one beat are typically referred to as bursts. They commonly use snaps higher than 1/4.


Jumpstreams are streams that involve jumps. Usually, the stream itself is on 1/4 snaps while the jumps land on higher snaps. This is the most common type of stream pattern used in 4K osu!mania.

This term is mainly used in 4K osu!mania.


Handstreams are streams that involve hands, and may involve jumps as well. Like jumpstreams, the stream itself is on 1/4 snaps while the jumps land on higher snaps.

This term is also mainly used in 4K osu!mania.


Quadstream is a term exclusively used in 4K osu!mania. Similar to the previous two types of streams, it is a stream that involves the usage of quads as well as other smaller chords. In 4K osu!mania, the quads in quadstreams create minijacks with the note before or after the quad.


Chordstreams are a type of stream which involve different chord sizes. The stream is usually on 1/4, with chords on every 1/1 or 1/2 snap interval. In key modes outside of 4K, "chordstream" usually refers to streams involving 3 or more notes within the chords. Thus, the term is almost exclusively used within non-4K key modes.

Chordstreams may also include double streams, which are two streams occurring simultaneously. These are more common within 7K and higher key modes of osu!mania.


Brackets are a specific type of chordstream involving the usage of 2 or more trills occurring at the same time, though the trills may switch columns. They usually occur when chordstreams are quite dense with their chord usage and usually mix both one-handed and two-handed trills together.

This term is exclusive to non-4K osu!mania key modes.