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Jacks typically refer to 3 or more consecutive notes within the same column. Jacks are typically snapped at a 1/4 snap interval or higher and tend to feature less notes overall, differentiating them from anchors. Jacks often represent consecutive repeated sounds that occur in music.

They are referred to as jacks since the motion required to play them mimics the motion of a jackhammer.

A jack in the traditional sense of the word.


A minijack is a type of jack which only features 2 notes and is the least demanding version of a jack.


A longjack is a more strenuous type of jack which uses 4 or more consecutive notes, typically isolated from any other pattern. This term may also be used when the same jumps or hands are used consecutively.


Chordjacks feature a mix of different types of jacks along with chords. This term is typically only used for patterns denser than quadstreams and as such the more frequent usage of chords is emphasised.