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Perfect (mod)

PF mod iconPerfect (PF) mod icon

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See also: Sudden Death (mod)


  • Abbreviation: PF
  • Type: Difficulty Increase
  • Score Multiplier: 1.00x
  • Default shortcut key: S S or Shift + S
  • Caption: SS or quit.
  • Compatible game modes:
  • Variant: Sudden Death


The Perfect mod is a game modifier that aims to aid players who are going for an SS grade by automatically failing and retrying beatmaps if the player misses a note or obtains any judgement on a hit object other than GREAT.

Any of the following acts will cause the Perfect mod to restart the beatmap:

  • Missing a note
  • Obtaining a OK or MEH
  • Failing a spinner
  • Dropping a slider's tail or doing a slider break

Any of the following acts will not cause the Perfect mod to restart the beatmap:

  • Obtaining a GREAT
  • Completing a spinner
  • Obtaining a PERFECT (osu!mania)
  • Obtaining a MEH/OK/GOOD on the head/tail of a long note in ScoreV2 (osu!mania)

This mod has the same effect across all game modes.


  • If there is a skippable prologue, the Perfect mod will not automatically skip it, because it uses restart functionality, as opposed to a quick retry.